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    [H] Dropbox
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    Dell E228wfp

    I tried duals for awhile... But decided to get one large one
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    Dell E228wfp what do you guys think about this monitor? 22 inch widescreen
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    Who carries IBM/Lenovo laptops?

    I saw a few at compusa the other day
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    SATA help

    Yes, the drive will just operate at the slower speed
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    Valentines Day Gaming Stories

    me and my gf and a nice session of wii sports
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    USB device detection problem

    Figure out the model of your motherboard, check their site, find the drivers
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    Electrical Tape

    Removing will also be a pain, as all of your wires will be sticky
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    How does this Gaming Rig look for near $600

    Should be fine for BF 2142
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    problem with memory install

    bad ram?? will it start with just the other two you removed?
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    no... only putty.exe is required for ssh. the rest are for scp, sftp, telnet only, etc...
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    High FPS video chat/webcams

    The fastest one I have used is skype
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    Status Bar in fullscreen mode with Firefox?

    Got what you need right here
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    USB device detection problem

    check if your drivers are current... if that doesn't work reinstall windows
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    Anyone running Vista 64bit with WoW?

    same here... performance seems identical to me
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    Wanting to get into the Apple-side

    I was in the same situation. I decided to go with the powerbook as I was just learning macs. Needless to say I fell in love and kicked myself for not saving for the macbook. Get the macbook
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    How to force a higher resolution?

    Using a macbook, powerbook, etc....????
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    CnC3 or Supcom

    loyal cnc fan since the first one...
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    FREE World OF Warcraft Guest Pass (Key Listed) 1st come 1st served

    I have keys as well... pm with your email