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    Steam and Crysis

    Steam doesn't seem to want to update the most recent patches to Crysis. Anyway to fix this?
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    Building a new gaming machine

    What up, what up. It's been A LONG time since i last posted. I've been super busy with work, life the whole nine yards. I'm looking at building a new gaming PC, since i currently don't have one. I am COMPLETELY out of the loop on what is "in" and what I should maybe look at going with...
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    Making Secondary Domain Controller the Primary?

    I'm getting rid of my main Domain Controller. It's a littler older and etc. I'd like to take my secondary and make it my primary, how can this done?
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    Weird Email Issue: Exchange 2007 Server

    I just came across this weird email issue. I host my own exchange server 2007 for my business. I have a friend that has a yahoo email account. She can't send emails to me, when she does she gets the following error Today, to try and trouble shoot this issue I created an email account at...
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    Exchange 2007 issue

    All of a sudden we are unable to send email to external or internal email addresses. We can however receive emails still. I'm not sure what the deal is. The server has been rebooted and all settings appear to be correct. Thoughts?
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    Windows XP AutoComplete

    We have some lady here at work who relies on the autocomplete feature instead of when emailing someone creating a contact for them. VERY bad, but she is dumb so what are you going to do. Is there a way to take her autocompleted information from IE6.0 on her desktop at home and transport it...
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    SSL Cert

    I'm trying to run a web site using SSL with certificates and I keep getting the following error message "There is a problem with this website's security certificate.". I have Certificate Authority installed on my Win2k3 server and I'm running IIS6.0. I guess I'm not 100% sure what I'm...
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    I need help in Photoshop

    I have some pictures, all in different lighting and etc that i need to add a logo to something in the picture and i need it look like the logo was on the object when the picture was taken. Can someone help me or point me in the direction of a tutorial that would help? PM me or let me know if...
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    Windows File Copying Size Limitation?

    I'm trying to copy 3gigs of itunes songs that I've backed up to my server to my laptop. I'm trying to do this wireless, and it keeps erroring out saying the file blabla.bla is no longer available. I've tried this several times. I'm copying the files from a Win2k3 server that i have in my...
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    IP Spoofing: The negatives and how to stop it?

    We just got a new router. The new one has a much better firewall, better notification system, basically the whole 9 yards. Ever since it went live, it's been telling us that a few outside IP addresses are trying to do an IP Spoof? A) What the hell is trying to spoof an IP? I assume...
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    Network Bandwidth Tool

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a tool that will take a particular IP address and tell me how much bandwidth it's using. Any good tools out there with little no configuration? I was looking at Solar Winds. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
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    Allied Telesis AR770S

    Anyone used this router before? Let me know. I'd like to PM you with a few questions I have about this router. Thanks,
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    Your Internal IP Scheme

    What is your internal IP scheme? I have a buddy that runs what do you run? Right now I'm running the following and what is your internal scheme?
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    XP Issue with Certain IP addresses

    Whenever my laptop receives an ip of 10.0.0.X, or an ip of 172.30.0.X, those ip addy's seem to lock up my computer. For example, right now I have an ip of, subnet, gateway of, and when I try and open anything, (run command, IE 7.0...
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    Exchange Server and Changing our IP address

    We recently change our ISP and in the process got a new public IP address. We updated everything that we needed to with our Domain registrar. We can send and receive email fine, but there are few email addresses that we send to now that we are getting blocked by their domain. There are 3...
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    Packet Sniffing and the logs

    Is anyone here really good at analyzing the log from packets that I sniffed to see what is good and bad? On our network we have a group of computers with really bad latencies, and I'm just wondering if the switch they are on is just getting bombed with something.... All the other computers on...
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    Email Distribution Help

    I'm running an exchange 2007 server. What I want to do is create a distribution list and when someone emails that emails gets forwarded to the Sales Distribution list with user A, B and C as a member of it. Right now I have being forwarded to user b...
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    Optiplex 745 Small Form Factor

    Anyone here have an Optiplex 745 Small Form Factor and running any one of the 8800 series video cards in it? I have one, and I'm wondering if this card will fit into the case. Secondly, I'm also guessing that the PSU in it won't support/handle the card. Anyone seen an 8800 card in one of...
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    Anyone have any experience with CRM (Customer Relations Manager)

