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    Dual Layer DVD

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    Best Non-First-Person-Shooters

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    PDA Screen

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    IMAP Client

    I am tired of the bad interface on Squirrelmail. Any alternatives?
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    Network Connection Drops when Idle

    When my computer is locked and I am not using it, I usually keep GAIM running. If I come back after a few hours of inactivity, GAIM is still connected, but none of my other programs can connect to the internet. The only fix is to restart. Any suggestions?
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    Password Folder

    Is it possible to password/encrypt a folder but still have it accessable when I am loged in? I run Windows XP.
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    How can I make my own band like the MakePovertyHistory white band?
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    Calibrating LCD

    Is there a way to calibrate my LCD for free?
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    10C Change in Temp

    My processor is about 42C when it is just normal and then when I start folding it goes up to 52-53C! Is that bad?
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    2 Questions

    Is 29C case and 52C CPU bad when folding at 100%? I have an Athlon XP 2500+ Barton. When I use my id from extremeoverclocking on the Horde Stats page I get an error.
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    Anyone know of a good free alternative to Konfabulator for Windows?
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    Heat...What to Do?

    I stopped folding a while ago because of heat issues. I just recently cleaned out my PC and got a new power supply. What is a safe temp and what can I do to keep the temp down without buying anything? I want to start folding again.
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    PC400 Running at PC333

    I just installed a two sticks of Corsair ValueRam 512mb DDR400 but they are only running at DDR333. How can I fix this. Do I need to change the FSB:DRAM ratio to something other than 1:1?
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    If anyone here has ever used Quanta on linux you know how awsome it is. Is it possible to run it on windows?
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    Color Tinge

    My new Samsung SyncMaster 710n appears to have some purple tinge to some greys (such as the box surrounding the post I am writing right now) and the header and content background on I also am seeing some blues brighter that they really are. How can I fix this?
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    Setting Up

    What is the best way to situate your LCD monotor to get the best viewing angle? How can I calibrate it?
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    Hooking Up and Testing 710N

    I just got my Samsung 710N LCD and was wondering how I can test it and if I should use the analog out on my graphics card or the DVI out with the supplied DVI to VGA converter.
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    Dell 1704FPV vs. Samsung 710N-2

    Should I get the Dell UltraSharp 1704FPV ( Or the Samsung 710N-2 ( The Samsung has VGA with 12ms The Dell has DVI with 25ms
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    Samsung 710N Is that a good monitor at a good price?
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    Good LCD (~$300)

    What LCD's do you recommend for around $300 US?
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    Cleaning Windows

    What is the best way of cleaning Windows (short of re-formatting/re-installing)? What kind of free software do I need?
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    MX Duo/MX 700

    How often do I need to charge my MX 700?
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    Thunderbird Accident

    I accidentally deleted my Thunderbird profile folder but I recovered it. How do I get Thunderbird to recgonize it and read the mail? I have all the mail folders and the whole profile folder.
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    Extra Drive

    I installed GMail Drive and now that I have uninstalled it, there is an extra drive icon. How can I get rid of it? Below is a screenshot.
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    Internet Connection Stopping

    When ever I am not using my computer for over an hour and then come back, my shared internet connection is not working any more. I have tried resetting my router and reinstalling my network software. The only solution is to reboot my computer. Please help!
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    Folding (again)

    I have been able to start folding again as the temps in PA have been dropping.
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    Dual Layer DVD

    Do I really need a dual layer DVD drive? I will use it for backing up and home movies.
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    Memory Question

    I bought a new 512 stick of PC3200 RAM and currently am using a 256 stick of PC2100 RAM. Would it be more benificial to have 768MB running @ PC2100 or 512 @ PC3200?
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    Best Free Firewall and Virus Scan

    What are the best free firewall and virus scan applications?
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    USB Port Mod

    I have this USB Hub (Belkin model F5U014-OE): And this is my case: I want to make the hub into a set of front USB ports. How can I do this?
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    Install to USB Thumb Drive

    Is it possible to install programs to a USB Thumb Drive from which I can then run on any computer? Is this impossible because of the registry?
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    USB Thumb Drive

    I just got a USB thumb drive and was wondering if there are any other uses besides transfering files.
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    USB Thumb Drive

    I just got a USB thumb drive and am wondering what programs you all run on yours.
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    Memory for NF7-S

    I have an ABIT NF7-S (PC3200) and I was wondering what type of RAM to get for it. I was looking for 512 MB, preferably under $100.
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    USB Thumb Drive

    I am looking to buy a USB Thumb Drive (I perfer one that comes with a USB extension cable). What ones do you recommend and what size should I get?
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    Network Stops Working

    After not using my computer for a few hours, the internet stops working. If I try renewing my IP, it still doesn't work but if I shut down and reboot, it works. What is wrong? I connect through a wired network and a cable modem.
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    Free Blogging Services/Hosts

    Where can I find a place to host my WordPress blog for free? Preferabaly with no ads (I will be willing to trade GMail invites).
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    We are no longer 1st place!

    We have been surpassed by Overclockers Australia. WE NEED TO REGAIN 1ST PLACE!!
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    PocketPC Software

    Where is the best place to get free PocketPC software?
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    Monitor Settings

    How can I adjust my monitor settings so images look how they are supposed to? Is there a free way to do this?