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    Frozen Synapse is 50% off this weekend

    Frozen Synapse is 50% off until 8/15: It comes with two copies, one for you and one that you can gift to a friend. It combines turn based tactical combat with Defcon style visuals and an amazing...
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    Lenovo posts X220 specs, IPS display is an option X220 specs posted with an IPS display is an option. Given the traditionally low quality of Lenovo laptop displays, I am thrilled. Their displays are usually the big strike I have against them, as...
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    Thunderbolt demo

    Engadget posted a video of Intel showing off Light Peak (I guess we're now calling it Thunderbolt...) They daisy-chain a Macbook Pro to a Promise NAS, which is also connected to a 27" DisplayPort monitor. They do high speed data transfer of multiple 1080p videos from the Promise RAID device...
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    Nokia and Microsoft announce partnership Nokia appears to be dropping Symbian and going with Windows Phone 7 for their phones. I have to say that I really REALLY...
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    GTX 590

    Any idea on when or if this is ever going to happen? Nothing I've pulled on Google is very conclusive, and I need a space heater under my desk bad. Thanks!
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    Sandy Bridge integrated graphics compared with NVIDIA 320M

    Reviews are up, and Anand as usual has some of the most thorough coverage out there. Here they directly compare the Sandy Bridge GPU with the NVIDIA 320M found in all 13" and 11" Macbook Pros/Airs:
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    Elite Keyboards dropping Filco

    I got an email from Elite Keyboards over the weekend. Here is the important part: This makes sense given how constrained their supply of Filcos have been for the last few months. I guess I was lucky to get mine when I did, before the huge rush to snap them up began. I owned a Filco and while...
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    Valve announces DOTA 2
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    Epic Citadel

    The demo that Epic Games presented at the conference today is up on iTunes. All I can say is holy crap. As amazing as John Carmack's demo at Quakecon was, this is on another level. I've never seen anything look this good on a...
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    So, what's next?

    The GTX 460 has blown me away with its combination of price, performance, lack of noise, and low temperatures. The last two things were big issues I had with the GTX 480 and 470, and they seem to be solved with the 460, even when running them in SLI. The fact that GTX 460 in SLI is faster...
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    Short film shot and edited on the iPhone 4 The short is about 2 minutes long, the making of is right after. They shot around the limitations of the phone (limiting movement to avoid the "jelly" effect, shooting in daylight), but still, not bad!
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    Steam on OS X

    Well, the prior Steam on OS X thread got locked up because it turned into yet another boring Mac vs PC thread by single-platform fanatics and fanboys. I know, shocking. Its too bad, there were some informative posts going before the thread got derailed. I hope next time they just nuke posts...
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    First iPad reviews out

    First link from the Wall Street Journal: Money quote: I've read elsewhere that audio without the display on is somewhere along the lines of 140 hours. Video playback is very impressive based on the fact that it uses an IPS display...
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    Steam beta signup for OS X

    Do you play games on Steam, own a Mac, and are excited about Steam coming out on OS X next month? Well, a page for beta signup just went up. You will need to log in, fill out a short survey, and submit a hardware profile file that you generate on your...
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    God Of War 3 review on Gametrailers Looks. So. Epic. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
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    Question re: HT Omega Claro sound cards vs SB X-Fi

    I currently have an older Sound Blaster Fatality X-Fi card with the front panel (TOSLINK and SPDIF inputs/outputs, etc). I'm looking to clean up the front of my case with my next build so I'm thinking of ditching the X-Fi and getting an HT Omega Claro instead because of all of the connector...
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    The OS that keeps coming back from the dead, AmigaOS 4.1 is out! Ars did an article on it and its pretty interesting: I was pretty blown away by this thing back in college. Back when I had a 486/66 running Windows 3.1 and Norton...
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    Inquirer posts GTX280 benchmarks

    It is the Inquirer so take it with a grain of salt. That said, here it is: If these are true it looks like gaming at native res on a 30" LCD with all the goodies cranked up yields totally playable...
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    Slingplayer proof of concept on iPhone

    This version of SlingPlayer is running on jailbroken iPhones. I cannot wait until this is all official. Even in this very early state it looks very very cool.
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    Steam Cloud

    I've wanted something like this forever. Valve's new system, Steam Cloud, will provide an online backup of your configs and savegames that is tied to your account. It will roll out with support for Valve games only, but hopefully it will also...
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    iFund recipients

    The 100 million dollar iFund that was announced with the iPhone SDK has awarded funding to two companies out of 1700 submissions so far. This one I think is pretty cool: They've been around for a few years and are now adapting a version of their home control...
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    Vista 64 CPU temperature widgets?

    Hey. I've looked all over and I can't seem to find any motherboard monitor/CPU temperature sidebar widgets for Vista 64. What little I have found via Google doesn't seem to be compatible. If they exist, are there any that you guys can recommend? Thanks in advance.
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    1 year XBox Live Gold - $40

    One year of XBox Live Gold for $10 off on Amazon,, Circuit City, many others: I'm assuming this is to take advantage of the glut of people that will be buying GTA4...
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    Vista 64 bluescreen with code 9F

    I have done a search of the forums to see if this has been covered, but if it has I apologize in advance for the retread. Ever since I've put together this machine I have had regular bluescreens with code 9F. I went through several reinstalls, ran Memtest overnight (everything checked out)...
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    Best 24" Monitor

    I wanted an opinions on the best 24" LCDs out right now. Response time is important as I plan to game on this thing, but I'm also ruling out TN panels as I really don't like the way they look. Price isn't much of a factor here as I'm greedy. I want fast response times with no dithering, no input...
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    Apple Cinema Displays for gaming?

    Hi, I wanted impressions from anyone who owns a newer model ACD and has used it for gaming. I am finally going to put my Sony G400 CRT to rest, so for the past few months I have researched and tested out several LCDs that I would like to get for my new PC in September. One of the uses for the...
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    Best IPS LCDs?

    I haven't been too impressed with TFN panel LCDs that I have looked at, mainly due to non-uniform lighting from corner to corner of the display as well as poor viewing angles. I know that they have very fast response times (super important for gaming) but I have a hard time getting around the...
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    iPhone impressions

    I bought mine yesterday on a whim. After experiencing the headaches of getting an XBox 360, Wii, and PS3 at launch I didn't want to go through the pain of getting an iPhone, plus I was thinking of waiting to hear more feedback before I made my move. In short, I was not planning on buying one...
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    Can anyone here get DDR400 running at 2-2-2 stable?

    Hi. I'm asking this question only because I have had nothing but problems running my Mushkin Level 2 (the original) in Windows at 2-2-2 for almost a year. I've had to back off the timings in order to avoid BSODs or random reboots. Sure, I pass with flying colors in Memtest+, but Windows is...
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    Best manufacturer of nVidia cards?

    I'm sorry if this question has been asked before. I looked through the forum and haven't found anything that really answers my question though, so I'm gonna ask myself. I've pretty much given up on buying a BFG 6800GT for the time being. All the retailers have no idea when they will be...
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    Deciding between two 939 boards

    I know that this kind of thing has been asked a bunch lately, but I can't seem to find the answers I'm looking for. I'm going to be putting together a new system later in the week. For my upgrade I'm looking to get either the Gigabyte GA-K8NSNXP-939 or the MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum. They are both...
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    Seasonic power supplies

    I'm putting a new machine together. I want a quiet system so I am leaning towards one of the 475W Enermax Noisetakers. However, I recently found out about a company called Seasonic which supposedly makes really good power supplies. Aside from the word of the guy I spoke with, I know nothing else...