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    LG 48CX

    The 55" C9 and the 48" CX partially share some of the same stand components (there are two pieces to the stand) The front piece that you see is a little less wide and about 30% skinnier than the 55" while the back part (the part the actually screws into the back of the TV) is 100% the exact same.
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    LG 48CX

    Just dropping a quick note that today I "upgraded" to the LG 48CX from a 55" LG C9.. Prior to the C9 I was using an LG C6 (55" Curved) OLED and as I suspected while I was fine with the 55" as a Desktop Monitor the smaller size of the 48" is much much nicer. I would even say having used the Dell...
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    Questions for C9 OLED guys

    Better control of grey color banding.. in general the colors are more uniform across the entire screen from the C6.. its brighter than the C6 which helps with HDR. Even Image Retention seems better so far as well.
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    Questions for C9 OLED guys

    I replaced my C6 with a C9 55” for my main PC/Console gaming setup. I use a pretty big desk and have done the 55” OLED for some years now. The C9 is a nice upgrade over the C6 but I do miss the curved screen. At 3 feet viewing distance the curve does help keep the picture more centered. Upside...
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    2020 OLED monitor thread

    I have a 55" C6 Curved as my main PC display since 2016 and its been rock solid no burn in use it every day as mixed PC office work and gaming on my PC and Xbox/PS4. Left it on for 4 days on a static screen by accident and ran pixel refresh and no burn in. I also own a 65" E7 in my Living Room...
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    The perfect 4K 43” monitor! Soon! Asus XG438Q ROG

    I left the house for 4 days and came back and my OLED was stuck on a Trend Micro screen.. I must have forgotten to turn it off and somehow the PC kept the monitor awake. I thought I would have burn in for sure but running the Pixel Refresh and there was zero burn in. Sure there are ways to get...
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    The perfect 4K 43” monitor! Soon! Asus XG438Q ROG

    Its really crazy to see these awful picture quality/black level $2000+ monitors hitting the market when OLED's are almost perfect minus VRR/FreeSync at high refresh rates. Hopefully the LG will adopt HDMI 2.1 and push 144FPS at 4K with HDR..but since AMD isnt developing GPU's fast enough to do...
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    I walked into microcenter today

    I can go to and get a brand new in box 77" 2018 LG OLED for $3899 which would blow this display away in just about every respects except for G-Sync.
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    Sweet Baby Jeebus Alienware 55" 4k120 OLED Displayport

    I've used an LG 2016 C series 55" OLED as my primary PC monitor in my home office for all sorts of use from business work to gaming (Xbox, PC, PS4 etc.) and have zero burn in. Lots of static content but realistically even normal PC use you are constantly shifting pixels no matter how long you...
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    Best Current 55 " OLED PANEL for PC monitor on the market for the price?

    I've had my 2016 LG OLED C series for 2 years using it every day as my primary PC Monitor for desktop and gaming with zero burn in. Much like Plasma between the built in protection and some small amount of common sense its a great overall monitor. Some people see Image Retention and think its...
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    ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme Threadripper Mobo Review @ [H]

    With Dual Titan Xp in the PCIe_16 Slots I was unable to get my U.2 Drive (Intel 750) to work with the ROG 10Gbe card in any of the other PCIe slots even with PCIeX8/X4 Mode set to X4. Asus support was unable to help with this either as they have been silent. Once I remove the 10Gbe card the...
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    So who is pre-purchasing the X399 motherboards and Threadripper CPU's tomorrow?

    So I got the AREION 10G card to work.. moved it to the 4th PCIE slot (PCIEX8/X4_4) and set the BIOS to X4 bandwidth so U.2 Port would still be enabled. The card is fine but the U.2 port is apparently disabled. I can only see my Intel 750 SSD if I remove the 10G card physically. Flashed to...
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    So who is pre-purchasing the X399 motherboards and Threadripper CPU's tomorrow?

    Got my 1950x and Asus Zenith built today. The system would not post with the 10G Ethernet card in PciE 3.0 x8 (2nd slot). Had to remove it to get system to post with my 2 Titan Xp (both in the 3.0 x16 slots) I didn't get time to play with it much but I will revisit once 10 is installed and...
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    Sony XBR-940D

    Oh using HDMI 3
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    Sony XBR-940D

    Yeah I have a brand new HDMI cable that's rated for 4K and 120hz/HDR also 2.2 compliant. Running latest software update on the 940D I've tried all the possible combinations on the Nvidia Control panel with no luck. It's odd that Nvidia thinks the default resolution should be 1080P.
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    Sony XBR-940D

    Yeah I've done that several times.. when I try to change from 1920x1200 to 3840x2160 the screen will go blank for a while then it will come back to 1920x1200. Only way I get get that resolution is if I set the HDMI format on the input I'm using back to Standard.
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    Sony XBR-940D

    Anyone have luck getting the 75" 940D working with any Nvidia GPU properly? I can't get 4K@4:4:4 enabled no matter what combination of drivers and GPU's (I've tried a 980Ti, 1060, and now 1080ti) Best I can get is 4K@4:2:2 Internet largely has failed me doing Google searches..curious if...
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    So I decided to redo my Display Setup

    I did this exact same thing a few months ago.. ditched my 3 G-Sync 27" 1440P setup for a single LG OLED55C6 and I couldn't be happier. Whereas I would never go with a curved TV for TV watching it works perfect on my computer desk as a PC Monitor. I know purists will hate the input lag but I...
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    LG's 2016 OLED series (E6,B6,G6,C6)

    Took the plunge last week and went with the C series 55". Normally not a fan of a curved screen but given its 55" sitting on my desk a few feet in front of me it made sense. Love it so far though it does take some getting used to. Found out sitting a bit back in my chair was best to really...
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    So you guys buying the new Xbox S?

