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  1. D is Gone!

    Their prices were 90% of the time higher than anywhere else.
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    TigerDirect: 120MM Fans - FREE

    Is the shipping free?
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    Very high temps after switching motherboards :/

    Also the ASUS software with the motherboard only measure the socket temp rather than the actual cpu temp so it will always show a lower temp than actual.
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    Do not buy ASROCK

    Thanks hoping I was wrong! It still isnt exactly clear they leave it up in the air saying to find out warranty status email us... it should say 3 year warranty for motherboards from either purchase date or serial #.
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    Do not buy ASROCK

    Whatever you do dont buy an Asrock motherboard Why? their supposed "3 year" warranty and will only honor it through a retailer as an intermediary, and only for 1 year at that. hmmm newegg, mc, td only do rma's for 30 days... wow might as well...
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    Companies that didnt send you back the rebate?

    I heard xigmatek doesnt return rebates
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    [Warm] Arctic Silver Ceramique 2.5g - $2.99 shipped

    I dont recommend the ceramique
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    Card Over-Heating

    It is summer, where do you live?
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    Windows 7: Any inexpensive ways to get this legally?

    I found one for 49.99 once oem as a promo for a new website
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    2 gpus coming what to expect? which to keep which to sell!

    Well I got the 5770 in today and come to find out I dont have the right fittings for my wcing gear so its up for sale now... and as for the 465 the post office says they dont know where it is... oh no...
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    2 gpus coming what to expect? which to keep which to sell!

    yeah although the specs on this westinghouse blah monitor lol arent great at 10ms it is still fairly large looking. What if I kept the 465 and bought a matching monitor to make one screen kinda like eyefinity, would that work? I understand if I got a 19 in widescreen it would seem smaller. maybe...
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    Smoking hot 1TB for 29.99 AR

    and 5900rpm
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    2 gpus coming what to expect? which to keep which to sell!

    my monitor can only do 1280x1024, msi p55 gd65, 2x2gb 1600 cas 9, i5 750, 3.4-4.0
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    2 gpus coming what to expect? which to keep which to sell!

    I can only afford to keep one or the other cooling is important and noise and performance bot cost the about the same though
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    2 gpus coming what to expect? which to keep which to sell!

    hmm I'll have to look into that be cool if it would work, and possible problems are???
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    2 gpus coming what to expect? which to keep which to sell!

    I just won a Galaxy 465 on eBay in which the seller modded the fan and shroud with a bigger fan and showed afterburner temps on full load at 58c with a 754 core, 1508 shader, and memory 1660...
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    Deal: Newegg: 1x4gb Kingston Hyperxw4gb usb $31 amir

    45.99-rebate+30.99 shipped for kingston hyper x ddr3 +4gb datatraveler
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    Upgrade from GTX 260

    yeah i still game on a 8600gts lol
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    500w modular psu w/lcd $38 +ship cool modular psu with lcd copper heat pipes no name though 38
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    Best i5 or i7 CPU for a non Overclocker

    I like msi boards myself mine is very stable for ocing
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    MSI RMA Questions

    MSI rma is great!Last year I bought a board from ebay and it was doa and they rma'd it no problem LOL. I just paid the shipping to them. a $150 board (at the time) for 70... no hassles either
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    BAKED MY 9800GT! (Revived)

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    6ft hdmi gold plated 1.4 $1.00 shipped

    Yup no prob Best buy is very very over priced
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    Free PCB keychain I dunno I just signed up and it looks pretty techie
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    Free PCB keychain

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    6ft hdmi gold plated 1.4 $1.00 shipped I bought one through paypal only $1.00
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    apply thermal paste

    ya just some in the center should do it imho and the stuff usually need hours to cure before you really get the true results of the paste or what not you youngins are putting on there nowadays
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    apply thermal paste

    ya just some in the center should do it imho
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    open box Logitech G500 for $29.99

    I have this mouse and it has been through quite a lot, a lot of dropping, children playing with it, intense gaming and still going for about 3-4 years
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    My 1940 MoXie Rig

    Now more explanation
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    My 1940 MoXie Rig

    Just got in my 2.5in notebook hdd now I have space to move my psu and wait to upgrade to a reference gpu
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    My 1940 MoXie Rig

    Left one side completely untouched except for the Donkey Kong sticker hehe... From 1940, when I found it, there was a newspaper from 1945 on the bottom... Mounted the nut ends directly into the wood... some took more than one try to line up... and eventually had to drill holes through...
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    Apparently Windows thinks my system is slow =)

    isnt bc2 enabled to run better with with more cores? at least on the newegg website they advertise it with the six cores
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    Looking for a good 32 NM Quadcore

    Dont they make a quad i5?
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    Just got my newegg RMA and can't decide

    Well hopefully he has adequate cooling in his case, which may have been a problem with the first one burning up. Maybe should get a new case.
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    55 piece computer tool kit $4.40

    Yeah I wanted to get one too but I already bought a rocketfish universal cpu cooler you guys should check those out too 12 bucks shipped amd+ 775 1156
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    will sli work one card 256mb and one 512mb

    I was wondering if that setup would work its two 8600gts one bfg one xfx(512)
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    55 piece computer tool kit $4.40

    This looks like a good deal at $4.40, the only better deal is Jesus saving our souls! I dont know how I did it before but I got free shipping on my first order. I was prompted when I hit the back button after putting something in my cart then they asked me if I wanted free shipping. From...