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    So, what's the current best gaming monitor at 38"-43"?

    I've been rocking my 34" Acer Pred for almost 5 years now and I think it's time for a new 'main monitor'. So which monitors that have 4k, g-sync, and 120-144hz? I've been browsing the threads here, but can't get any real info on which ones are the best? Thanks!
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    Corsair Obsidian 500D released?

    It seems to be on Amazon for 149? But there seems to be no release statement or anything.
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    What's acceptable BLB?

    I was wondering what do you guys consider acceptable BLB? None? Very little? Some? I ask this because my new X34 has a bit of BLB and I think I want to exchange it for another to see if there is a difference.
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    Best 21:9 34" Monitor

    Went to Micro center and was looking at the Dell 34 21:9 and the LG. You think I should pick up one of those or hold off until the Asus G SYNC model?
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    League of Legends

    Does anyone play LoL? For the longest time I was a hater; even though, I never played it and always heard how toxic the community was. I finally started playing it (I'm pretty bad right now) and I'm actually having fun, I really like the strat involved and all the champs. Not to found of the...
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    Can't sign into my MS account.

    I can't seem to sign into my MS account when on my PC. Right now I'm logged as Owner and local account, but no matter what I do to change and sign into a 'MS account' it just does nothing. I click on it and nothing, I've tried all the other ones too and I get no response at all. I have no...
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    Best 34" 21:9 Monitor

    What is considered the best at the moment? Even ones that are soon to be released. I really want one, but son't want to pull the trigger if better ones are releasing soon. 1440p, forgot.
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    Project Gorgon anyone?

    Has anyone tried out this old school sandbox PvE MMO? I played for 5 min before I had to leave, but it felt so much like EQ and AC1 considering the 2 dev Husband and Wife duo worked on those games. From what I've read and videos I've seen it seems like a real immersive world like we used to...
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    Buy another 980 for SLI, or 980ti

    Should I pick up another 980 for SLI, or sell it and just pick up a 980ti? I game at 1440p and am looking to upgrade to a 21:9 1440p monitor soonish.
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    4k vs. 21:9 1440p

    I kinda wanna a new Monitor, but I dunno which to get? I like a 4k IPS at 32" or the 34" 1444p 21:9 I'll be using 970/980 in SLI so I should be able to push it.
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    Gigabyte mATX x99 coming soon? People saying they're be releasing them in a couple weeks? Any validity to this? I'e been waiting for a gigabyte to release their X99.
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    Blizzard says no Titan for you!

    So after 7 years in development Blizzard has canceled their 'next gen' MMO.
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    X99 mATX.

    I've only seen eVga and ASrock. Is there any news on Asus or Gigabyte?
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    Lian LI PC-V359

    I just saw a review on Tek syndicate, but I've searched every where and can't find a relese date on it. Anyone have a clue?
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    Best mATX MB?

    I was gonna go mITX, but I think I'm gonna go mATX since I can add another card, and I found a perfect case that is small and light enough that I really like (Lian Li PC-V359) So what is the best on the market right now?
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    The Repopulation: A Sandbox MMO.

    If you don't like MMO's this is not for you. Since we got that out of the way, I'll start by saying it's like 2014+ version of Star Wars Galaxies Pre NGE, but with better combat and updated mechanics. Here's a video that gives you a decent amount info on the game.
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    295x2 question's

    I know this is more of an opinion, but I want a mITX build, with the most powerful VC on the market and the 295x2 fits the bill. I've found 2 cases that can actually house em, CaseLabs S3 and the Rosewill Legacy W1. Would it be dumb going this route? I plan on upgrading my monitor to 4k from...
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    Phone goes silent or just vibrates.

    Some times when I don't even have it on silent or vibrate I don't get alert sounds from message, ect. or even locking it. If I turn it off and on it comes back. It just randomly does this, is there anyway for it not to?
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    Smallest case that fits a 295x2?

    Would love to build a mITX PC, and use the 295x2, I don't think any case on the market right now will fit it length wise. The new Corsair Air Carbide 240 and 370T look like they might. AM I crap outta luck until these release here soon?
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    Best 32" 4k?

