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    Never used Google OS, what chromebooks are right for me?

    I'd like to purchase a chromebook in near future as my old Win7 laptop is shit. This is what I'm interested in and will be using the device for: - I believe I would like a 2 in 1, that is either (a) Detachable or (b) very lightweight and comrfortable to hold in tablet mode - Some "mobile"...
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    Noob @ networking, how do I accomplish this

    I want to have all this set up so that I may access/share files between the following: Win 7 Desktop, Win 7 Laptop, Win 10 Laptop (ordered today Dell G7!), WD Mypassport Ultra 2TB External Drive attached via USB to my router TP-Link Archer C2300. I was thinking of setting up the computers in a...
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    Help decide between 3 Dell Laptops

    My intentions with the laptop are: record keeping (spreadsheets), surfing, some light video editing, and the potential to play modern games if I decide I have time for that again in my life. Here are the 3 I'm looking at: 1. G5 15" Gaming (5590) w/ GTX 1650 4GB -...
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    Is $700 a good price for these specs?

    I've never purchased a laptop, always been given hand me downs, but now its time I need a new one. These are the specs of one I found on sale: CPU - Core i7 8565U GPU - GeForce MX250 (2 GB GDDR5) RAM - 8 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM HDD - 1 TB 5400 rpm SATA; 16 GB Intel® Optane™ memory Display - Full HD...
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    Best Laptop on $500 Budget during "Back to School" sales

    In the market for a new laptop since this is a good time to buy from what I read. Performance is the name of the game. I want to be able to game (would like an Nvidia chipset) but I'm not pushing the limits with crazy graphics settings on high demand next gen games. Just basic settings, for...
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    Noob Home Net - Help with Permissions

    So I have 2 Win 7 machines. A laptop (wireless) and Desktop (wired) I have a TP Link Archer C2300 router with a WD Passport Ultra 3 TB External USB HDD connected via the USB 3.0 port on the router. I configured the USB Sharing in the router settings, and when logged onto the desktop, can...
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    Ditching my Wireless G! What's your take?

    So it's time to finally get rid of my Wireless G router haha! I know these consumer grade routers are frowned upon, but I am not very savvy when it comes to networking, and I don't have the time to devote to learning how to setup the "pro-sumer" stuff. So I'm looking for a low cost solution to...
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    Anyone have experience with this Phicomm router?

    Phicomm K3C (AC1900) Here is a link to the router: It scored very well in multiple tests on the smallnetbuilder site. The only drawback I see...
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    Asus Rampage III and Intel X-25M SSD, which controller!?

    I decided to do a clean Win 7 install and I was following Sean's Windows 7 Install & Optimization Guide for SSDs & HDDs as a guide. He recommends to use the "native" intel controller for an SSD, as opposed to the 3rd party, in my case Marvell controller. I'm not using any type of raid array...
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    New smartphone owner, some general advice please

    So I'm finally going to be owning my first smartphone, at age 36, go ahead and mock me young ones haha. I am being given a friends iPhone 5c. I guess my request here is for some suggestions on "ease of living/use" type of apps that will enhance my experiences on my new phone. Things such as...
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    Buying 1st smartphone, advice please

    Finally biting the bullet and want to purchase my first smartphone. 1. I plan on purchasing used from swappa. I want one for under $200. 2. I want one that has a good camera, not necessarily the best, but good quality. 3. I want a phone that has good multitasking capabilities, such as being...
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    My first ever smartphone, please advise

    HI, my name is John, I'm 36 years old and I have a dumb phone. "Hi john" Ok seriously though, I've never owned a smartphone, although I do have a samsung tablet and have owned ipods touches, etc. So it isn't like I'm completely in the dark of todays technology. I just have been...
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    Budget Printer

    I'm looking to buy a USED printer, cause my old HP inkjet is a peice of crap and runs through ink way too fast. I'm looking for ideas for a quality printer on a budget. I'm hoping to only spend about 50 bucks or so. I'd like a laser printer An all in one with fax and scanner would be a...
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    Noob home network question about bandwidth

    If I have a 25 Mbps connection from comcast, and am using a doc sys 3.0 cable modem, is my Linksys WRT45G ver. 6 router bottle necking my bandwidth to wired devices? I run my PC and my Playstation 3 wired from this router, and I just want to make sure the router isn't restricting my bandwidth...
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    Cheap PS3 Recommendations

    I'm looking for some good games that I could get to play on PS3 for cheap off ebay. Looking for games that I can get for 15-25 bucks. Games like: Last of Us Dark Souls 2 Destiny And on that note, is Destiny worth getting?
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    Reliable external HDD?

    So I've been looking to purchase an external HDD. Browsing newegg, it looks like there are zero options for anything reliable. Even the devices that have a 4+ egg reviews seem to have multiple 1 egg reviews that describe drive failures, corruption, power failures, etc etc. Are external...
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    New to external HDD's, need recommendation please

    This is a link to my mobo. I want to get a small external HDD to use for backing up home videos and photos of my family. I'm looking for a recommendation for what type of hard drive to get? Mostly which interface I...
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    Need some recommendations for PS3 games

    I want to get some good games that I can get cheap. I have been out of the loop awhile, and so I'm looking for recommendations. So far on my list are: Dishonored Dragons Dogma Hunted Anyone else have some ideas on games I could get cheap?
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    Intel SSD, Firmware, AHCI/IDE, TRIM, Optimizer

    I want to do a fresh install of Win7 I have an Intel X25-M 80GB SSD, with Firmware: 2CV102HD When I run SSD Toolbox it tells me there is a newer version of firmware but gives me this message: "Your system is in IDE Mode. The selected Intel SSD cannot be updated with the Intel SSD Toolbox...
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    Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware Pay Versions

    Are they worth it? Would running both of them with active scanning be redundant or take up a lot of resources?
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    Home PC Data/Windows Backup Guide?

