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    DNS issue every 10 minutes

    Hi, I'm having DNS issues on all of my devices (on my desktop, macbook, mobile, and even my Amazon Fire Stick) every 10 minutes or so. I've tried flushing DNS cache on all of the devices, resetting my cable modem and router, but nothing seems to be helping. This issue suddenly appeared a couple...
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    Can I beat the P2415Q for a dual setup?

    Hi, I'm an animator by trade, but also have been taking more and more programming work. Long story short, I need a monitor solution that has accurate colors, nice blacks, resolution/screen real estate, and would prefer something as close to Apple's 'retina' DPI as possible. Is there anything...
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    Workstation Build - First build in 10+ years

    Hi, I'm looking to upgrade from my 2014 Macbook Pro Retina 15". Could you recommend a good build for me? I'll start with answering the questions below. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Strictly After Effects CC 2015 - Not concerned about crazy fast render times, more...
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    External HD

    I have a 500 GB IDE HD that I took out of its external case (switch melted) I'm looking to dump the whole thing on my iMac and then move it to my new 2TB external. While I dont need to buy a case for my old external I will if I have to. Anyone know of a cheap way to connect my HD to my computer?
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    Set Up "User Log In" Xp Pro

    Okay dumb question. I was unfortunately appoitent IT guy at my office. Bought new computers to set up to our old ass network/server. Everything is set up, I have access to server, all printers, etc but I want to have the log in screen show up where you can log in as anyone in the...
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    Set Up "User Log In" Xp Pro

    Okay dumb question. I was unfortunately appoitent IT guy at my office. Bought new computers to set up to our old ass network/server. Everything is set up, I have access to server, all printers, etc but I want to have the log in screen show up where you can log in as anyone in the...
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    Adding laptop to small business server

    Just bought a laptop for our office with Windows 8 pro. Trying to add it to our network of servers/printers/etc. Our server is a desktop that runs Windows 2003 server. From there I can manage all users. Usually with the users I set up, I can simply add user/password, and I am able to hook...
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    Adding laptop to network

    I have been appointed IT guy for our small real estate firm. With little networking experience I am having trouble adding the bosses laptop to our small network. Few things: I have access to the server. I can create accounts. I know how to map network drives. Add printers etc. All...
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    Been away from PCs since 2005 -- How's my new build looking?

    I'll be using this computer as my animation work rig (Predominantly Adobe After Effects CS6, and some Premiere + Photoshop CS6). I don't need insanely fast renders, I just want working in the timelines to be really snappy. Also, I have a 27" Thunderbolt Apple Cinema Display. Am I okay to use it...
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    Network Copier

    I work in a small office and have somehow found myself as the IT guy because of my intermediate knowledge of computers. We bought a used copier for our office and I'm trying to set it up on our network. I plugged it in to the same router where our last one was. Our server is using the...
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    Is my SSD dead? (bought new today)

    Hi guys, I bought a new Crucial M4 512GB SSD and installed it today in my early 2011 17". I 'erased' the drive using disk utility while booting off my thumb drive copy of Lion and started the installation process. Then, when the computer restarts, it hangs... and hangs... I hit the power...
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    Open box Dell

    Any comments on this open box system from Best Buy: Right now its $350 and I have a $50 coupon = $300. To be...
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    Networking Issue

    I currently installed Windows XP Home on my old Gateway MT3707. After hours of searching I finally found the necessary drivers for the laptop. After installing the driver for my network adapter (Realtek RTL8185 54M) I was able to pull up the list on the available wireless internets...
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    Wireless Networking Help

    Hi guys, I recently installed a very basic version of XP on my old laptop (Gateway MT3707). After hours of searching for the correct drivers, I found them, and installed them. After installing the correct drivers for wireless internet I was able to pull up the list and find my network on it...
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    Need help coding my somewhat complicated website background..?

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of designing a webpage for my online startup. I have a look that I'm really liking and I need some help coding this background so it looks this way in most browsers including IE6.. :) I'm thinking of vertically, horizontally and tiling three different images and...
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    2 Fandago Tickets for 9!
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    Releasing a film online; need advice on how to securely distribute it.

    Hey, I'll be releasing a mountain bike film online later this spring. I want to set up a simple website with the trailer, some info on the film and most importantly a link that sends you over to paypal to pay the 5-10 bucks for the download link. What's the best way to set all this up so that...
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    15%-20% OFF plus Free 1-2 day shipping

    15%-20% OFF plus Free 1-2 day shipping I found this coupon on a few reliable sites and just ordered some stuff. Pretty cool site if you are looking for household items and if you spend $25 or more you get free shipping. Code: SOAP4U
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    15% off first purchase at

    15%-20% OFF plus Free 1-2 day shipping I found this coupon on a few reliable sites and just ordered some stuff. Pretty cool site if you are looking for household items and if you spend $25 or more you get free shipping. Code: SOAP4U
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    What kind of site is this and where do I learn it?

    Hey guys, I want to build a simple site much like the one seen here. I have designed simple sites that looked good like that but were just simple HTML. How are these guys getting the animation effect when you click on "VISUALS" or "PEOPLE"? I just...
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    Random shots over spring break

    Shot on a Panasonic HMC150. If any of you are thinking of buying this cam, trust me, go for it!! Thanks for looking.
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    Some basic help with my website?

