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  1. suiken_2mieu

    Need help deciding on a new Video Card

    So, I've been itching for an upgrade and have $400 to $500. It looks like my options are a 5700 XT or 2070. I'm more inclined to go with a 5700 XT, but the non-reference cards are never in-stock. Would I be losing that much going with a 2070? From the reviews I've seen, it seems like they trade...
  2. suiken_2mieu

    Are 5700xt AIB Models in stock anywhere?

    I'm constantly refreshing newegg and occassionally checking amazon and just cant find any in stock anywhere. Is anyone having any success buying these cards?
  3. suiken_2mieu

    2500k Heat Issue

    So my 2500k has been running stock most of it's life on a stock cooler. It would idle at around 60c and under load it used to not go much over 80c. Then the other day I was checking temps, and it will go to 99c when playing games. I pulled off the heatsink and changed out the thermal grease to...
  4. suiken_2mieu

    Need a new PSU

    My PSU just nuked my HDD, so I need a new PSU. I'm wanting to buy a 390x when it comes out and maybe go crossfire. So I'm not sure what wattage to go for. My rig is in sig. The other thing is that I want to go X99 eventually.
  5. suiken_2mieu

    Looking for a gaming mouse for someone with bug hands.

    So you guys help me find a keyboard, now I need some help with a mouse. I have larger hands and I'm use palm gripping mice, but I also half ways claw grip (where I move the mouse around with my thumb and pinky while my hand resting on the mouse pad). I'd like some configurable buttons, and I...
  6. suiken_2mieu

    R9 290's Still a good value? or Wait?

    So I'm thinking of picking up 1 to 2 Vapor-X 290's, is it worth it, or should I wait? I've also been eyeing 970's / 980's, but I play at 7680x1600 and it doesn't look like they are doing that well at higher resolutions.
  7. suiken_2mieu

    Laptop Recommendations

    I've decided that I can't get work done at home because of destractions. Could I get some recommendations on what laptop to get? It's mainly for coding in game maker, but I may move to 3D development in unity or something similar. Specs I care about: 1080p or higher screen Ips / Pls /...
  8. suiken_2mieu

    BitFenix Prodigy graphics card clearance.

    So I kinda want to build a computer in a BitFenix Prodigy Case. I have an MSI Lightning 7970 card that I'd like to put in it. But will it fit? If not, are there any video cards that have orange shrouds / coolers?
  9. suiken_2mieu

    I need 2 x 27" 1920x1200 Monitors

    Where did they go? I need 2 to go with my Dell 2709w.
  10. suiken_2mieu

    Warm? (Newegg) Rosewill Mechanical Keyboard $41.98

    Rosewill Mechanical Keyboard - STRIKER RK-6000 with Programmable Keys, Anti-Ghosting Features, and 10 Profiles Comes to $39.99 + $2 Shipping With Coupon Code EMCPWGW84 Ends 2/6
  11. suiken_2mieu

    Crossfire R9 290 Wattage?

    So I have a Corsair TX750 and want to run 2 x R9 290's with 3rd Party Air Coolers. Am I going to be okay? or do I need a new PSU? I don't run my cpu (2500K) overclocked, but I may in the future once I see a bottle neck. I also have 3 mechanical drives (2x3.5" and 1x2.5"). Rest of pc in sig.
  12. suiken_2mieu

    Need a recommendation for 1440p.

    My roommate wants a 27" 1440p or 30" 1600p monitor. All she does on her computer is play facebook games, youtube, and may netflicks. I'm looking for a cheap card to run the monitor. Most likely it will be running off of DL-DVI, but it may be DP. Here's her specs: MB: MSI G31TM-P21 PSU: Corsair...
  13. suiken_2mieu

    Building the wife her first gaming PC.

    So the wife wants a gaming pc for her birthday (Aug 28th Actually). I want to do a cheap build with the help of some parts I have lying around. I don't mind used, or older parts for this either if it'll save me some money. I'm kinda cheap. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming...
  14. suiken_2mieu

    PSU and MB Replacement Help

    My room mate has a prebuilt that kicked the bucket. After some research I found the issue was the PSU was defective and Zapped the Mobo. I;m wondering what I should use as a replacement. Can I stick any ATX PSU in the Case and any 775 motherboard, or do I need a certain form factor. I'm trying...
  15. suiken_2mieu

    Dell S2340L $152.99+Free Shipping (Newegg) Coupon Code

    Use the coupon code to take 10% off of the already discounted price. $169.99 + 10% off w/ promo code DSKBNCE27, ends 5/28 = $152.99 with free shipping.
  16. suiken_2mieu

    Outputing 480i Component Video

    So I have the rig in sig and am trying to output 480i Component Video to an old Sony Trinitron TV. How should I go about doing this? I'd rather not fork out $40 for a VGA->Component Box. I have: MiniDP->VGA DP->VGA VGA cables Component Cables
  17. suiken_2mieu

    What Modern CPU to pair with 5870 2GB?