    I use my existing Xbox One's daily just as the HDMI pass through for Media Streaming apps, Plex, as well as gaming so this upgrade made sense as I recently switched out all my TV's for new 4K HDR10 TV's. So far so good 4K HDR content on Netflix looks amazing.
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    Dell 43 Ultra HD 4K Multi Client Monitor – P4317Q

    I got mine a few weeks ago.. been using it for about 10 days.. love it. Initially the enormous size was a bit off putting but I've gotten used to it and I think it's fantastic.. I've played DS 3 and Doom at 4K with great results.. also did some Xbox One and PS4 @ 1080P and was impressed how...
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    Philips BDM4350UC 43 inch 4K IPS PWM-free monitor

    Anyone know of a good monitor stand for this? I see some but all are for 30" and smaller LCD's
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    Dell 43 Ultra HD 4K Multi Client Monitor – P4317Q

    I saw on some site it listed the panel as an IPS.. so I'm figuring its the same as the Phillips which seems to be pretty good from what I've read.. I mean its a 60hz PWM free panel so for the most part I would be happy.
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    Dell 43 Ultra HD 4K Multi Client Monitor – P4317Q

    I was anxious for a new monitor and unwilling to continue to wait for the Phillips to make it to the US.. so I pulled the trigger on this.. says it ships in 6-8 days.. will post my thoughts once it arrives.
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    Philips BDM3270 - a hidden gem

    Anyone found a good US source for these monitors?
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    Wall mount solution for 3 40" LCDs

    Anyone know of a single track system for 3 40" LCD's.. I could do separate mounts but last time I tried that it was a huge ordeal getting each mount exactly lined up and spaced evenly and even then there were slight variations due to the way the studs lined up on the wall. I've seen plenty...
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    Well so much for AMD getting priority with HBM 2

    Consumers (we) lose if AMD exits the discrete market for GPU's. Less competition means less innovation. Not sure why so many people are excited if not eager to dance on AMD's grave.
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    Microsoft Retiring Lync in Favor of Skype for Business

    Eh.. Lync has had video conferencing for ever.. not sure what the article is talking about there.
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    Wolfenstein: The New Order Performance Review @ [H]

    Great game but I really couldn't get great performance out of my Tri-SLI Titans @ 7680X1440.. eventually had to settle on somewhere between High-Medium levels to get it to smooth out enough so I didnt feel too many "hitches". As well the distance where textures turned blurry was very odd.. far...
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    Benq BL3200PT (32" 1440p)

    I finally got mine setup.. I had some issues with the recessed VESA mounts vs my old monitors but with some creative use of spacers I was finally able to get them mounted.. the spacers meant they are not quite as even as my old HP's but its close enough that I'm not that concerned. Overall a...
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    microsoft outage

    Wow.. someone still uses a $ instead of an S in Microsoft.
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    Anyone using quad SLI with 3+1 displays?

    Where/Who is telling you it is supported? It's supported in SLI sure..but not Surround AFAIK
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    Anyone using quad SLI with 3+1 displays?

    The only thing I can offer is that is not a supported configuration with Nvidia Surround Display.. you have to have identical resolutions and orientation (Portrait, Landscape) and use 1 matching output on each card. There is no support for a fourth monitor using a spare output. I have not...
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    Benq BL3200PT (32" 1440p)

    Can anyone confirm who owns this monitor that it is indeed without stand 9.1" deep? I guess that is measured at its widest point but still seems way deeper than my current 30" HP which is 3.4"
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    3 4K monitors with Dual 290's

    This is not for gaming!!! I have 3 Dell P2815Q's connected to 2 Crossfire 290's... I can't seem to figure out the cabling to get all 3 working at the same time.. the 290's have 1 DP, 1 HDMI which work fine..but the 2 DVI's don't seem to be able to drive a 4K even at 30hz.. I've tried a DVI...
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    Mobo that allows for 3 AMD 290x's

    With room to "breathe" that is.. I've run 3 Card setups before with the cards essentially stacked side by side.. not really anxious to do that with these 290x's
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    Interesting data on Crossfire vs SLI

    Would be interested to see the same level of scrutiny applied to both Nvidia and AMD with SLI and Crossfire in terms of input lag. To the layman I would wonder if Nvidia is smoothing things out at the cost of extra input lag...even a couple ms could make these frames smooth out.
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    7680x1440 and 7680x1600 Roll Call - What are you running?

    3X HP ZR30W here.. currently with Tri 4GB 680's.. just preordered two Titans.. we will see.. probably be roughly the same performance.. trying to justify another Titan.