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    Drip? Too good to be true?

    Been reading and watching this. Seems great but seems so similar to a pyramid scheme, no? thoughts?
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    X370 & 5000 series update

    Anyone have any new on the possible BIOS update for older x370 boards to use 5000 series? I heard that it is now coming but info is sparse.
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    Crappy reception

    I have a cheapish Moto G7 Play. I have very poor reception. I thought it was my carrier so I changed. No differance. Had a friend over with a budget phone and it showed with multiple bars where I have mostly none and will even drop MSM many night. Do I just have a bad radio/modem whatever it is...
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    3080 12 GB

    This card seems a bit bizarre to me. Too close to a 3080Ti. Why is it going to exist? What bus speed is this card going to be? It is never mentioned in any media blurbs. Can't stay the same with 12GB right?
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    NiceHash. Do better?

    I am running a straight 2080. 44 MH/s. Good/poor? Something better to move over to? Rock on
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    NiceHash 44 MH/s

    I am running a straight 2080. Good/poor? Something better to move over to? Rock on ;)
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    Is this cards 3D toast?

    Have an old HD7870 that has had fan issues almost since day one but otherwise has been reliable. I getto-modded a case fan onto it to make sure it stayed cool and served its life until now in my homemade arcade machine of my design I'm proud to say. Anyways it is now throwing an error up (out of...
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    Mining GPU usage % for AMD & Nvidia cards

    I am using Verthash one click miner (opinions?) with 3 cards. AMD HD7870 GHz ed, HD7950, and NVIDIA RTX2080. My question is under task Manager the AMD cards show 0-1% GPU usage while the NVIDIA card shows a constant 94-99%, yet when I play a video on the AMD systems the media player will jump...
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    Laptop fix issues. Advice?

    Re doing a friends mums LT. Simple right ;) They complained of issues but I took it as they had run the machine into the ground. Maybe not! Swapped out the slow spinner for a SSD and doubled the RAM that was gifted by the sons old LT. Ran memory tests and all is well :) Install Win10 and all is...
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    Samsung and AMD = Quest type product?

    Well known that Samsung has Radeon GFX partnership. Being that Samsung is the king of displays and has been more then quiet on the VR front for ever, could a Quest 2/3 killer be in the wings? I don't see super gaming phones being the strategy here.
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    Snagged a G2

    HP gave me a $75 off coupon for Canadian store. GRAD75. Pushed me over the edge. Paid for the taxes I guess. Love my Odyssey+ and feel I need a better GPU, but many have said they enjoy their G2 with equal or lesser. I am obviously familiar with the WMR environment some I am looking forward to...
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    Fan issue. Requires a high rpm setting is software before it will even spin

    Card is a HD 7870 GHz edition. XFX Ghost Recon ed. Dual fan. It is used in my media PC. I noticed I could hear the fan ramping and high spinning then ramp down. This I now realize was the card hitting a temp and kicking in the fan. I knew something was wrong and the ramp up-down cycle is a no go...
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    My cap fell off!

    My arcade cabinet powered by my AM2+ setup was being wonky and just all around trouble so I decided a full dissemble with a good cleaning and re-paste with a check for any obvious problems was in order. When cleaning the MB Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-DS4H of dust with a soft bristle tooth brush, a tiny...
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    FSP/Frame Time app stuck on. Help.

    I am having a hard time with a FPS/frame time overlay. It is shown partially at the bottom of the screen. I can't seem to access it and or shut it off. It doesn't seem to be part of my FPSVR app as I have tried every option in that app and found no change. Anyways I am stuck and if you can help...
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    Quest2 and other VR headset multiplayer?

    Have a friend just purchase a Q2. Can we play games together?
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    Getting my Pi4 to boot from USB SSD. Help!

    Must say I am new to this, but have made many Pi's to run off of emulator images and it is dead easy. So I thought I would make a capable 8GB Pi4 desktop for a friend as I saw and liked Fenix. Ya all is good off the micro SD, but am struggling to get that onto the USB-SSD. Any help? Thanx
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    What are best option for getting a just released card?

    Would love to get a RX6800XT. I have never bothered with a just released card before as I always buy well after they are on the market. What are my best options/tactics for getting one? I am in a smaller Canadian city so no brick and mortar shops are possible. So online only I'm afraid. Do I...
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    Project Cars 3

    It is getting a bit panned on reviews. So how is the VR? Is it an improvement? I am thinking it should be as it would have been designed from the ground up? No? I personally found PC2 very good with VR. A really good piece of software IMO. Thoughts?
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    FS 2020

    Any word on the street how this performs? What to expect etc... Seems to struggle with 1080p Ultra, so a bit curious how it will play out.
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    DRAM Calculator for Ryzen & Gigabyte MB

    I once had some very nice RAM timings on my first gen Ryzen done by a friend. Using the included Dram calculator benchmark I scored 120'ish. Now after a BIOS update and the wiping of timings (yep should have wrote them down :cry:) with standard XPM profile with RAM listed in sig I get 170! Wow...
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    Ryzen 1,1+,2 @4K+ gaming.

    Gamers Nexus did a nice comparison of Zen through the ages to compare gaming performance at 1080p to see where the real increases are. They did a great job and I recommend the watch. I was hoping they would throw in a few 4K's to round it out, but they did not as it was all about isolating the...
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    Zen,Zen+,Zen2 comparison @ same clocks?

