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  1. yourgrandma

    Gran Turismo 7

    Unimpressed from what I'm seeing so far, they are playing catch up by doing the bare minimum and still underdelivering. GT sport had 366 cars this is just a minor expansion with now over *400* cars for GT7 many of which are padded racing variant clones and Vision cars that lacked cockpits. For...
  2. yourgrandma

    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    3060 ti xc i got yesterday. 08G-P5-3663-KL 12/1/2020 10:33:19 PM PT
  3. yourgrandma

    3080 Ti EVGA Notify Queue

    Funny thing is I was planning to build a new pc once I got a 30 series card so i sold my 980 right before bizarro world crap happened and have been stuck with a 6950 2gb in my rig this whole time.
  4. yourgrandma

    3080 Ti EVGA Notify Queue

    Got a hit for 3080 ti. Don't know what I'm going to do with it, might be bit bottlenecked with a 2600k lol. 12G-P5-3967-KR 6/3/2021 8:23:53 AM PT
  5. yourgrandma

    Official PS5 Thread

    Did they ever fix simply being able to just launch your game even if there is a update available for it on xbox? Legit one of the most incredibly annoying things that ps4 had over a xbox 1 for me was I could just turn on my console and play.
  6. yourgrandma

    Saints Row reboot

    The only 'hate' I've been seeing is entire industries so asshurt they are rewriting and reboot every piece of rememberable media just as a means of some sort of revengeful social justice.
  7. yourgrandma

    Unsavory Flash Swap: Re-Testing Crucial’s P2 SSD After QLC Downgrade

    The EVO plus hits bandwidth limitations on pcie3.0 so for the 'PRO' they added a better controller for pcie 4.0 support. The 'PRO' durability warranty is the same as the EVO series now, half what it used to be.
  8. yourgrandma

    Official PS5 Thread

    They really should just label modern warfare as incompatible for backwards combability, every update breaks the install and causes massive stuttering or flat out stops working.
  9. yourgrandma

    Unsavory Flash Swap: Re-Testing Crucial’s P2 SSD After QLC Downgrade

    Samsung is already doing stupid crap like this like with their 980 pro being (3bit)TLC and instead of (2bit)MLC unlike all of their of previous pro series but they still call it "MLC".
  10. yourgrandma

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2: Heart of Chernobyl

    It was quite a mess at launch. I hated the game when it originally came out due to crashing, bugs and performance problems. Waited to play it later and was genuinely impressed, it really ruined games like far cry 2 for me. Going to be disappointed if the new game lacks basic things STALKER had...
  11. yourgrandma

    What if the crypto craze never ends?

    Production issues are greatly overstated, as long as they're selling a profitable currency printing press there is never going to be a point where you are 'meeting the demand'.
  12. yourgrandma

    What's the truthful reason(s) for the GPU shortage?

    What do they have to gain exactly? It's not like console manufactures where they'll receive a cut from every game played with their card or something. They're going to target whoever will give them the most money for the least effort in the now, like any other publicly traded company. What they...
  13. yourgrandma

    What's the truthful reason(s) for the GPU shortage?

    At the moment It's 100% mining and it's really simple, imagine you make a device that prints money. Production and supply issues simply do not matter in the least anymore because no matter how many of them you produce you will never meet anything close to the demand such a device will bring.
  14. yourgrandma

    What's the truthful reason(s) for the GPU shortage?

    You can literally print money with gpus, that is the only factor that matters. Until it's no longer viable nothing will change and no one can predict when that will be.
  15. yourgrandma

    AMD crowd-sources evidence for the fast-emerging 500-series chipset USB issue

    X570 also has bugged sata ports on a hardware level, you can look it up. It makes for slower performance when using ssd's intermittently over sata, the problem was never fixed and has been brought up many times.
  16. yourgrandma

    Crysis Remastered

    This remaster is like instead of going back to original film source (PC) they decided to instead just upscale the LaserDisc (x360/ps3) version instead and ad some half-baked cgi in post.
  17. yourgrandma

    Microsoft acquires ZeniMax Media and Fallout maker Bethesda for $7.5 billion

    Can't wait to see Bethesda crash and burn, if there is one thing Microsoft is good at it's mismanaging game projects and studios.
  18. yourgrandma

    **buyers only** Were you able to secure a 3080?

    Most sites for me changed instantly to sold out like it was never was in stock and the rest crashed and came back OOS.
  19. yourgrandma

    RTX 3080 Founder's Edition Review by Gamer's Nexus.

    Consoles push game software and engines forward.They are designed around those limitations now, not pc hardware. I expect a jump both in cpu cores requirements and vram very soon it's not that hard to predict.
  20. yourgrandma

    RTX 3080 Founder's Edition Review by Gamer's Nexus.

