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    980 ti went out in smoke :-(

    So yeah, sad but true story. I was gaming and about to take a break when suddenly boom, a puff of white smoke, an horrible smell and the PC shuts down (and proceeds to reboot but I didn't let it - I shut down the power at the plug). Following my nose I couldn't find anything wrong with the PSU...
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    980 ti making bird chirping noise - RMA time?

    So my 980 ti has been doing fine until now, very limited coil whine if I let the framerate skyrocket but not an issue for me since I use g-sync anyway. However now I'm getting a new noise, it sounds like a bird's nest (really it does) and it's definitely coming from the PC. Goes away on idle...
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    Kepler & Open-GL

    Hi everyone. So it seems (from what I've read on different sites/forums) that Kepler cards have some seriously crippled open-gl so as to boost pro-GPU sales. I'm sure most people don't care but I actually play a lot of open-gl games (mostly old games obviously) so I was wondering: -do...
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    Intel 320 40gb

    Hi, anyone got one of these? I haven't been able to see an actual benchmark of it, only saw benchmarks of the twice as expensive 80gb or the 160gb and above (out of my budget). Thing is, it's big enough for me since I'm only going to install 7 64 on it (without the hibernation feature and...
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    Build thread - replacement for an e8400

    Hello, I have an e8400 running at 3.6ghz which is bottlenecking my current rig (was at 4 before, but the old mobo died and this one won't run it at 4 at all). I could get some Q9xxx CPU, but those are ridiculously pricey considering how old and slow they are compared to new CPUs. So I...