    Hey what's up. I'm creating a website for my video production endeavors but I'm running into a couple small problems. Looking at my HTML, I'm sure I'm not doing this quite the right way, but it works for me and it's the way I know how to do it. I don't have the money to pay anyone, and would...
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    BMX w/HV30 footage

    Hey, I shot this a few weeks ago and just wanted to share. This little HV30 is pretty amazing. Cut in FCS2 Vimeo Link Screen Cap: Thanks for looking!!!!
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    HDMI input for iMac?

    Hey. I see that the Blackmagic Intensity is availiable for PCI-express slots... but what is there for something like the iMac or the Macbook pro? Is there anyway i could get HDMI input via firewire or something? I'm looking for a way to capture from my camera in full/non-compressed 1080p...
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    19" widescreen with good color accuracy?

    Hey guys. I'm in need of a 19" widescreen monitor for my preview screen when i'm editing video. I will be doing the compositing/editing/misc on my 20" imac screen, but since that has a TN panel, I would like to have a non TN panel for my preview screen. This will also be used to show clients...
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    Video Card with HDMI input?

    Hey guys... I'm having a hard time searching for this. But do you know if there is a video card out there that has HDMI INPUT?
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    Outta the loop for a while... rec me a cpu/mobo?

    Hey guys. The last parts I remember putting together was DDR1, Socket A and AGP systems. I have 300 bucks for mobo/cpu. What should I get? I want to go with intel core 2 duo but I don't know what to do there at all? Thanks!
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    How much to charge for my messed up macbook?

    Hey guys. Once I'm done with finals and stuff this week I'm going to be selling my Macbook. Big deal right? Well it has a broken screen. While it is still perfectly usable the 13" lcd is cracked in the lower right hand corner. It's been cracked for a year and a half and it hasn't gotten any...
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    Fan stays on after shutdown?

    Hey, so I sold a computer to a friend a little bit ago so I reinstalled windows XP tested it, installed drivers and everything was good. Now I'm in college and he is telling me that after he uses the computer for an extended period of time (like 4hrs +) then shuts it down, the fan stays on. Then...
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    My video card is so bad my internet lags.

    Hey guys. After reinstalling XP last weekend, my computer's graphics has been really bad. My video card used to artifact a little on graphic intense games on my old install. But when I reinstalled my internet lags when I scroll! Moving windows around is like 1 fps... And every 5 minutes or so...
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    multiple rar files???

    Hey guys. I have around 4 files named debian.iso.001 and I think they are rars because there is a password with it. When I open the first rar like usual (I had to rename it debian.iso.001.rar, I get a "debian.iso.001 is not RAR archive" error. Any ideas?? I'm using unrarx in mac os x leopard...
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    Hooking up windows xp hdd to mac?

    Hey guys, If I got an external enclosure and put my HDD out of my old windows XP desktop could I read the files from that old install? Like my documents/music etc??? Or is it "locked" somehow preventing me from accessing files on it? Thanks.
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    Partitioning Hard drive from within mac os x???

    Hello, I have a macbook with Tiger installed on it. I'm getting ready to install leopard this weekend and I would like to partition my HDD. The only problem is, I no longer have the install DVD that came with my macbook. Is this something I can do in disk utility without booting from the install...
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    Reformatting Motorola SLVR L7???

    Hey guys I bought a SLVR off of a forum member here and it has been unlocked from T-Mobile and modded. I have cingular and was wondering if I could take this phone to a cingular store and have them "reformat" it? By "reformat" I mean make it the phone it used to be so I could plug it into iTunes...
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    Need rec on good external drive.

    Hey I am in the market for an external hard drive that will primarily be used on my Macbook. I use this computer a lot for video editing. I hear 7200rpm is a must for this use. I've been looking at the Lacie drives... but am getting mixed reviews on those. Any advice is highly appreciated...
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    New Amp/Reciever to match my speakers. Need Help

    Hey guys. I have a pair of Cambridge soundworks M80 bookshelf speakers. Here's a link: What do you guys recommend for a good amp to match these speakers? Surround sound is not going to be in my...
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    OMG, Transmission just raped me.

    So I've been downloading a 2.5GB torrent all day today with transmission. I'm at 94% and it is a slow download. For some wierd reason, the torrent like froze up so I stopped it and restarted it, that didn't work. So I quit out of transmission and restarted it NO TORRENTS ARE THERE. No big deal...
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    Whats the deal here? (Screenshot inside)

    What's going on here? I have an Asus 1600pro a gig of ram and a 3200+ A64. This happens a little in Counter strike sometimes too. Those are the only games I've noticed this in. And it's always ONLY the sky. Any help is appreciated thanks.
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    Overwhelmed with the cell phone market.

    Hey... I have cingular and my phone is going out or something. All people hear is a very static and choppy voice coming from me. Regardless, I need a new phone. What's the best cingular (SIM) compatible phone I can get out there for around 100 bucks? I want to be able to put mp3's on it for...
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    Anyone familiar with ProTools?

    Hello. I'm just trying to understand what protools is. I have a mac and a PC, if I were to ever get it I'd install it on mac. But anyways, is ProTools a huge assortment of Mics, Mixers, and software? Or can you buy the stuff you need separately? Why is Protools such a better program than...