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    SpaceX Plans to Replace Long-Haul Flights with Rocket Travel

    Satellite launches are limited to 4 G. The Space Shuttle, when it was around was 3 G. Falcon 9 can hit up to 4.5 G, depending on payload. Untrained individuals black out around 3-5G without a g-suit. Course, like I said, just knock them out before launch. I think the problem could be the...
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    Tesla Model Y Production Starts November 2019

    Second generation Nissan Leaf? Do you expect your Volvo not to last much longer? I'd assume a Volvo with regular maintenance could reach 300k miles.
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    SpaceX Plans to Replace Long-Haul Flights with Rocket Travel

    What if they did it more like 5th Element style? Jam your ass in a pod, then knock you out with some gas.
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    82% of American Teenagers Own an iPhone?

    And just about everything out on the net, phone just turns off from degraded battery. Sure, app crashes, reboots, and shutdowns are things that happen with Android phones, but never seen them due to degraded batteries. Not even my own Android phones have done such and that's pretty much all I've...
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    Live - Zuckerberg Before Congress Pt 1

    Maybe you should look up quotes on "assuming things". Also, what data are they selling? Did they specifically say they were selling user data? As I said before, I'm sure they do allow 3rd parties to see data, based off user data, but not the user data itself. I'm sure they do all kinds of...
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    82% of American Teenagers Own an iPhone?

    I bet you it probably didn't reboot, but just turned off. Then you'd turn it on. There is a difference between reboot and powered off. Majority of your Android devices simply turn off with a degraded battery. iPhone devices do pretty much exactly the same thing.
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    Live - Zuckerberg Before Congress Pt 1

    I didn't say Facebook didn't screw up with their API. They massively screwed up and they are paying for it right now, but what you are stating is completely incorrect. It's also not splitting hairs. If I provide you a bar graph that says 5% Facebook users like yellow, 10% like blue, 50% like...
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    82% of American Teenagers Own an iPhone?

    My guess is that's more due to iPhones all being flagship phones, while Android phones are a mix of low, mid, high, and flagship phones. You're more likely to get a new phone every year or sooner, if your phones only cost you $150. If I buy a $800-1000 phone, I'm going to use it as long as possible.
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    Live - Zuckerberg Before Congress Pt 1

    That isn't splitting hairs. That's completely different. You're generating new data, based off the data that you gathered. 5 people on our platform like eating cheese, is a lot different than Joe Doe, Sally Bob, Randall Watson, John Smith, and Jane Doe like eating cheese. Here's the posts of...
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    Live - Zuckerberg Before Congress Pt 1

    Facebook collects the data, but they don't sell it. They sell access to information about the data they collected, but not the data itself. As in, they aren't going to give you everyone's data, but they might provide other information about those on their service. Like, 10% of our user base...
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    82% of American Teenagers Own an iPhone?

    Yes and it does what? Turns off, cause it's a power loss situation. It's not going to bother randomly rebooting, unless there's some other cause that isn't battery related. It's just going to turn off, like it completely loss power.
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    Live - Zuckerberg Before Congress Pt 1

    Sounds about right. I'm thinking some Tech websites will zero in on it, but most won't ever look at tech websites or even know of any tech websites. Maybe could show up on your larger, more known sites.
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    Live - Zuckerberg Before Congress Pt 1

    I hope they decide to make those answers public, but I'm sure they won't.
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    Live - Zuckerberg Before Congress Pt 1

    I always hate these type of government "meetings". They could have easily sent him certified mail of what they want to ask and have him send back his responses via mail. Then publish the mail on their website for the public to view. Hell, make him send 2 responses. One less technical and one...
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    82% of American Teenagers Own an iPhone?

    Huh? Do you even know anything about Android phones? There is a battery conserve mode that the phone will go into, unless you're literally at 0% at which point, it'll turn off. Guess what an iPhone will do at 0% battery? Same thing. Android phones don't randomly reboot from a degraded battery...
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    Corsair Product Marketer Fired with Extreme Prejudice

    That's why I have lighting in my case. Instead of having a lamp turned on in my comp room, just have some lights in my case and have it act as the lamp. There's less eye strain, if the only thing lighting your room is the monitors. If you normally have your room lights turned on, then it's not a...
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    The FRAG Tickets on Sale for April Event

    It's been like 10 years since I last went to a lan party. Part gaming, part pirating. I'm sure it hasn't changed since then, aside from needing an internet connection for games now.
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    Game Load Times on HDD and SSD

    I would love to see them toss a WD VelociRaptor in the mix.
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    Razer Launches Their Own Game Store

    That's how I feel. Since like what? 2011, the durability of their products have been trash. I stopped buying them about 2 years ago. Got a couple useless Blackwidow Ultimate keyboards and a couple mousepads. I should pull the keys off and toss the board, but I'm lazy. It's just a crappier...
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    PUBG Files Copyright Lawsuit to Shut Down Competition

