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    Uploading images doesn't work

    Just throws a generic error: "The following error occurred There was a problem uploading your file."
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    ECC support on newer MSI H170 and Z170 boards

    It's listed on pretty much all boards, has anyone tried if it actually works if you get a CPU that supports like the i3-series?
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    WiTi board - New high performance router

    Just a small interesting kickstarter, seems to be based off the Pandorabox / FireWRT. Looks really nice at that price range... //Danne
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    Sticky with recommended hardware?

    Would it be such a bad idea to make a sticky with lets say max 5 different products per category if you have general needs and of course a short description why product X would be more suitable than product Y? Would probably help a lot of people... //Danne
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    Precompiled OpenWRT firmwares Netgear/TP-Link/WD

    Since I recommend these routers I figured that I should provide firmware too. My primary routers are TP-Link TL-WDR3600 and WD My Net N750 where these firmwares work fine (for me at least). I do build for a few more since do maintain networks utilizing other models too...
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    LSI SAS2008-based SAS/SATA-controllers (for ZFS usage)

    Hi, I'm a rather old and silent reader but I'm now in need of some help myself for a change. I have an old computer running an Opteron 185 and an ATi Xpress 200-chipset which is in need of upgrade since I'm running into some hardware limitations such as not being able to address more than...