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  1. BETA.

    Nighthawk x6 (R8000) & Corsair Dominator-GT DDR3 6GB 2000MHz Memory CMG6GX3M3A2000C7

    Router Ram
  2. BETA.

    Corsair Dominator-GT DDR3 6GB 2000MHz Memory CMG6GX3M3A2000C7

    Hot ram for its time. great for LGA 1366
  3. BETA.

    Used Logitech G500, Brand New G400, Brand New MX518, Used Audio Technica ATH AD900

    Logitech g500 Logitech G400 MX518 Used Audio Technica ATH AD900
  4. BETA.

    Used Logitech G9x and Brand New In Box Logitech MX 518

    MX518 G9x
  5. BETA.

    The Order: 1886

    Dunno wth this game is all about but, damn it looks pretty good to me
  6. BETA.

    The Walking Dead Season 2 Green Man Gaming $16.87

    GMG has TWD season 2 for 10% off plus a 25% off coupon GMG25-XI6UI-D5GBQ which knocks down the price of the game from $22.49 to $16.87. This is a pre-purchase, so buy at your own risk. The first season was great, but in this gaming industry we've seen franchises go from great to shit overnight...
  7. BETA.

    Straight Talk AT&T sim cards $6.99 free overnight shipping(ALSO NOW SUPPROTS LTE!!!)

    Right now AT&T sim cards are $6.99, whether it be micro size or regular. Choose fedex overnite shipping, it should automatically deduct the overnite charge.. And the best news of all, Straight Talk now supports 4G LTE for AT&T...
  8. BETA.

    Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition $8.16

    Smoking hot deal, this game was just released on PC just last month! use this code: GMG20-KCDKK-H4TPB
  9. BETA.

    Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior The obvious natural progression. Chivalry is fun as hell as it is BRUTAL, and I expect this to be just as good.
  10. BETA.

    400 Days

    The DLC for the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead is out now on Steam for $4.99.
  11. BETA.

    DoorKickers Just discovered yesterday this challenging, but fun real time tactical top down shooter. It reminds me of Frozen Synapse where you pause and pre-plan and then press play and watch your waypoints go into motion. It also reminds me of Hotline Miami in...
  12. BETA.

    Finally, a decent deal for BF3 Premium. $9.99 GameFly

    Been waiting for too long for this kind of price now and finally it is here. Get your premium at a price that is worth it!
  13. BETA.

    Asus VG248QE 144hz Monitor (Lightboost) $239.99 AC. Free Shipping

    $269.99 - $30 "BOOSTTHIRTY" coupon = $239.99 + tax for some. Free Shipping Super Egg Saver. Use Shoprunner for free 2 day shipping. For those who do not get charged tax, this is a great deal...
  14. BETA.

    ESEA busted for bitcoining

    Yep, cancelled my subscription and uninstalled client. Will not tolerate this shit. I urge anyone with an ESEA sub cancel immediately, this is intolerable and a prime example of how companies can and will install their BS to take advantage of their customer base...
  15. BETA.

    MGS5: The Phantom Pain

    Yeah!!! Did my eyes just see Psycho Mantis!?!?!
  16. BETA.

    New Logitech G series line-up Disappointed there's no G9x successor. But it is what it is, I may give the g500s a try and by the looks of this:
  17. BETA.

    u2312hm vs u2412m conundrum

    Okay, as of late, I have been on a quest of finding the lowest input lag monitor relative to cost. As of right now, I own a u2312hm that I bought for an incredible price and have the same opportunity for the u2412m. The general consensus is the u2312hm has better input lag than the u2412m...
  18. BETA.

    Steam Daily Deals?

    Been two days and haven't seen a daily deal. Anyone else noticed this?
  19. BETA.

    God of War Ascension Beta

    Says it's for Prime members, but I just got my key and I just have a regular IGN account. So, YMMV * For PS3
  20. BETA.

    Shoprunner free 1-year membership.

    Use Code: RUNNER You can use old email. Login then cancel membership. Click on link above enter in information with old email and enter in the code. Click activate, you should then have a renewed membership with old email.
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    !Hot! Amazon Deal of the Day - Canon S100 $229.00

    Very nice price for this camera, I would buy it in a heartbeat but I already have a ZX-1...
  22. BETA.