    After watching a recent Tech Deals YT video (link bellow) which compares 3 generations of Zen, I was left wanting to know how they would compare when running at the same speed say 4GHz. I know it could never be a perfect comparison as Zen2 is capable of higher spec RAM over Zen/+, but I would...
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    Trouble with file transfer permissions

    Hi there. Just taking an educated guess as to which forum to ask for help in regards to my problem. If there is a more appropriate forum please let me know. Okay I have a failing 1.5TB drive that I have taken out and plugged into an external USB adapter in an effort to save the media files. I...
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    Nvidia control panel - Power management mode

    Hey there. Back on team green due to my needs for VR and happy with my RTX2080 so far. I have gotten a nice OC on my Asus ROG Strix. After running a bunch a benches and playing with RAM vs. Core OC I settled on a solid setting. I then decided to check out the Nvidia control panel and adjust the...
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    If one was to OC for VR or other such super high-rez, what would you prioritize on your OC, RAM or core? Theoretically speaking what gives a GPU more fps with high super-sampling and AA?
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    RTX2080 OC for VR. Core or Memory?

    If one was to OC for VR or other such super high-rez, what would you prioritize on your OC, RAM or core? Theoretically speaking what gives a GPU more fps with high super-sampling and AA?
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    Is all 110 degree FOV the same?

    All the first gen (+) HMD's claim 110 degrees FOV. In the video bellow a Oculus Rift is compared to a Samsung Odyssey+ at the 5:00 mark. The difference is quite dramatic I would say being 25%+ larger for the Samsung Odyssey. The Vive Pro and the Odyssey use the same Samsung displays (with the...
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    Driver issues. RTX 2080: Installer can't continue

    Trying to get my new card setup. Uninstalled my old card drivers (AMD) then used DDU in safe mode (wtf is up with win10 and safe-mode?) Then installed newly DL'ed Nvidia drivers from Nvidia. Vr.418.91(and others) Win10-64bit OS Install message- Nvidia Installer can't continue. This Nvidia...
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    Two different speed HyperX on Ryzen X370

    So I had a kit of 2x4 GB HyperX CL14 2133 from a failed mining rig. Built a new Ryzen system when the new chips released for a sweet deal on old parts. Being it is going to be a jack of all trades server of sorts, I thought I better bump it to 16GB. So I added a 2x4 GB HyperX CL15 2666. (Best...
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    Where has my 1280x800 gone?

    I switched my hdmi receiver that plugs into my LED 1280x800 projector. When I plugged in my new receiver the 1280x800 rez was still functional. Then after a reboot or two it defaulted to 1280x720. I went to switch it back but that rez wasn't available in advanced display settings. I went to AMD...
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    This card won't work with this monitor?

    I have come across a very odd situation involving my monitor and a GFX card. I hope this doesn't become too long winded. My monitor is a 27" Asus ASUS VE278Q. When I bought it I plugged it into my HD7950 using the DVI and it worked fine. After a few years, for whatever reason I wanted to switch...
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    4+4 VGA pluged into 4+4 ATX

    First time I have done this by accident. They are pin compatible (WHY?) and I didn't even realize I did it. The computer booted the same with each cable (are they the same power?) I have this Asus Z170-e that I have been desperately trying to get it to post after I received it back from the...
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    VGA 6pin into ATX 6pin

    First time I have done this by accident. They are pin compatible (WHY?) and I didn't even realize I did it. The computer booted the same with each cable (are they the same power?) I have this Asus Z170-e that I have been desperately trying to get it to post after I received it back from the...
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    Old Quad or new Dual?

    Hey guys. I'm making a dedicated gaming system. It is mostly for emulators and some retro PC and a few Steam games that are not the latest and greatest, more classics or party friendly titles. I have a Celeron G3930 2.9GHz 8GB DDR4 2133. And a Phenom 2 940 3GHz 8GB DDR2 1066. GFX will be run...
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    VPN on my server. How to get other PC's on network to use it.

    Hey guys. Looking for a little guidance on this issue. I have a Win7 machine that shares my internet to my other PC's through a switch/hub. Set up a VPN to get my blacked -out NHL games. When it is enabled the rest of my network looses internet. Any help is appreciated.
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    Does the MB need RAM to post?

    Have a AsusZ170-e I am trying to troubleshoot and get to post. I get a RAM error LED upon booting. Being I do not have other DDR4 sticks, and am trying to rule out the RAM not being the sole issue, should it post with no sticks?
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    Old cards, or at least non-gaming utility cards so expensive?

    They were, are, and have been well before the mining craze, despite their complete lack of mining ability to begin with. Should it not be logical that mass produced basic 1GB media center GPU's should be $25? I mean really, that is some very old level tech. But when one searches Amazon or any...
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    Win 10 strange memory usage reporting

    I'm trying to figure out how to prevent my Win 10 (64-bit) server from having its cpu fan constantly spin up and down, so I have been checking Task Manager to see if there was any ramping CPU usage that could explain the behavior, but there isn't. Now I noticed the Memory tab is showing about...
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    Why can't my server see the other PC's on the network?

    3 PC's on my network. My server which is Win10 machine, and two network PC's a Win7 and a XP machine. Just basic drive, internet sharing. The Win7 and XP machine show all three PC's in the network and both have mapped network drives for all 3 machines. No problems. Now the Win10 server won't...