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    Battlefield 2042

    Came to this thread to answer the question of buy now or wait for first sale (and months of patches), looks like the answer is wait. I waited for BFV until 50% off and am still enjoying playing it this day. I did find the graphics in 2042 open beta to feel really bland. Explosions were great but...
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    Metro: Exodus

    I jumped on the Xbox Game Pass $1/3 mo promo and installed this the other night. Seems to run fine although I get the stupid "Applying changes" thing every time I start the game, luckily it goes pretty quick on my rig. I have it at 1440p maxed out (hairworks/PhysX on) obviously no RTX though and...
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    Xbox game pass PC

    Yep the promo is a no brainer and a good idea to get people on the platform. I like these sub based game services for single player stuff. The reality is I never have time to replay games or play more than 1-2 single player games at a time. As long as the pricing makes sense I'd rather use sub...
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    Apex Legends launching monday(titanfall BR)

    Didn't realize Hemlock had single fire, I like that gun, won a couple duos last night with my buddy including one with hemlock winning kill. I really wish duo mode was permanent as I enjoy it more than playing 2 + 1 random if our third buddy can't join. I agree about the R99, what was the...
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    There's value in replaying on harder difficulties I guess, but if you explore a bit you end up maxing out your abilities toward the later 1/3rd of the game and there isn't dialog/story branching like you'd find in an RPG. Personally, I never replay games due to limited time so I am actually a...
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    The Outer Worlds (New Obsidian RPG)

    So main quest plus a bit of exploring is 25ish hours? Thinking of giving this a shot on Game Pass when I complete Metro Exodus. That's a good length for a single player game for me that I can complete in 4-6ish weeks.
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    Metro Exodus is returning to Steam after lengthy Epic Games Store exclusivity

    Hmm that's a bit concerning, wiping my games drive would be annoying as I'd have to copy everything to a mechanical drive and back. How is it possible that as admin in Win 10 Pro you can't delete a directory?
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    Metro Exodus is returning to Steam after lengthy Epic Games Store exclusivity

    $1/3 months can't go wrong... Installing now, thanks!
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    Apex Legends launching monday(titanfall BR)

    Enjoying Season 4 so far. Like others above, BR/Apex is such a fun game mode when you play with quality people and have actual comms. Random play is really hit or miss. Still maining Caustic as my bros are Path and Lifeline or Wraith. The only other MP game I play is Battlefield V (still fun...
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    Exactly how I felt about it. I don't get much time to game, and most sessions are maybe an hour, so it was great to pick this up and play a somewhat guided experience that was really polished and executed well. I thought the story was decent and most importnatly it was fun. If you only care...
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    Xbox game pass PC

    Can you specify install location of games on Game Pass? I want to give it a shot for a few titles like Metro, but my Windows partition is only 100gb as I install Steam/Origin games to another partition. Edit: you can, but it's janky - you have to set the drive as the default place new apps will...
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    Metro Exodus is returning to Steam after lengthy Epic Games Store exclusivity

    How does Xbox Game Pass for PC work? Is it the same as Origin Access Premier for example? Subscription based but you download the game and install/play locally? It's not stupid streaming I hope. Will check the promo out if I can play Metro Exodus on it. I am not going to use the Epic store and I...
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    G-SYNC enabled but I still get tearing.

    Been having flawless performance using the NV driver frame limited @ 141, GSync/VSync universal on, in-game Vsync disabled. Asus PG279Q Gsync monitor @ 1440p 144Hz (I don't bother with 165Hz mode as I prefer high detail) and a 1080Ti, latest drivers. Mostly playing Apex, BFV and Star Wars Jedi...
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    Half Life: Alyx

    Another comparison would be saying that the optimal experience for any new PC game is SLI RTX 2080Ti with a 4K Gsync 144Hz IPS display etc. etc. Yes, the best hardware enhances the experience but it isn't truly necessary in this case from early reports. I'll be keen to see reviews when the game...
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    I beat the story last night and agree, what a great game experience. I clocked 19 hours for main story and 79% world completion. May go back and poke around a bit more but I am satisfied. I ended up paying for two months of Origin Access Premier ($40CAD) and played a few other EA games as well...
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    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    Sapphire Radeon 9700 (non-pro) AGP, was my last AMD/ATI card and the build quality on that particular card was just poopy, drivers at the time were not mature, lots of crashes and just generally unplesantness to deal with. I believe I was also trying to do some kind of non-pro to pro bios flash...
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    Should I go 1440p?

    1440p especially if it means going up from 24 in to 27 in display is an advantage in FPS. Sharper image, physically bigger screen and some kind of adaptive refresh technology all combine to make it way easier to see/hit opponents. I don't play PUBG so can't help with performance, but I find Apex...
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    LAN Party Games - Suggestions Needed

    Quake 3 Rocket Arena, can make drinking games out of the 1v1 tournament style play :)
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    Cyberpunk 2077: Official Thread

    I played through ME:A in the last year and quite enjoyed it. Definitely not up to the standard of the first 3 games (and for the record I liked 3 besides the ending shenanigans). I did find the open world style fetch crap tedious so I didn't bother with any questions in the "Tasks" category...
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    I came back to the wall run segment the other night and it took another 20ish tries but I finally got it. Helped to realize you don't need to hold down the jump button and Cal will auto wall run when near walls (don't need to press jump + jump). Sliding I never had an issue with, playing with an...
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    Games that should be revived...

