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  1. Darkswordz

    Asus Z690 Strix-E vs Gigabyte Aorus Master

    Is there any particular must-have feature one board offers over the other? If not, then just return the Gigabyte board.
  2. Darkswordz

    So after 5 years, my 980TI is dying. What should I do to avoid a 1K card purchase?

    Try to find a used 3060 for a ~$625.00. It's pretty close to a 1080Ti in performance, and would be a nice upgrade over your 980Ti.
  3. Darkswordz

    Upgrading from 8700K to 12600K worth it?

    Since this is mostly about helping your son I would say it's a fine move, but if you're only going for a 12600K I would recommend waiting for cheaper B660 boards to pair it with.
  4. Darkswordz

    4c/8t 6700k (stock) vs 6c/12t 3960x (4.7ghz oc) for my son in laws first PC. Need advise

    Skylake architecture + DDR4 support is the better choice here.
  5. Darkswordz

    [DEAD] i7-12700K $299.99 Micro Center In-Store Only

    I hope so. But bots and scalpers will keep prices high on everything.
  6. Darkswordz

    EVGA 1000 P2 PSU @ EVGA $169.99, usually $329

    Kudos to Newegg for matching the deal. (y)
  7. Darkswordz

    EVGA 1000 P2 PSU @ EVGA $169.99, usually $329

    Thanks OP! 👍 I already have an EVGA 850P2, but this was too good to pass up at this price. I'll switch over and keep my 850W P2 as an emergency backup. :smug:
  8. Darkswordz

    12600k 12700k already getting big price cuts.

    They've also cut prices on the 5800X as well. Pretty nice deal for a great all-around CPU. :smug:
  9. Darkswordz

    Samsung 980 Pro 2TB $279 at Newegg

    Are you going to RAID them?
  10. Darkswordz

    Warm? Western Digital SN850 1TB PCI-E4x4 = $149.99 A/R @ Newegg

    Newegg has the Western Digital SN850 1TB PCI-E4x4 on sale for $164.99 - $15 instant rebate = $149.99. :happy: According to PCPartPicker this is the lowest price this drive has been, and is one of the better PCI-E 4x4 drives out there.
  11. Darkswordz

    Best way to get a 12900 without getting scalped?

    I bet Best Buy will go online only, like they eventually did for the RTX 3xxx cards. I'm sure they don't want to deal with the lines of people camping outside their store.
  12. Darkswordz

    Asus ROG Z690 Motherboards Will Only Support DDR5, DDR4 For Other Models

    Newegg Shuffle might be the best way. Although they'll probably bundle them with some god-awful exploding PSU or something. Actually....nah...they wouldn't do something like that. :whistle:
  13. Darkswordz

    HOT: AMD Ryzen 7 5700G $304 new @ Newegg's Ebay store

    Here's a nice comparison of the 5700G vs. 5800x at equal clock speeds. (y) Even though the 5700G only has 16MB of cache vs. 32MB of the 5800x it doesn't seem to be too big of a detriment. FWIW...the 11700K also only has 16MB of cache.
  14. Darkswordz

    Seasonic FOCUS 850w Platinum = $110.99 after IR + MIR @ Newegg

    Yeah, there was a code but it looks like it's ended now. :( Maybe some other deals will pop up.
  15. Darkswordz

    Seasonic FOCUS 850w Platinum = $110.99 after IR + MIR @ Newegg

    I'm pretty sure this is the lowest price I've seen for the Seasonic FOCUS 850w Platinum model. $169.99 - $34 Instant discount - $25 mail in rebate = $110.99 A/R. :smug:
  16. Darkswordz

    $699 5950x on ebay antonline

    $30.00 cheaper than even Microcenter. :geek:
  17. Darkswordz

    (Open Box) Seasonic PRIME Ultra GX-750 750W 80+ Gold Full Modular Power Supply via B&H Photo for $87

    I always stay away from open box PSU's and motherboards. Doesn't seem like it's worth the risk.
  18. Darkswordz

    Ryzen 9 5950X @ Newegg - $899.99

    Seems like a pretty decent price, considering it's chronically out of stock. The sale isn't fulfilled by Newegg though, it's a 3rd party seller, so your mileage may vary. Ryzen 9 5950X = $899.99
  19. Darkswordz

    HOT Cooler Master 650 watt sfx gold psu $59.99 at Roguecast

    Good price. I would be very wary of the reviews however. :eek:
  20. Darkswordz

    11900K Benched

    280W CPU only stress? For an 8-core CPU?? :eek: Yikes.
  21. Darkswordz

    i9-10900K = $409.99. A bundle with Z490 AORUS Ultra = $599.99.