    So I caught a trojan lately and had to format/reinstall windows 7. I want to have a fail safe in place in case in happens again in the future, but I know little to nothing about backing up windows and data in general. I am looking for advice on steps to take on how to properly insure my...
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    Help! Can't get rid of virus/trojan/worm

    I had installed the latest Utorrent the day before and noticed it added a bunch of toolbar shit to my browsers as well as changed my homepage. I googled how to remove these things and did so. I noticed a few days ago when playing a game that I was getting serious FPS lag.So I closed out all my...
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    Need advice on SATA Drivers, Hosts, etc.

    I have an Intel SSD, model: INTEL SSDSA2M080G2GC Here is a link to the specs page from intel: I have been running Win 7 on this SSD in a multi HDD system for the past few years and haven't had any problems. I lately...
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    Which of these games would you get?

    I want a new PS3 game cause I'm sick of Black Ops 2. I want something that will grab me and give me a lot of playtime. Games I'm looking at are: Dishonored Skyrim Borderlands 2 Dragons Dogma Kingdoms of Amalur Final Fantasy XIII - 2 So if you could play one of these games, which would it be?
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    Best SSD under $125 for my gaming?

    I want to get a new SSD for playing my favorite games from. So I am mostly looking for fast read speeds, since game loading is all I'm going to use it for. Write times are pretty irrelevant. I'll be using it on my Asus Rampage III Formula...
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    Laptop Battery question

    Didn't know if this was the right place to put this but figure its as good as any. SO. My girlfriends laptop battery died in her Toshiba Satellite A305-S6872. I need to order her a replacement but I want to spend as little as possible. This is the exact replacement battery...
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    Laptop Battery question

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    $30 difference, which would you choose?

    G.Skill Mushkin Only real difference is the CAS timing. 9 for the Gskil and 7 on the Mushkin. Worth the extra $30?
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    Which Manufacturers have transferable warranties?

    I tried to find a list somewhere but came up short. Anyone have a link or a list of manufacturers who use transferable warranties?
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    Bigger Screen Size vs Higher Resolution

    I want to upgrade my gaming experience. I want a better display to game on. Currently playing on a HannsG HG281D, 28" viewable at 1920x1200 I've been considering either getting a 28-30" monitor that will do 2560xwhatever widescreen. But then I'm not really upgrading my viewing space, just...
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    Could my PSU be causing this?

    So to make a long story short... For over a year now I've noticed this squeeling sound coming from what I thought was my graphics card. For just as long I've had intermittent graphics lock ups, MOSTLY when I try to log into windows, but also on occasion when I'm gaming. To describe the lockup...
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    Which namebrand 448 core has best cooling?

    So it's time for me to bite the bullet and upgrade my gpu. I want something that has a great cooling system though, do any stick out of the pack more than others? I remember reading that Gigabyte had some good cooling solutions on recent cards.
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    GTX 280 to a 6770 Better?

    What kind of performance increase will I see going from a GTX 280 to a 6770? Is there something one card does better than the other?
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    Will we see price drops in the next 2 months?

    So I'm planning to upgrade my DirectX10 video card, and was trying to wait until prices dropped from new card releases. Do you experts who are in the know think we will see any price drops in the next two months? Or should I go ahead and pull the trigger? I'm looking to upgrade the box in my...
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    Need advice on finding a better display for gaming

    Right now I'm gaming on a HannsG HG281D 28" LCD Monitor. It does 1920 x 1200 @ 60hz Refresh I'm looking to improve my display for some upcoming games I plan on thoroughly enjoying. I have a few questions though. I'm not looking to spend more than $500 although I'd prefer if it were closer to...
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    Need a 40" or so 1080p TV for $500

    Need a 40" or so 1080p TV for $500 or less. I'm getting it for my father for his bday. Not looking for a ton of bells and whistles, just a good quality 1080p tv around 40". What do you folks suggest?
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    480 vs 560 448core vs 570

    Assuming base DDR models, Which of the three cards in the thread title would you rather run strictly for gaming on a dual 28" monitor setup @ 1920x1600, and why?
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    Will there be a noticable difference between these two RAM kits?

    12GB (3x4GB), CAS 7 : 24GB (6x4GB), CAS 9 : Which would be a better kit for gaming? I'm going to assume the 12GB CAS 7 kit would be better? Since it isn't likely that...
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    Network+ Study Book

    So I'm almost ready to take my A+ exam and figured I'd move right onto the Network+, to give me something to build on before moving onto CCNA/CCND. There are so many study books out there that I've no idea which is the "best". My A+ book is by Mike Meyers, but his Network+ edition has some bad...
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    Photoshop CS compatible on 64bit system?

    I have a book for Photoshop CS and was interested in teaching myself how to use the program well for some personal use, and possibly some freelance design in the future. My question is, should I get the original CS since that is what my book is on? Is it compatible with my 64bit system? or...