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    Trouble with Intel RST and single drive

    I upgraded to an SSD with a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit. I had previously been running 2 sets of disks in RAID 0. With the default Windows AHCI or Intel INF Ahci drivers the disks work fine as single disks, as soon as I load the Intel RST drivers it reinstalls the disks as part of a...
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    HD 6950 Crossfire vs Crysis

    I'm getting great scaling ~70-100% in everything I have tried except Crysis / Crysis Warhead, I get ~10-20% negative scaling when crossfire is enabled. I have tried 11.1a and 11.2 drivers. Going by benchmarks I have seen I should at least see some gain. The bencharks seem to use the 10.11...
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    Strange Shadows DX10/11 and AA

    I'm wondering if anyone else has strange shadows in Dirt2 and BCBF2 with AA endabled? I first noticed it in Dirt2 the shadows have a Feather or a Comb like apearance I attributed it to new card and drivers (haven't played it since release). I just purchased BFBC2 and am noticing the same thing...
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    4870 @ the Egg

    Powercolor Sapphire HIS Sapphire 309.00 Ordered :D Also a Powercolor 4850 with dual slot cooler
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    48XX Hotfix Drivers Some one do some testing... I split between 2 x 4850 and 1x4870 Thanks,
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    New ASUS Z7S WS bios 6/10/08

    Found it on the FTP, will try it when I get home.
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    9800GTX vs HD3870

    I'm very disappointed in 9800GTX performance. I couldn't wait any longer for a new card so I decided to jump on a 9800GTX for 250 and do a trade-up to on of the new cards (Thinking the new NVIDIA cards would be much faster). I was pleased with the performance of a 3870, but wanted a bit more...
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    SpeedStep/C1E question

    I'm running a dual Xeon 5440 and a HD3870 It is running well. The only question I have is @ what CPU load does Speedstep/C1E start raising the multiplier? I'm running everest in the background and loging the info to HTML. I'm benchmarking the sytem with Crysis, 3dMark06, Lost Plannet. 90%...
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    Eight cores for $600

    I acquired 2x5440's and 12 GB 667 memory.... at no cost. I went with an ASUS Z7S WS and all is going well. It is fast and stable, I have been able to get it up to 3.4 @ 55c, but the memory bus is stuck at 1:1 and my FB-DIMMS where too hot 90c and the CPU fans sounded like they were going to...
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    Inexpensive Mobo for 2x Xeon 5440

    I acquired 2 x Xeon 5440's and 8 GB of memory and am looking for a MB to go with them, I can't afford a Skulltrail or anything too fancy. I am looking at this one:[/URL"]Tyan S5376G2NR I'm hoping this will work well as a media server /...
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    Prime95 Question

    This may sound stupid, but I have a Q6600 G0 running stock Vcore. I get no errors in Prime95, but the 4 threads do not finish each run at the same time. Is this normal?
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    3870 Corssfire OC Question

    Before I puirchase a new poser supply I wanted to run this by the [H]. I am running 2 HD3870's in crossfire and can not OC them at all. If I OC them I get a driver crash error in Vista. I don't think it is a heat issue, the card temps never go above 70c, CPU 45c and MB 50c. If I try each card...
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    HD3870x2 is one hot card

    I traded my 3870 xfire for a 3870x2, I was having too many issues with crossfire (reference design and the new OEM cards don't mix well, The Diamond card had the new cooler and would crash all the time, the Visiontek was ATI reference and had no issues) So I installed my X2 and media center...
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    3870 stock cooler

    Any one have 2 of these they want to sell me? $20 plus shipping. The 3850 cooler just isn't working well enough.
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    Should I go for a Higher Core or Memory speed when OC'ing? I can do 745 core and 934 mem stable for a while, but it will eventually lock up. I fI lower the memory speed I can stay at 745 x 910 or 735 x 934. I haven't had time to benchmark. Thanks,
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    Multi GPU hotfix anyone try? Just wondering before I try it if it makes any difference in games.