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    New System Build Recommendations

    Hey guys, could use some help here from the hard crowd. I know most of you probably are more up to date on what's coming down the road in the near future, and I've been putting off the build for a while now, because there's always something "right down the road" and I don't have the cash to...
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    Recommendations for the $300 range

    Hey guys, I am looking to replace my OS hard drive. I can get by with a 256G if I have to, but would prefer something around 500G. My current OS drive is 500G and I can use it for data and the new SSD for os. I was looking at the Crucial m5 480GB which is still a little more than i want to...
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    Game Recommendations for 3x Landscape Monitors

    I/ve been out of the gaming scene for a few years. I seem to get focused on something, and everything else falls by the side. Anyway, I just got my new setup of 3x 1920x1200 monitors for um, "productivity" reasons. If we were to get back into games, what would be a good first game to...
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    Best < $70

    my quad core i3 dell has a 350w ps and a 9600gt video card which works fine for dual monitors and has now for several years. I got an hd 6770 recently to replace the 9600gt for three monitor productivity work and occasional gaming, and i had to disconnect my cdrom to even be able to install...
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    Three monitor support for 2008 era quad core dell

    Ive got a 2008 era dell with a quad core cpu q6600 at 2.4ghz, with a 9600gt powering two monitors. One is 1680x1050 and one is 1900x1200. Of course this is starting to annoy me, and I wanted a third monitor. so I got another 1900x1200 monitor, and goal is to get a third one 1900x1200 and get rid...
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    Does this mother board support 2gb?

    A friend has this mother board A7V8X-LA (Kelut) it's in a compaq sr1313cl. The system specifications...
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    Most threads in a desktop cpu?

    I don't keep up with this stuff nearly as much as I used to... I am wanting to build a rig soon though with at least 4cores/8threads... was wondering what the most number of cores/threads in a DESKTOP cpu is right now and within say the next 6 months? I can't afford a server cpu/mobo. I like to...
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    Why is my core 2 duo not running full speed?

    I got this core 2 duo dell inspiron 1720 from my aunt, and it is slooooooow. Much slower than a dual core processor machine should be. I took this snapshot of cpu-z running, and this is with prime95 running torture test in the background. Is my processor really running at 600mhz? I...
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    Replace Inverter or CCFL Backlight???? COMPAQ PRESARIO

    I've got this older compaq, it still runs great. The screen has been yellowish in the bottom center of the screen for a while. Suddenly, it's just completely dark. Should I start with the inverter or replace the ccfl?
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    Need a goodl AGP card

    Got a friend with an old computer with an agp card. I need a good agp card and was looking for recommendations. He has a 1920x1080 monitor and his old intel chipset integrated graphics just aint cuttin the mustard. Won't even run the monitor at native resolution. I'm looking to buy one used off...
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    Netflix streaming on an old Notebook

    Ive got an old latitude d610, ATI Mobility Radeon X300 w/ 64MB dedicated RAM, and when I stream netflix to my hd tv at 1920x1080, it cant keep up. I get a jerky picture. If I decrease the resolution, it works ok. Is there anything I can do to make this a better streaming platform?
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    Fastest Nvidia Card using PCI

    I know this is an ancient interface, ( pci ) but what would be the fastest Nvidia based card if I wanted to put one in a PCI slot ? Im looking at newegg here
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    Recommendations for Less than 100 for Ubuntu Development Box

    I have a dell quad core 2 duo inspiron 530 with 1 PCIe x16 slot I have Ubuntu 8.10 running on it right now, with the built in video I want to run two monitors on it, so I could just get another card with one dvi and run in concert with the onboard video, but I think i would rather just...
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    1333 MHZ Ram for Q9650 Intel Quad Core

    Need some suggestions on good RAM for the Q9650 3ghz quad. Ive heard some people say they have gotten the Q9650 to run at 4ghz pretty easily. Does this require increasing the RAM speed or just the mulitiplier? If its just the multiplier, I really dont need any ridiculously overclocking ram...
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    Motherboard Recommendation for 16GB Ram MultiCore

    Ok guys I need your help. I havent built a computer since my Athlon XP a few years back. I am behind the times on building stuff because I bought a laptop and have been enjoying that as my primary workstation. Lately I have been having an itch to build a power rig. My main concern is...
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    Dlink Wireless G $5 after rebate at the egg One rebate is for $20, skip that one, because the one below it is $40, and they both require Original UPC
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    Need suggestions for Video Card

    Hey guys, I need some help, and u guys never have let me down in the past. Im not a big gamer. I do like to play a game now and then. I have an ATI radeon 8500DV All in Wonder. I mainly got it for the TV. The problem is, that now I want to upgrade my video card,and to do that, I have to...
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    Cheapest DVI card for Dell SC420??

    I bought one of the el cheapo Dell SC420 servers for my Dad. I just bought him a nice Dell 1905FP Monitor, but he has the crappy ass built in video. I need to hook him up with some DVI action, but I dont know crap about PCI-Express video cards. He doesnt play games. I just want the DVI goodness.
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    Laptop Suggestions, Your Help Appreciated!

    Hi folks... I have always hated laptops, and dont have one for that reason. Since I dont like them, I dont keep up with them as far as whats the latest / greatest. Having said that, I need your suggestions, because my new job will require one ( no they wont buy it ) Here is what I will be...