    Nah he is right when it comes to future games within the next year, consoles launch this year new games going to kill the vram 100%.
  21. yourgrandma

    Confirmed: Xbox Series S Price and Design

    Yeah this is trash, the baseline next gen console that they are going to have to make exclusives for the entire generation is having trouble keeping up with last gen offerings. What?
  22. yourgrandma

    Confirmed: Xbox Series S Price and Design

    It's a really dumb move doing this at the start of the gen. If they do release any 'exclusives' they are going to be gimped and designed around the limitations of the lower end series S consoles not the X. Kind of removes any advantage they had over the PS5 with the X. Not like there is a point...
  23. yourgrandma

    Xbox Series S/Lockhart Will Be Half The Price Of The Series X; July Event Will Be A “Night Of Mic Drops” (Rumor)

    Mid gen upgrades and refreshes are fine imo but having a handicapped weaker console at the start of generation is a incredibly dumb move imo if this is what they are planning anyways.
  24. yourgrandma

    Watch Half-Life: Alyx being played without VR

    I wont have too i already have a VR set. I already know what the gimmick VR provides as it's a immersive real world space, 3 dimensional controls with half of the fun comes from the complexity of having to intact real world actions and just fiddling with stuff. Limiting it to a m/k is so far...
  25. yourgrandma

    Watch Half-Life: Alyx being played without VR

    Literally would rather watch someone else play through a vr game in vr then play a bastardized version that misses out on most everything to it. Take something as basic vr game as Pavlov and take away the vr element it literally just becomes the most basic m/k shooter that misses the point.
  26. yourgrandma

    Windows 10 users fume: Microsoft, where's our 'local account' option gone?

    I bypass it by hitting windows key + A then selecting airplane mode before i start the install but they may have fixed that.
  27. yourgrandma

    The End of Blu-ray

    Not expecting the next gen consoles to prolong it all that much. Fully expect them to launch cheap alternate versions of the consoles without a drive like the All digital version of the xbox 1.
  28. yourgrandma

    Epic paid $10.5 million upfront for Control exclusivity

    I think that has more to do with DRM then the launcher itself which is a different issue. I believe there should be laws passed on protecting consumer rights to software when it comes to expiring DRM systems in place if they go out of business. I even think valve should lose the case with France...
  29. yourgrandma

    Epic paid $10.5 million upfront for Control exclusivity

    There is no reason for loyalty especially when I think steam has really fallen off when it comes to attracting publishers as it used to be very good at advertising your game once it hit steam but that is no longer the case anymore with the massive influx of trash clogging the new games list...
  30. yourgrandma

    Steam Library Beta Coming Sept 17th

    Valve is in such good shape internally that UI update takes them 3 years to develop and it still needs a beta.
  31. yourgrandma

    Weakening encryption.

    The last 3 administrations have tried chipping away at encryption somethings never change.
  32. yourgrandma

    Microsoft E books to stop working.

    I've learned not to rely on Microsoft for anything important.You might think Edge has a excellent built in e-reader but that is until all of your bookmarks, notes and highlights are completely wiped out by a windows update for no reason as I've experienced.
  33. yourgrandma

    Halo: The Master Chief Collection (confirmed)

    It's going to be launching with no splitscreen, no custom game server browser and mod support probably wont make it in time.
  34. yourgrandma

    PC Gaming Too Expensive, Switching to Consoles, so long [H]

    I'm just waiting for the inevitable "console gaming too expensive switching to streaming" posts in a few years.
  35. yourgrandma

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer and release

    Really loved this game, they really returned to the attention to detail and world realism that GTA 4 had with this one. I don't really have much complaints about any of the mechanics really, think the performance on the pro cant definitely bog down at times though.
  36. yourgrandma

    It Looks like PlayStation Now Is Getting a Download Feature

    Extremely obvious this feature is only going to work on games that are already on ps4 and not on any other platforms.
  37. yourgrandma

    Sony is Locking Fortnite Accounts to PS4

    Nope sony doesn't charge for online on F2P games like fortnite, warthunder, warframe ect.
  38. yourgrandma

    Sony is Locking Fortnite Accounts to PS4

    The locking of the account when logging into another console sounds more like EPICs fault for even letting that happen. Sony is still better then both nintendo and microsoft who both charge you online sub to even play free to play games online.
  39. yourgrandma

    Valve Goes After Discord With Steam Chat

    Valve absolutely owes us a legacy client for us who still want to run these old games with correct hardware. I've purchased the games with intention of being able to still download and use them in the future. Honestly lost all trust in valve the past few years, they have no interest in...
  40. yourgrandma

    BioWare's new IP: Anthem

    I like warframe but no interest in this because it's not F2P but it's online only even when playing single player and has microtransactions. This really is just going to be a EA destiny clone expansions and all, without the pvp.