    I own a WISP in MN. We are looking at going with a CRM that will handle the following: Customer Contact (obviously) Asset Tracking Billing (optional, but would be GREAT if it could handle this) Expense reports Customer profiles? (possibly being able to incorporate this into our web...
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    Exchange 2007 CRM Module

    Is there a customer relations module for Exchange 2007? I know MS CRM 3.0 there was talk of getting that incorporated, but any word on that yet? Or better yet, has it been incorporated?
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    I just bought a Wii

    What is the best game hands down for Wii? I bought Simpons but not sure about it. I have no played it yet. Any thoughts?
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    Outlook 2003 Help

    In outlook, when creating a meeting request, instead of having all the accepts/declines come to me, is there a way to have those go to another individual?
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    Exchange 2007 New Edgesubscription

    Anyone ran into this? When using Powershell and running the New-EdgeSubscription –file "C:subscription.xml" command, I keep getting an error message stating that command is unrecognized. Anyone ran into a fix for this?
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    Client install / uninstall software

    So the powers that be want something other then a group policy to install and uninstall software. Not sure why, but it is what it is. What software out there will install and uninstall software on clients machines. I'd kind of like this to be without the user knowing really what is going on...
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    Incorporating an access database into Exchange 2007

    What is it called when you want to incorporate databases into Exchange? I'm looking at adding an access database into our Exchange server that users in outlook can access, make changes and etc.
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    Windows 2k3 Server: Folder Quotas

    What is the best way to add a quota to an individual folder and not the entire drive?
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    Exchange Server 2007 Gurus, chime in

    I have an Exchange 2007 server (not mine) but helping out an old friend who is watching me type and is a complete retard for doing this. Evidently, boy genius here thought it would be cool to re-do a server that was running Exchange 2007 on it, thinking he could get the server back up and...
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    Creating FTP sites with multiple users and passwords

    In Win2k3 how can one go about creating multiple FTP sites for individual users, all with different user names and passwords isolating users to their home directories?
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    Password Generator

    Anyone know of a password generator that will create passwords based on a scheme that I could specify? For example, lets say I wanted all passwords generated to have a 3, 2, 3 scheme, meaning 3 letters, 2 numbers and 3 letters. (abc12efg) Any generators out there for this? I can't seem to...
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    Exchange Server 2007

    So we have Server 1 (SVR1) which is currently hosting our email AND is our domain controller. I've set up a new server which will act as our domain controller and file storage and lets call it SVR2. Right now SVR1 is our domain controller, email, VPN server and file server. I'm taking...
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    ISP's and VPN

    When you change ISP's and get a totally new static IP, gateway and subnet, what all needs to be changed on the VPN server side? I've changed ISP's and my IP changed. I have a business plan so I'm allowed VPN, but now my VPN isn't working from the outside. What all needs to be changed with...
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    Your credentials have failed for remote network authentication

    When I'm trying to VPn into my server I'm getting the following message. Your credentials have failed for remote network authentication. I have the following ports open on both the server and router: 500, 50, 51, 1723, 1701 and 2637. My ISP does not block any of these ports. My user...
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    Public IP question

    So I have server A and server B. Server A is getting a public IP address. Behind server A is server B, Server B is getting an internal address handed out by server A. I want Server A to hand server B one of my other public IP addresses that I have. How can I do this. I would throw a...
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    Network Load Balancing

    I'm looking at setting up a second server in my network that will help handle the internet load. Right now I have a Win2k3 server sharing internet and I'd like another one that will help out once the load hits a certain network %. What's the best way to go about this?
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    Static Routes for FTP traffic in Win2k3?

    how can I set up a route for all my FTP traffic to run on? The path I'd like the route to follow is: ->> How can I do this in Win2k3?
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    Windows 2003 Server Static Route

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    FTP Help. PM me, I'll pay you!

    PM, I have a question, I'll pay you. Urgent. Thanks,
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    RAID 0 Question

    Can you Raid 0 four USB hard drives that are in seperate enclosers? So basically i have 4 seperate USB enclosers hooked up to my computer. Can I Raid 0 them?
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    FTP Server

    I've never had to set up an FTP server before. I've got it set up and am able to access it, however I'm trying to give my FTP server a web address. So for example, I want out side clients to be able to access my FTP server by using From there I want it to prompt them for...
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    Web Site Popup question

    I want to create a survey. One survey for existing customers and another for non-customers. I want a popup to come up when you visit my site with links to both surveys that people can choose from. A) How do I go about creating this popup so that when you go my site it is activated B)...