    Ya, only been around since 1933
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    Tweet Puts Fleetwood Mac Back Into The Billboard Music Charts

    The songs are so boring, that you might as well just bang, so you don't have to pay attention to it?
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    Google Employees Protest Work For the Pentagon

    I understand where you're coming from, but I simply see the end result. A google product that the military uses.
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    Shaq Fu is Getting Rebooted

    Game needs to be able to have 2-4 players, then put on an arcade machine and stick them supermarkets.
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    Gamers are Strong Candidates for Cybersecurity Jobs

    Luckily, contracting work for DoD is different. They'll provide funds to pay for education, but they'll usually require you to stay with the company for a year or more. That way they get their money's worth. They also pay for IT certifications, if you pass. They don't pay for study material to...
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    Sears and Delta Customer Data Breached

    Whenever I go to Sears, the automotive section always has some customers in it. If the store is in an area with hurricanes or whatever other natural disasters, the place always sells out of portable generators a few days after they announce something is coming. I'll see some ppl walking around...
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    Google Employees Protest Work For the Pentagon

    Google already had products the military uses. Google Earth, Android, etc. Not sure how them working on making an AI changes anything.
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    Inside the Intel Lab That Put a Legit Gaming Desktop in the Palm of Your Hand

    The device does only cost $799 or $999. Granted, at those prices they don't run, as they still need memory, an SSD, and an OS. I also don't see how TechRadar makes it appear that they only cost $799 or $999, when they specifically state: Also Anandtech has things in their review sample that...
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    Amazon Shares Fall After Report Trump Wants to Curb its Power

    I'd still purchase off Amazon if they had sales tax. Not like I'd have an option. I can't get everything locally. Computer parts, more audiophile grade headphones, performance aftermarket car parts, etc. Maybe if you live in a large city, but my hometown is 50k people. I can't even buy Philips...
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    Inside the Intel Lab That Put a Legit Gaming Desktop in the Palm of Your Hand

    TechRadar has their own review and it was capable of playing games at 1080p Even Anandtech has their reviews having it play games at 1080p. Against desktop graphics, it was inbetween the GTX 960 and GTX 980. While against mobile, it was about the same as a GTX 970m. Also it's $1000. Depending...
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    Amazon Shares Fall After Report Trump Wants to Curb its Power

    They pay taxes though. Don't tell me they didn't pay 2017 either, as those are currently deferred. As in, they're paying them. Just not right now, as they're waiting for the business tax break.
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    Robotic Exoskeleton for Skiers Getting Ready for Market

    If you need this to ski, give up on skiing. Get a snow bike or something.
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    Crytpocurrency Not a Safe Way to Launder Your Stolen Money

    I've been scammed from a shop before. Person went to jail, on probation, and is now paying back what he scammed. The state government is involved in the case and they are taking a cut of the money that is being paid back to me. They're taking like a 20% cut. It's highly likely that the...
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    Analysts Believe Tesla is Overusing Automation in Model 3 Final Assembly

    The subsidies on oil is lower than the amount the Fed and State governments collect back in taxes. A lot more. That's just from the products they sell, not how much they get from employees of the industry or the companies. With Tesla...I don't know. Not enough info out there to see if the...
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    Spec Ops: The Line Available Free On Humble Bundle

    I played it like a year after release. I enjoyed the game. Only complaint was the length, but singleplayer fps campaigns aren't all that long anymore.
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    Drivers Blinded by “Too-Bright” LED Headlights on New Cars, Warns RAC

    Same thing we did, when I lived in Japan. Swap everything back to stock before inspection. Although, in Germany. If it wasn't stock, it was all documented in a logbook. If you got pulled over, they'd check your logbook to make sure everything is legit or they'd ticket you or tow your car.
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    Incredible Far Cry 5 Custom PC

    I would have changed the watercooling setup and un-hid the power to the gpu. Hide the radiator in the bottom of the case, then make the reservoir look like a city's water tower and put it on the hill. Then the power going to GPU, split the wires seperate and run them across some mini-telephone...
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    Sony Announces Pricing and Availability of 2018 OLED TVs

    Think of it like the differences between DACs for playing music. It can be a big difference or can be virtually no difference. Course Sony TVs are usually placed above LGs in picture quality in reviews, even when both TVs will be using LG panels. Now with these OLED TVs from Sony or LG probably...
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    Drivers Blinded by “Too-Bright” LED Headlights on New Cars, Warns RAC

    I can see that. A bit surprising they don't toss some rocks, gravel, and sand to help with that. Unless those roads simply aren't used too heavily. Maybe kids will try something new. Like create "The Bleach Challenge".
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    NVIDIA VRWorks - 360 Video

    I imagine this type of stuff will take off in Japan. New way of getting fans to view more idoly goodness for a fee.
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    Android Smartphone Vendors Turn to In-Display Fingerprint Scanners

    Who knows? I have a fingerprint scanner on my power button. Works for me.