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    Worth changing/upgrading the OS SSD?

    Hi, I have a Crucial m4 128GB for Windows and a Crucial MX100 512GB for games. I know that the MX100 is faster, but my question is: would I notice any noticeable difference if I installed Windows on the MX100 instead? For reference here are their benchmarks: m4...
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    Borderlands 2 4-pack £75 ($121) @ GamesPlanet

    Pre-order discount at GamesPlanet £74,87 --> £18,72 each (23,30 € / $30) Got one!
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    Exlude For Sale / Trade posts from "Today's Posts"

    Is there a way to filter out FS / FT posts from the "Today's Posts" results or any chance of adding a second option to search for "Today's Posts" but without FS / FT? (<-- I've seen it somewhere, one button for New Posts, and another button for New Posts (excluding For Sale section)) Thanks.
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    Low Profile HD 7750 ?

    Are there any news on when they'll be available?
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    Question about Sandy Bridge vcore

    I set my i5 2400's turbo multiplier at x36 for a 3.6GHz overclock (meh, more than enough for games) and I left the vcore on Auto, which turns out is 1.32V according to Core Temp. That's pretty high, considering the speed and all, no? The motherboard is an Asus P8P67.
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    Asus P8P67 + Xai = No mouse in EFI

    Anyone else has this problem? Asus' EFI doesn't detect my SteelSeries Xai. Latest BIOS.
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    [RANT] Benq customer support/warranty sucks

    <RANT> So a couple of days ago I went to turn on my Benq G2400WD monitor and guess what happens? The power button breaks, it gets pushed in. (Like this.) So, as it was still in warranty, I contacted Benq. After an exchange of e-mails they proceeded to tell me that that wasn't covered by the...
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    Upgrade worth it?

    Hi, I currently have a 3.4GHz Q9550 on an old P965 (P5B Deluxe) motherboard along with 8GB DDR2. I have an opportunity to sell it for a decent price and buy a used Core i5 750 / P55-UD4 / 8GB DDR3 bundle for 60 &#8364; more. I know SB is all the rave right now but I just can't afford...
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    Worth upgrading MX510 to MX518?

    Well, I've had this Logitech MX510 for around 5 1/2 years. It's still working perfectly but it feels... somewhat lacking. Increasing the USB poll rate to 500Hz improved things a bit, installing SetPoint did too (pointer/movement speed wise) but still... maybe it's time to move on? So, is it...
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    Sidewinder X6 + Sidewinder X5/X8 combo any good?

    I'll have a bit of disposable income soon and I thought maybe it was time to put my trusty 5 year old MX510 to rest and buy a new one. Never had a high-end keyboard too so might as well buy one now! (And the Sidewinders match :D) Current setup: Logitech MX510 Logitech Access Keyboard 600...
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    Steam Weekend Deal: ARMA 2 @ $25

    Go get it,
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    Help me choose between Battlefield games

    Hello, I've just received an e-mail from EA with a 15 &#8364; voucher code for use on the EA Store. Considering I already have most of the games that I'd be interested in, that the rest are really expensive (50 &#8364;) and that I don't want to spend much money I narrowed it down to the...
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    Antec Solo airflow question

    I have an Antec Solo with a 120mm exhaust fan and 2x92mm intake fans all @ 5V (I'm trying to keep it quiet). I wanted to know if adding a Scythe Kama Bay (without the fan) would make that much of a difference in cooling to warrant a purchase or it would help but in the process mess with the...
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    Advice on first (cheap) joystick

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying a joystick. This will be my first joystick so no, I've never played a flight sim before. I don't want to spend a lot of money because I'm not planning to spend a lot of time playing around with sims, just the occasional play and whatnot. The problem is that there...
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    Quad-core upgrade, buy new MB or keep current one?