    Which is the best 32" 4k monitor on the market right now? Is it worth waiting a little longer for ips 4k panels?
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    Activating a used iPhone?

    Hey guys, how simple is it activating a used iPhone 5? I bought one off off ebay with a clean ESN and what not, to replace my old Galaxy Nexus for the time being. Is it pretty simple, no hoops to jump through?? Thanks!
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    Smallest case that fits a 295x2?

    I want to build a mITX build, but I don't think any case right now can fit one. The new mITX/mATX cases from Corsair look like they'll be able to fit em though.
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    Is now a perfect time for AMD to release their dual R9 290?

    After seeing nVidia release their 3k dual card, do you think AMD could technically knock it out of the park with a 1000-1200$ Dual R9 290? Thoughts?
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    NVIDIA CEO GTC 2014 keynote *LIVE* March 25th, 9:00 AM Live stream. 9:00am PDT Maxwell and 790 GO!
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    Any word on the GTX 790?

    Rumor was it was around this time, but nothing has been seen sine February.
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    Anyone play EQ II?

    I just started playing EQ II since there are no MMO's right now that interest me, and I thought I'd give EQ II a 100th try :D. I've had my account since 2005 so I have all these vet rewards to use. Anyways, it's actually a pretty good MMO, very underrated since it's been overlooked by WOW...
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    GTX 780 Ti Classified up on Newegg.

    I have not seen this before until today, but it's the Classified edition, but not Kingpin? I'm not too sure. Oh $799 too Up on eVga site to for $40 less.
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    Does Asus have any custom 780 ti in the works?

    Have not heard anything from Asus?
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    Newb question about Windows 7 or 8 installation.

    When doing a clean install on your old HHD that previously had windows installed on it. What's the difference between deleting or formatting the HHD you want to do a clean install on? Do I just delete my old partition or click reformat? Also, if I wanted to sell my HHD what is the best way...
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    In need of a laptop.

    Ok, so finally I'm getting a new laptop to replace this POS one I have at work. Here are the things I'm looking for and hopefully have. 1. Thin and light weight, I hate the bulky look. 2. 1080p or higher. Would prefer glossy finish 3. Good gaming, nothing like 680 SLI. But I wouldn't mind...
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    Anyone playing FFXI Online?

    Is anyone here playing FFXI? I know it's ancient; 11 years old, but it seems to be the most unique MMO out. I've heard it's actually pretty easy to solo now, and quick to hit lvl 99. I've been playing the FFXIV and I'm just not feeling it, the combat system to me is just meh. I'm hoping...
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    Do you think these Titans will be much more powerful than the 780?

    I'm guessing the Titan will be more powerful than the 780, but by how much?
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    SAMSUNG Series 9 S27B970D owners I need some help

    How do you have your monitor calibrated for optimal color? Like I want my whites white, not washed out.
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    Is my SSD dying?

    I seem to be having a problem with my SSD, it's Crucial C300 128gb, little over 2 years old now. The problem is i get delayed with almost everything, while browsing chrome or which ever browser I'm using is delayed, I get the dreaded "Waiting for Cache" some times my machine freezes up for a...
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    Glossy 30" monitor

    Any such thing?
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    Best laptop in the 1k-1.5k range

    Here is what I'm looking for. 1.14-15" 2. 1080p Glossy 3. Gaming (not super hardcore) 4. Light weight as possible, I can't deal with ugly bulky Laptops. The Asus UX51VZ is my ideal laptop, but for 2k that's pretty high for what it has, might as well buy a Mac Book Pro for that price.
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    Add another GTX 580?

    What would be the best choice? Add another 580 for 250 or so, then later in 2013 upgrade to a 780/8xxx. Or go for a 680/7970 now?
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    Anyone else interested in WildStar? It's a SciFi/Western/Fantasy MMO. The graphics are very stylized, kinda WoWish, which I guess is good or bad depending on what you prefer. There's housing from the beginning which you'll see in...
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    EQNext" will be the world's largest sandbox-style MMO ever made"
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    The Repopulation

    Has anyone heard of this? It has a kickstarter fund for it. From what I've read they devs are trying for SWG Pre NGE. I hope it turns out well, there's nothing I would do for a game like SWG.