    Logitech G9x, G700, G500, MX518 LGS Beta

    Finally, the day has come where owners of these mice gets LGS support(same software the g400 uses) instead of the old setpoint. I forgot to add the G100 in the title. go here to get into the beta test opportunity It will be under "Gaming Software" I am off to CS:GO...
  23. BETA.

    Black Mesa: Source Gameplay! working link: I guess this is supposed to hold us over until release, hopefully soon.
  24. BETA.

    Could running a fan connected to mobo affect overclock?

    Lately I have been finding the sweet spot for my CPU. Yesterday I was running my 3930k @ 1.28v for 4.5 ghz - 20 passes of high via IBT, but today it's a different story.. the instant I run IBT it BSOD with error code 101. I replaced the fan today too and instead of running my rear case fan...
  25. BETA.

    Intel Retailedge Summer Deal 2012

    Just got the email... it's coming. I hope we see a 3930k for $200 :eek: DEAL IS ALIVE!!! ELIGIBILITY
  26. BETA.

    Directly fund tactical shooter We all remember Gabe Newell mentioned that he's dwelled on the the idea of having the consumer as the investor for video game development. Well, it looks like Serellan, Inc has taken this idea further, by...
  27. BETA.

    Performance drop with 2x SLI GTX 580

    I bought a second GTX 580 for my rig from a fellow forum member, the card arrived today and I installed the card. I uninstalled the previous drivers and updated to Nvidia's latest drivers. I did a driver sweeper, CCleaner registry cleaner in safe mode after I uninstalled the old drivers and...
  28. BETA.

    Thank you EVGA.

    My fan on my GTX 480 stopped working, RMA'd and EVGA was prompt and I received my replacement card within 5 days. Once I received the replacement, it was defective as well. It kept locking out the two PC's I tried it on within minutes after launching a game. Sent that one back, then received...
  29. BETA.

    Dear Esther re-do Feb 14th

    We all remember playing this first person artshow, well, it's coming bigger and badder. Source engine forevuh
  30. BETA.

    Super duper powerful laser heat HOT. Free frames + lenses from Coastal Contacts Use this code at check out: FIRSTPAIRFREE just pay for shipping and handling!!!
  31. BETA.

    When big name douchebaggery gets out of hand

    Apparently Ocean Marketing, the company behind the Avenger controller brushes off and even attacks a customer who's curious about his pre-order which escalates all the way to Mike from Penny Arcade. bullshit like this just shows you the ego cloud filled heads in the gaming industry these days...
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    Valve has done did it!

    :mad: Hat's in 3...2...1
  33. BETA.

    Gabe's up to something dangerous here I found that part kinda funny, better be scared fatty.
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    Evga classified smoke

    I was using my PC and it blue screened, I changed some settings via bios and restarted then the PC just shut down. Heard some sort of pop and smelled smoke. I immediately suspected power supply, but the indicator light still lights up but red. Whenever I unplug the power cord to the PSU and...
  35. BETA.

    Blackberry Playbook 16GB $199 free ship

    Got it from the slickers Staples is selling the BlackBerry Playbook 16GB for $199 buy a $30 off $150 to knock the price down to $169.99 before taxes Once you get your confirmation, you...
  36. BETA.

    Max Payne 3 design and technology trailer.

    The game is looking like it's holding up pretty well and true to the previous games, despite being developed by Rockstar instead of Remedy. The game mechanic hasn't changed alot, i.e. adding necessary elements, taking away elements. Instead, Rockstar takes the core MP 1 & 2 core and improves...
  37. BETA.

    A form factor I wouldn't mind having for next gen power house phones

    Granted, this phone paired with a qualcomm 1 ghz single-core, 512mb ram isn't going to complete with my EVO 3D. I am interested in the form factor and I think next generation phones should sport this type of form factor. Making it more tablet-like and easier to grip, it also alleviates the...
  38. BETA.

    Major CS:S Update

    An update was just now released for CS:S. It is probably the most significant update for CS:S ever since the OB engine update. The update brings bug fixes, but most notable is the new model of accuracy for all weapons.
  39. BETA.

    Samsung to announce 2560 x 1600 10.1 tab

    WTF Let's focus on making 2560 x 1600 more common on displays first, geez