    This has to be the lowest price I've seen for a 10900K. It's even lower than Microcenter's prices. i9-10900K = $409.99 An even better deal would be to buy it in a bundle with a Gigabyte Z490 AOURS Ultra motherboard for $100.00 off. :eek: i9-10900K + Gigabyte AORUS Z490 Ultra = 599.99
  22. Darkswordz

    HOT? Super Flower Leadtek 80+ Platinum 850W, Fully Modular PSU = $169.99 after Instant Rebate @ Newegg

    It's $10.00 cheaper now...$159.99 for the Platinum. :happy:
  23. Darkswordz

    Should the 5700xt be considered one of the greatest of all time?

    I remember having two 7970's in Crossfire back in the day and feeling like a god among men. :cool: Truly awesome GPU.
  24. Darkswordz

    Ugly GPUs

    Oh come can't beat the legendary Voodoo 5 6000. :D
  25. Darkswordz

    HOT? Super Flower Leadtek 80+ Platinum 850W, Fully Modular PSU = $169.99 after Instant Rebate @ Newegg

    This seems like a pretty good deal for a brand new product. Super Flower Leadtek 80+ Platinum 850W = $199.99 - $30.00 instant rebate (MKTCI191TCSS) = $169.99 A/R. Comes with 10 year warranty. :cool:
  26. Darkswordz

    So.....who's buying a 3070?

    Road Trip!!! :smuggrin:
  27. Darkswordz

    worth upgrading 7820x to 5900x?

    I hung on to my old 7820X for far too long thinking Quad-channel memory actually helped me in daily work. It doesn't. :( With my current setup, the difference in IPC and clockspeed more than makes up for any small difference Quad-channel RAM had. A 5900X would be a monster upgrade over your...
  28. Darkswordz

    RX 580 8GB RAM and 1440 gaming?

    Skip to 5:40 in video. :smug:
  29. Darkswordz


    Is the "problem" that ASUS already sold all the cards to miners first? :shifty:
  30. Darkswordz

    Which Z490 for meets my needs?

    I have the MSI Z490 Unify. It's a good board, but only has 7 rear USB instead of Gigabyte's 9 rear USB. Currently, the Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Master is $299.99 after rebate. The reviews are a little worrisome though.
  31. Darkswordz


    Only $1,999.99. Ships middle of Feb. 2021. :rolleyes:
  32. Darkswordz

    How did you purchase your Nvidia 3xxx series card? Owners vote only please.

    Got mine on Zotac's website during one of their nightly drops. I'd rather have an ASUS or Nvidia FE model, but at this point I'm just lucky to have one. :hungry:
  33. Darkswordz

    Since RTX3090 is unpurchable, I bought the next best thing! Please dont be jelly!

    I'm guessing these were out of stock? :smuggrin:
  34. Darkswordz

    DEAD WD Easystore 14TB $189.99

    Forgive my ignorance, but what does drive "shucking" mean? o_O
  35. Darkswordz

    Good use for an x299 box?

    Dedicated streaming PC?
  36. Darkswordz

    Ships January: PNY 3070 $639 3090 $1915

    These are Mafia deals. :smuggrin:
  37. Darkswordz

    upgrading my i7 7700k?

    That's weird that the 7700K would bottleneck in Warzone but a 9700K wouldn't, especially when the 7700K is overclocked. Both CPUs have 8 threads. That said, if someone is willing to give you $230.00 for a 7700K you should take that deal without thinking twice. :happy:
  38. Darkswordz

    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread