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    Warm EVGA X58 matx mobo $199 free ship @ newegg.

    Warm EVGA X58 matx mobo for $199.99 with free ship. For 72 hours only or 64 hours left from this post. $189.99 after mir. Not bad. There are cheaper boards / is a cheaper board.
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    MicroCenter b&m e7400 $79.99. E7400 $79.99 In store only. I couldn't get it to add to my cart. So I just went in and bought it.
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    Posted update to my HTPC worklog.

    Posting a thread here as some people rarely notice the HTPC gallery. Also for all of those who have PCI-E x1 slots get the Hauppauge HVR 1800 and utilize all your PCI-E x1 slots @ 100mhz!
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    Warm: EVGA 8800GTS 512MB go go go! $359.99

    New EVGA 8800GTS more pipes, more heat, better performance?
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    SilverStone CW-01-B Vista MCE.

    Well this project started because I wanted a nice Vista MCE box. I had several 2005 MCE boxes and loved them. When I purchased my new lappy it came with Vista Home Premium. I played around with it and really like the interface and integrated Fantasy Football scoring tab. I recently acquired...
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    WD 74GB Raptor $134.00 Fry's B&M. Bay Area YMMV

    Fry's Bay Area in store . WD 74GB Raptor for $134.00
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    Pentium 4 2.8 & 3.0 Northwood with Radeon HD 2600 or 2400 for HD?

    Does anyone think I can record and watch HD content with a P4 2.8 or 3.0 Northwood and a Radeon HD2600 or 2400 AGP card? I'm sure it can play HD content @ 1920 x 1200 since the HD2600 and 2400 should offload the CPU. But just want to get your opinion. Source is OTA HD content recorded with...
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    EVGA 8600GTS $149.99 AR Fry's in store.

    EVGA 8600GTS $149.99 AR Not bad. Can anyone find it without rebate for the same price?
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    HOT! MCE IR keyboard OEM $35.95!!

    If you have a Media Center and always wanted that nice IR keyboard this is it! On sale for $35.95 OEM!!
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    VMWare? MS VPV07? What?

    I have a requirement to simulate 100 - 2000 PCs total consisting of (Windows XP, 2000, Redhat Linux, and some Solaris / FreeBSD boxes) logging in, accessing a webpage, accessing some shared drives that are mapped eiter through windows or NFS and maybe login via a webpage. What Virtual Server...
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    Scorching: Intel C2D E4300 w/Mobo $119!!!

    One day only at Fry's Bay Area: Anyone else have this on sale?
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    HTPC HDDs, Small OS drive + Storage or All in one?

    I want to find out how you guys run your HTPC's. Also I want to know what kind of HDDs you use. I have multiple rigs and I use 1 OS drive + apps on it and 1 or more storage drives. In the market for a quiet small (80GB or < ) OS drive.
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    Newer version of Silverstone LC20(m) cases pics?

    Hey folks, I was wondering if any of you guys recently purchased a silverstonetek LC20 (m) case that has the newer hard drive cage? If you do have one can you take pics of the internal HDD cage area? Thanks!
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    Asus P5N-E SLI problems?

    Anyone else having random reboots or lock ups? P5N-E SLI C2D 6600 with Zalman 9700 Corsair XMS 6400C4 Dominator X-FI Platinum 7950GX2 Beta Drivers Seasonic S12 600Watt
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    Editing HDTV shows / Transport Stream files.

    So I have a bunch of shows in transport streams ( .ts) format. I want to be able to remove the commercials from them. What do you guys use? I'm looking for something that doesn't require transcoding. IE I don't want to put it in DIVX and lose picture quality etc etc. I have plenty of HDD space...
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    Seagate 750GB SATA $299 @ outpost $309 @ Fry's B&M! Check your local Fry's ad for the $309 deal. The IDE version is $299 B&M.
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    Anyone else deal with ArtofWarCentral for game servers?

    If you did please post your experience. Here's what I went through: I was recommended to them from a friend of a friend who uses them. I signed up in March 06 for a 6 months 24 man ranked server and used paypal as a method of payment. On AoWC website they have an option to pay 6 months...
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    Warm: Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse $79.99

    Cheapest I found on the net. And I wasn't even looking hahahaha. search for: Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse Free budget shipping! Check the appropriate box upon check out. They try to trick you with standard shipping selected automagically. "You Tricked me!"...
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    AW9D-MAX out in the wild!

    Saw some at Fry's! Bay Area! Product: Review: So now it's a wait and see how well this board does out in the wild.
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    7900GT with Artic Cooling NV6 silencer Rev 2 Review and pics.

    Actually the full review with all the pics is here: [TMC] The Mowers Clan So I bought a 7900GT KO edition from EVGA. (Actually from Monarch). The KO adds a nicer cooler seen here: My system was running hotter than I like Plus it had a slight Humm and loud spin up fan noise...
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    OMG!!! Check out my Asus PW201!!!! Pics inside!

    More pics and the rest of my review here: I was searching for a wide screen glossy LCD for a few months now. I wanted a decent performer with glossy to watch HDTV and play some BF2 every so often. First I saw the NEC 20WMGX2 in black...
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    Asus PW201 for $525.95

    Lowest price around. Not a hot deal but the monitor is BAD A$$!! I bought it and will post pics overnight in the display forum.
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    Vista install background?

    Anyone know how to get the install background as the background for my desktop? I searched for jpg and bmp on my HDD but no luck. I haven't tried the DVD yet.
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    36GB 16MB cache Raptors coming soon! Aww yea's all the goodness from the new tech at a cheap price point.
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    Hot XFX 7950GX2 $569.00!!!! No Rebates!
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    AGLan's Summer SLAN July29-30 SF, CA

    [S]ummer [s]LAN July 29 - July 30, 2006 at SomArts 934 Brannan St. San Francisco, CA 94103 Registration opens May 1st Visit: We are looking at a cap of 100 peeps + paintball possibly!
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    HOT 500GB WD5000KS $229 @ Fry's B&M.

    WD5000KSRTL 500GB SATAII Western Digital: Outpost #: 4812430 * 7200RPM * 16MB Buffer * 8.9ms Seek Time * Retail Boxed Hard Drive (Installation Kit Included) $229.00 It also includes a card for a 3 year extended warranty for $15 if you have doubts about the WD...
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    BF2 Iron Gator Performance?

    Hey folks, I wonder if anyone has over 30fps on Iron Gator in BF2 SF? Also list your specs for your machine and the Video settings for BF2. I use Frappr to get my FPS and I get about 23-27 FPS inside the carrier of a 64 man map. I have (1) 7800GTX (450mhz) FX-55 @ 2.8Ghz (2GB)...
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    Bed Bath & Beyond 20% coupons.

    Bed Bath & Beyond 20% off coupons never expire! I found this out while purchasing my Dyson DC15 (The Ball) Vacuum. Regularly $499. With the coupon I save $100! And if you have old ones you can use them even if it says expired. You...
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    More BF2 Expansion packs!?!?!?!

    Like they haven't sucked us dry of our money yet? I have SF but I am not a big fan of it. I might get the armored version, b/c tanks and road rage rules! R^3
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    San Jose \ Bay Area CA LAN!

    Coming up in Jan! When: January 14th and 15th Where: 600 East Trimble Road San Jose, CA 95131 How much: 25.00 at the door. Pre pay before Jan 2 only $20! Prizes and tournaments!