    Copy and paste doesn't really work on my phone, so I can use the template, but I have a 5870 sitting afound and would like to build a pc for the living room. What moden CPU should I pair this card with? I have the following parts: 5870 2GB Eyefinity Edition 16 GB DDR3 1333 MHz 750w Ultra PSU...
  18. suiken_2mieu

    Mechanical Keyboard?

    So, I've been using the same keyboard since at least 2008, although it seems a lot longer. I've had to replace it once. It's a Dell SK-8135. I'd like to replace it with a mechanical keyboard but there are features I want that I don't seem to find on any models. Could you guys put me in the right...
  19. suiken_2mieu

    Xfire and V-Sync Issue

    Okay, I plopped in my second 7970 a couple days ago and immediately ran into an issue with v-sync when I loaded up BF3. On a single-GPU, I have no issue with v-sync. I get FPS from 0 to 60. Though with Xfire, I immediately get 30 / 31 FPS locked with V-sync. If I turn off v-sync I get 65 FPS...
  20. suiken_2mieu

    any 30" with high refresh rate?

    Are the any 30" monitors that run higher than 60hz? I just tried out my 2209wa at 75hz and it's amazingly smooth and reaponsive, but it's too small. My main setup uses 30"rs and I don't feel like downgrading. I know about the 120hz catleap 2b and overlord 27"rs, but I k.da want more.
  21. suiken_2mieu

    Advice on building an editing station.

    I'm building an editing station for my brother. Not sure what he needs because I only ever build Gaming and General use PC's. He doesn't have too much money, but I'm helping him with parts. The only thing I really know is that he'll probably want an nVidia card for acceleration in CS6 as it...
  22. suiken_2mieu

    A Few Questions.

    First is, can I flash the bios of my MSI 7970 Lightning and make it a boost edition? Is it safe to do so? Also, I'm going to be getting taxes back, plus I'm probably going to sell my 5 Dell 2209wa's (They're IPS that do 76Hz). Should I buy another Lightning or wait until the 8970 drops and...
  23. suiken_2mieu

    *Working* Custom Eyefinity Resolutions [Tutorial Inside]

    The Problem: So, I've been trying to figure this out for years it seems. I've been running a single GPU setup with 3x30" monitors since the 5000 series came out and running 7680x1600 is sometimes to hard to push a single GPU. So I wanted to run a lower resolution. Unfortunately that resolution...
  24. suiken_2mieu

    Eyefinity Secondary Resolution

    I run 3x30" monitors in eyefinity on a single 7970 and for many games, I don't have enough power for that. Until I can afford another 7970, I was wondering if it was at all possible to get 5760x1200 working. My next resolution given to me is 5040x1050 which looks like hell when scaled across the...
  25. suiken_2mieu

    Need case for a pair of 12" Video Cards

    So I got an MSI R7970 Lightning and it's about 12" long. MY current case cant fit the card without modding it (which I have by bending and cutting the HDD cage). So I'm looking for a case that would fit two of them as I might go crossfire. Since I have a lightning, it has blue flashing LEDs, so...
  26. suiken_2mieu

    7970 Lightning, PSU Issue?

    So I bought a MSI 7970 Lightning and it has 2-8 Pin Connectors. I have an Ultra 750 Watt power supply that is a little older, but I never had issues running my system with it until now. It only has 1 8-Pin connector and 2 6-Pin connectors. I used a 6-pin to 8-pin adapter that came with the...
  27. suiken_2mieu

    Cards that support more than 4 displays...

    So I've noticed, since the release of the 5000 series, there haven't been many video cards that support 6 monitors. I bought into Eyefinity 6 because I thought it would be a standard model, as the 5870 Eyefinity 6 was a reference card. Here's a list of the GAMING cards that support 6...
  28. suiken_2mieu

    Building a workstation that still games...