    Hello, I'm about to buy a Q9550, the question is: should I buy a new P45 motherboard or keep my current P5B Deluxe? With the latest BIOS it supports 45nm quads (I'm using a 45nm dual right now) but I don't know how well a P965 will handle an overclocked 45nm quad-core. I see a lot of...
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    Problem with Thread Tools/Unsubscribe thread

    Hello, I've had this problem for... well, forever I guess but I never bothered to ask. Now I am asking. I have the "Default Thread Subscription Mode" as "instant email notification" and if I post in a thread I cannot unsubscribe from said thread with the "Thread Tools" options. It just...
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    New Powercolor HD 4870 question

    Hello, I have a quick question for you, this might sound like a newb question but I want to know for sure ;) I had to RMA my BBA Powercolor HD 4870 1GB. It was sent to the supplier to be exchanged and they sent me a new one but this one was Powercolor's new HD 4870, not a reference design...
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    (Relatively) Good, cheap computer speakers for music?

    Hello, I'm selling my Logitech X-530 speakers because frankly I don't need 5.1 and now I simply don't use them anymore thanks to my HA-RX900. So I'm looking for a relatively good (and cheap) set of computer speakers, 2.0 or 2.1, nothing too fancy. So far I've looked at Altec Lansing...
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    HD3870 --> HD4850?

    Greetings, I was wondering, is it worth upgrading from my HD3870 to a overclocked HD4850 or is it just a waste of money? P965 MB E8400 @ 3,6GHz 4GB DDR2-800 Currently playing at 1440x900 (19") but I'm planning to upgrade to a 24" monitor (I can always lower the resolution, good...
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    Guild Wars: The Complete Collection

    Hello, I've spotted this game for around $40, it includes all Guild Wars games. Since I've never played GW before I was wondering if I should buy it. Would it provide me with many hours of gameplay? Is it fun? Sorry to open a new thread about it but since the game is a bit old...
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    New headphones (gaming mostly)

    Hello, Right now I have a crappy set of headphones (you can't argue with free) but I think the time has come to buy some nice new headphones. I'm no audiophile, I'll tell you that. So I'll settle for less, as long as it sounds better than those :p The budget isn't great either (~ 70...
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    Feedback on new input device / mousepad

    Hello, My BD is coming up so I decided to buy myself some new shiny input devices to replace my old POS keyboard and "worn off" mousepad :) I thought about the following: * Flexiglow Cyber Snipa Gamepad v2 (for my FPS gaming) + Logitech Access 600 (for general use, alternatives?) +...
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    About to buy a new "keyboard" gamepad, need help choosing one

    Hello, I'm about to buy a new gamepad (to play FPS of course) but I don't know which to buy, the Ideazon Fang or the Wolfking Warrior! I'm afraid that the Fang might be uncomfortable and that the location of its the space button might not be the best. About the Warrior, I see people praising...
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    New Logitech mouse and keyboard

    Logitech G3 Laser Mouse (2000dpi); - 2000dpi Laser - Change from 1600 to 800dpi on the fly (no drivers) - Selectable 400 to 2000dpi - Rubber surface - MX300-style body - Two side buttons (I think?) Logitech G11 "Gaming" Keyboard; - Same as G15 sans LCD Both...
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    New Arctic-Cooling GPU coolers: Accelero X1 & X2

    Arctic-Cooling has shown it's new coolers for GeForce 6800 & 7800 (Accelero X1) and Radeon X1800 & X1900 (Accelero X2) graphic cards. The cooler measures 152 x 90 x 30mm (5,98" x 3,54" x 1,18") and the fan measures 141 x 120 x 28mm (5,55" x 4,72" x 1,1") for both models. The cooler is...
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    Logitech Z-5500 being discontinued?!

    Have you heard anything about it? I got that info from a reseller, he was told that by Logitech distributors in Portugal. Both of them [distributors] said the Z-5500 were being discontinued! And the sole reason for them still being on the Logitech website is to sell the rest of the stock. So...
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    Socket M2 renamed to Socket AM2....(rumour?)

    So says the Inquirer ... Windsor AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ Orleans AMD Athlon 64 4000+ AMD Athlon 64 3800+ AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Manilla AMD Sempron 3600+ AMD Sempron 3500+...