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    New build - R5-1600@3.9ghz

    Heyo, Grabbed a couple hundred off the casino and hitup Microcenter's 1st gen sales so here's where I ended up: Ryzen 5 1600 w/Spire HSF MSI Pro-VDH mATX LPX 3000 2x8gb 1060 3gb 240gb Sandisk 2tb Samsung F2 (steam library/games, will fill up soon but mostly empty atm) 3tb Green (movies, full)...
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    New build plans - 2600 Based

    So I wanted to do Threadripper but current budget is more Ryzen 5 so here's my current plans. Let me know if you've had any specific bad luck with the following items especially in combination with each other: Items I already have: Corsair LPX 16gb 2x8gb 3000mhz C15 kit Corsair Spec-04 Case...
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    Warm - 8800GTS 320mb for $294 - $20 MIR = $274 at

    Warm - 8800GTS 320mb for $294 - $20 MIR = $274 at Pretty good deal, but will hopefully get better as I just saw a 640mb for $320 on same forum page....
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    PCI-Express 10/100/1000 Cards?

    Are there any good PCI-Express Gbe cards? I only see a Dlink and a Koutech PEN120, anyone using either? Any links to reviews would be awesome too!
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    How to make a Dell Latitude C600 PIII 700 take a new HDD

    Does anyone know the steps to make a Dell Latitude C600 PIII 700 accept a new hard drive? The origional is fried from trying to hook it up to a normal IDE system to wipe it and I have a new hitachi that I want to install. Any ideas/links would be greatly appreciated, I'm trying to fix it for...
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    Corsair 4gb Flash Voyager

    ATACOM has the shiny new 4gb Corsair Flash Voyager in stock for $249 before shipping. Good deal for those of us on the go, that'll hold alot of pr0...personal data...
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    Pre Order: Logitech G15 Keyboard, G5/G7 Mice, below retail

    Didn't expect to find these for sale (edit:: pre-order, not in stock) this soon, let alone this cheap! All prices before Shipping: G15 Keyboard - $61 - G5 Laser Mouse - $57 -...
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    Good temp monitorin program + nf4 support?

    With the demise of MBM what is a good all around temp/fan monitor program that also supports nforce4? I haven't overclocked in awhile and I'm not up on all the new apps. Thanks in advance.
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    New overclock, after I made some sweet lemonade

    So the Soltek K8T890 I ordered fried (my fault, standoff touching bottom :/ ) so my Day was ruined yesterday, had to wait for paycheck today and pickup a nice NF4 locally and I'll try to RMA the soltek later. Specs: Winchester 939 3000+ G.skill TCCD PC4400 2.5-8-4-4-1T stuff Gigabyte...
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    My new build

    Just ordered: VGA GIGABYTE GV-NX66T128 6600GT ($149.99) - Can't believe how cheap PCI-e 6600s are MB SLTK SL-K890PRO-939 K8T890 RT ($122.00) - Soltek K8T890 CPU AMD 64 |3000+ ATHLON 939P 90 RT ($160.00) - Winchester! G.SKILL1G512X2 F1-3200DSU2-1GBLD $232.99) - The 4400 2.5-4-4-8 one...
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    How to hookup a 120V fan?

    Ok, I have this badass 120mm 120V 60hz (A/C = main voltage) fan I wanna hook up. in my next case, thing pushes like 460CFM silently. I need a way to wire it up, preferrably with a dimmer switch. I'm putting this in a complete custom case I'm building so I'm not too worried about wiring up a...
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    Newegg gone crazy sales - 6800, PC3200, etc

    eVga 6800NU 128mb $289 - 9800Pro 128mb $199 Crucial PC3200 CL3 512mb stick $78 Geil Value PC3200 512mb stick $82 NEC 8x +/- DVDRW Dual Layer $79 Etc. Go checkit out! Peace.
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    The hacked openGL for CS is worth it alone I went from 50-60 to 100-120fps at 1152x864 (best res i get 85hz at), and battlefield seems smoother (D3D) for me too on my 9000 Pro. Check'em out, specially if your CS ain't runnin' smooth. Peace.
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    Razer Viper blister pack - $45 06-09-04 ETA Peace.
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    Well, 939 cpus are in stock now, wheres my 939 version of the 250gb K8N Neo platinum?

    Well, 939 cpus are in stock now, wheres my 939 version of the 250gb K8N Neo platinum...
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    Strip XP install down to under 400mb?

    Strip XP install down to under 400mb? I saw a program that did this I think. Anyone remember the name or have the link? Thanks in advance, Peace. edit sp...sigh