    So I'm helping my brother build a computer for photoshop, 3d modeling, and video editing as well as gaming. He uses the adobe suite and vegas. I thinks he going to use 3d max or some other modeling program. Most likely going to be running a 2560x1600 monitor and the cpu will most likely be a k...
  29. suiken_2mieu

    Panasomic CT-30WC14J blurry at top and bottom.

    I have a Panasomic CT-30WC14J that is very blurry at top and bottom. I've tried messing with sharpness in the menu, but mothing works. Is there a maintenance menu or maybe pots that I can adjust? I'm not very knowledgeable about crts, but this tv is one of the best I've used for gaming, so I'd...
  30. suiken_2mieu

    Considering Going Smaller

    So I have 5 30" monitors in portrait that I game on using a single 5870 (see rest of rig in sig). 8000x2560 is a rather large and obnoxious and albeit awesome resolution, hard to maintain, much less launch a game on. The 5000 series cards are capped at 8192x8192 resolution, where by if I use...
  31. suiken_2mieu

    Which GPU?

    Okay, so I own the rig in my sig and obviously need an upgrade. I'm running 8000x2560 and 4800x2560 in game. I need a card that does at least 5 outputs (preferably 6). I have a 5870 E6 card and was thinking or getting a second in xfire. The other thing I was thinking of was getting the...
  32. suiken_2mieu

    Im picking up a 3007wfp, a few questions.

    So I'm picking up a 3007wfp today for 325. Great price, but I'm wondering how it will compare to my 3007wfp-hc's. Will the colors match well? One of my hc's looks cooler or more blue then the others already. I don't know if they are the same panel.
  33. suiken_2mieu

    Some Upgrading Advice

    So I'm currently running a Core2Duo E8400 @ 3.6Ghz and I'm still bottle necking my GPU (5870 2GB). I'm kind of strapped for cash and am wondering if there is any point in "Upgrading" to a Core2Quad or should I go for my original plan and get a whole new board, ram and 2500k? I Primarily...
  34. suiken_2mieu

    Need some advice on my display setup.

    So basically, right now I'm rocking 3 x 30"rs in portrait. Though I want 5 monitors. I found out that after I moved out money was much more scarce than before for I'm think about plunging down to 24"rs. I've never gone down in size though (monitor wise). Do think I'll be disappointed or just...
  35. suiken_2mieu

    Custom Resolutions on ATI / AMD Video Cards (Non-EDID Method)

    I posted this on WSGF and decided this would be a good place to put it to. Here's a tutorial on how to get Custom Resolutions on AMD/ ATI hardware without the risk of flashing EDID or using an EDID mask. Tutorial: Make Custom Resolutions with out flashing EDID or making an EDID Mask. What...
  36. suiken_2mieu

    My Monitor Progression and Thoughts as I went from one to another.

    So I just wanted to share my thoughts on my journey through monitors as I grew up. I cant remember my earliest monitors' model number or relative sizes or even manufacturers, but I'll estimate what I can. If you want to do the same, go ahead. Here's it at a quick glance. 60Hz CRT 13" -> 85Hz...
  37. suiken_2mieu

    My thoughts on 21:9 For PC usage.

    Well for the last 2 days, I've setup a temporary setup of a 30 " and 20" in LP configuration. Total Resolution: 3760*1600 That happens to be very close to 21:9 Aspect Ratio 3760:1600 = 2.35 (Roughly 21 : 8.92) 21 : 9 = 2.33~ At basically 50" it is huge sitting on the desk, but i...
  38. suiken_2mieu

    Looking for a decent stand...

    I have 3 x 30"rs and the included stand is pretty good unless you want to do portrait (I often do). Are there any 3rd party stands that can hold 30"rs but also pivot and have easy height adjustment? I was using some monoprice stands, but when i was transporting one of my screens, the screw broke...
  39. suiken_2mieu

    My personal Feelings About nVidia Surround.

    So, I just kinda realized how bad a solution nVidia Surround is for surround gaming. Theirs a lot of things that they are doing wrong. 1. First and Foremost, NOT ENOUGH VRAM. Their card hit the wall in a lot of test, and i would never think of going nVidia until there's a card that has...
  40. suiken_2mieu

    I need a sound card that actively encodes sound to DTS or Dolby Digital.

    So I setup my surround system today. But I got a cheap receiver because i was trying to save money. It has HDMI, but only acts as a hdmi switcher. I want 7.1 (or even 5.1) but to get that either the game or sound card has to encode the sound output as I'm using optical. I would just use the...