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  1. Criticalhitkoala

    Lenovo 4700g System - $540

    I just purchased one myself for my daughter. Not bad for a 8/16ct system with 16 gigs of ram and decent storage. Not a fan of how weak the psu is, but it's a good starter system. The Vega 8 can probably do very good 720p high and 1080p medium gaming. Probably would do really good for BR...
  2. Criticalhitkoala

    Do you stream? - Stream setup thread

    I was wondering if any other [H] peeps stream on twitch/youtube/mixer. Curious about your setup, your insight on both a hardware level and just your thoughts of streaming, and just any wisdom you guys have in a case of "Wish I've done this, and wish I didn't do this". Here's some random...
  3. Criticalhitkoala

    Help please : building a roku like dlna pc - insight would be appreciated.

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has some spare wisdom they can share in building a dlna streaming player with a spare pc. Long story short, my Amazon fire player is getting a little old and laggy and I just bought an asrock a300 for fun. Was going to throw a 2200g or 2400g in it and decided...
  4. Criticalhitkoala

    Gotta say, I'm impressed with Ryzen after being an Intel guy for so long.

    TL:DR - Long time Intel dude is trying Ryzen and isn't hating it. Actually is mildy impressed by it. As a long time buyer of Intel, I have to say I've been impressed the last few months after actually building and owning a few "Newish" Ryzen systems. My wife gave me the okay to upgrade all...
  5. Criticalhitkoala

    Anyone have experience with the lower end ryzens?

    So I've been pretty excited about trying some Ryzen 3 Apu's for the young ones in my family. I know it's not really [H] but does anyone have any opinions/critiques, etc concerning systems using the 2200 or 2400g? My 10 year plays a lot of Roblox, Minecraft, Sims 4, and SCP and currently has a...
  6. Criticalhitkoala

    Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF Computer on Ebay - Pretty decent specs

    On the ebay - Specs include I5-4590 8GB DDR3 1TB SSHD Hybrid Harddrive Geforce 720 Video Card Windows 10 Professional (or Windows 7pro) legit Key Wifi adapter 4 USB 3 Ports, 4 USB 2.0 Ports Just comes with computer and power cord. If you win, tell me...
  7. Criticalhitkoala

    HP Omen 32 1440p Monitor [REFURB] - $239 shipped

    I was super happy with another monitor I purchased from this reseller. I don't believe I'm the first person who has linked this seller either on the deals group, so big props and thank you to the person who did before hand...
  8. Criticalhitkoala

    Steam links are $15 at Amazon

    Guys get one if you have a spare $15 laying about. These things are a no brainer at $15 I love mine. Works a charm on wired account and also just works simply as a...
  9. Criticalhitkoala

    Might be done with AIO's

    Obviously results may vary from user to user, but I've personally bit hit with a string of bad luck when it comes to AIO. Just had another watercooler pump go out. First it was the Corsair 110gtx 4 months ago (that still hasn't been rma'ed thanks to Fry's not replying to multiple emails for...
  10. Criticalhitkoala

    Display Suggestion please - 1080p tv - 40~48"

    Title pretty much. Got rid of all the 4k displays in the house, just never enjoyed them. Looking for suggestions for a decent 1080p display that you guys have experience with. I personally use a 1440p gysnc 165 hz display for gaming so this display is for casual console like gaming but still...
  11. Criticalhitkoala

    FS : SFF i5-2500 1080p console replacement

    Please delete admin, was posted to wrong catagory.
  12. Criticalhitkoala

    Dead Pump?

    TL:DR - Corsair h110gt pump seems dead. Bottom tube is super warm, hot, while top tube is cool. System registering 90c+ degrees. Never had a pump die in an AIO before, is this the issue? ____________________ I have a Corsair h110gt on a x99 5960x A few days ago I was playing a game and all...
  13. Criticalhitkoala

    Well I was stupid - Asus Strix Roar

    So no knock against the card, cause it's not installed yet. But I just wanted to point out how completely idiotic I was. So in my excitement in ordering a new sound card to replace the venerable sound blaster z (out of curiousity, and because the roar was only $5 for me to get because of...
  14. Criticalhitkoala

    Corsair Vengeance k65 only $57 - Cherry Switches

    Just for today it seems - http://**************/28KBfmw Normally $90
  15. Criticalhitkoala

    Zotac customer support

    Anyone have an experience with Zotac CU Support? I've sent two RMA request for the same Geforce 970 that I've purchased back in Feb the last 3 weeks, and zero response. There doesn't seem to be a chat on their website. I haven't tried calling the number yet (it looks like it's a Taiwan...
  16. Criticalhitkoala

    Ask a photo instructor any photography question you want about photography/lighting

    Hey guys, I'm a photographer/photography instructor in Atlanta. Been doing it for about a decade now and teach a bunch of professionals and amateurs about it. Feel free to ask any question you want about photography on this thread and I'll leave a comment. Some quick notes Yes I am...
  17. Criticalhitkoala

    Does anyone have a Acer Nitro?

    I'm looking to replace the 4 year old VIAO I have. Don't want exactly something crazy, but I do like the idea of the 960m and ips screen in the Acer Nitro (also love the cheap price it has). Does anyone have one? I absolutely hated the TN panel on my old laptop, but it did actually play...
  18. Criticalhitkoala

    Just wanted to share

    Just wanted to share a yay story. I've been a lurker on [H] for ages, but only recently started posting because the community has been awesome and so helpful and full of motherfuckers. I was on Amazon early last week looking up gtx 950/960's to replace a low profile 750 I had in the spare...