    KOTOR, but somehow made to the quality of Jedi Fallen Order and not copy paste of Mass Effect Andromeda.
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    How limiting is my CPU on a planned GPU upgrade

    I had a 3770K @ 4.4GHz with 16GB DDR3 and a GTX 970. Last summer I upgraded to a used 1080 Ti and it was a HUGE improvement in gaming. I did notice that minimum frame rates were still an issue as well as hitching here and there, and benchmarks obviously proved that my 3770K was holding the 1080...
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    Cyberpunk 2077: Official Thread

    I'm actually happy about the delay for three reasons: 1) More time to polish is good. I don't care about the comical speculation/trolling, crunch issues etc. The studio has a strong track record for delivering on launch, not being forced to stick to stupid deadlines by publisher (EA tactic) and...
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    Did the wall run during the tree climb segment after you get jedi flip piss anyone else off? Have not had any issues with wall run/jump/slide segments up to now but am failing this hard haha.
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    Parry feels off to me for sure, but I am playing at 144Hz/FPS (using Gsync, max frames 141fps etc) and am using a wired Xbox One controller which I think also introduces some input lag? Normal fights are fine but mini bosses and bosses with fast attacks are frustrating, even timing dodges for...
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    "Intel in jeopardy" from insiders. Much much worse than what they tell.

    I bought a 9700K over a 3700X (similar price in Canada on Black Friday sales) because I literally only play games and do general browsing/media consumption with my PC. Do I think the 5-10% delta in gaming performance will be noticeable? No, and since I pay at 1440p max detail/144Hz the...
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    Best PC gaming controller in 2020?

    I have a Steam Controller (and Steam Link for TV) but only really used it for Witcher 3. It is great in games that support it well/Steam big picture but I don't like the faffing around trying to make it work in non-Steam stuff. I ended up getting an Xbox One controller to play Star Wars Jedi...
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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Another 1080Ti 1440p Gsync guy who is looking at getting this game checking in. It seems from benchmarks and that guide above I will have to turn some stuff down which is fine as long as it is generally smooth.
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    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (2017)

    I have Origin Premier right now (to play through Jedi Fallen Order), guess I will give this a try.
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    Battlefield V

    Planes are massively OP right now in terms of survivability, mostly because of horrible stationary AA placement on maps (especially Wake). The Filgerfaust is only effective for bad pilots that dive very low for strafing runs. Tanks are also OP against infantry IMO. Piat/Panzer need a minor...
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    New games with choice of servers/ sense of community?

    Unfortunately the trend toward lobby/matchmaking (thanks consoles) is eliminating community based gaming. BFV doesn't have real private servers and neither did BF1, BF4 was the last real BF game for that reason and it sucks. I don't play MMO's but I'd expect they would still be community based...
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    nVidia 441.87 Drivers

    Cool to see max framerate in the driver. I have a GSync monitor, so I am running 2560x1440 @ 144Hz with Driver: VSync on, Gsync on, Max frames 141 and then in-game vsync off. Seems to be working great. Not sure about the NULL (NV ultra low latency) setting though, which I believe is pre-rendered...
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    Battlefield V

    People giving up on this game after the terrible TTK patch? Wake Island is pretty damn fun, played a couple hours of Conquest and Breakthrough last night. Feels balanced between air/vehicles/infantry. Good pilots can definitely cause problems but luckily the stationary AA is pretty powerful and...
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    100% agree with everything you said. I bought an Xbox One controller pretty much just to play this and do not regret that purchase (will use it for other games that the Steam controller doesn't work well with). I'm only on the 3rd planet but having a blast using the middle difficulty. Jedi is...
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    Need for Speed Heat

    Agree. The plot/characters are always ultra cringe, I can't imagine even the 14-16 year old dudes obsessed with tuner culture buying into it much less the 25-40+ majority gamer demographic that even knows what NFS is. Agree Shift series were much better as well as the oldschool NFS1-4 style...
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    Battlefield V

    Did some testing over the weekend. In DX12 with future frame rendering off I get 125-160ish fps, and while it looks great, I get stutter/hitching maybe once every 10-15 seconds. This is with my display in either 144 or 165Hz with GSync on. DX11 is 80-110ish fps but no stuttering ever so I am...
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    Battlefield V

    Are people using DX11 or DX12 these days? I think I am still on DX11 due to launch issues but was reading some stuff on Reddit that supported DX12 and disabling forward frame rendering if you have a rig to drive a high/consistent frame rate. May give that a try tonight. Sounds like the new...
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    Dr. Disrepect Respect thread

    ^^ This LOL. Anyone have links to Disrespect getting owned in Apex? Wouldn't mind watching that comedy.
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    i7-6700K to i7-9700K - Nice performance improvement in games

    I went 3770K @ 4.4Ghz to a stock 9700K (4.6GHz @ 8 cores) and it's been a massive massive improvement in gaming. Same card, 1080 Ti @ 2560x1440 144Hz. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, 7.5 years since I built the 3770K haha.
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    9900KS versus 5960X in Time Spy/3DMark (Paired with a 2080 Ti FE)

    Just curious, where are the rumours about 10C/20T consumer 14nm Intel chip coming from? Have a hard time believing that but you never know.