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    Welp Enermax finally popped

    Most reviews I'd read talked about a short lifespan of the Enermax Liberty 620W PSU This morning in the middle of playing World Of Warcraft it popped. Smelled the wonderful smell of fried electronics. Wouldn't even think about powering back up. Logged into newegg's website and was JUST...
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    Ultra ATA-100 vs ATA-6

    I have a laptop that currently is using a 120GB Seagate Ultra ATA-100 drive. I want to replace it with a 7200RPM drive. Newegg lists most of the drives with ATA-6 and only a 80GB as Ultra ATA-100. Can I buy the ATA-6 drive will it work? FWIW the laptop is a Acer Ferrari 4006Wlmi Turion ML-40.
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    What is "Tearing" ???

    I've seen it mentioned on here many times but I don't know exactly what it is to know if it's the problem I occaisonally see on my system.
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    which is more powerful 1x7900GTX or 2x7800GTX

    I currently have SLI 7800GTX's would I get better performance from one 7900GTX than I currently have or is it not worth the trade?
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    ML-40 equivalent???

    what would that equal in terms of standard A64 ratings? I got myself a notebook with a ML-40 in it.
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    Stupid question.....Celeron D

    trying to build a new budget rig for my mom. I can't find the answer on intel's website. Is the Celeron D a Dual core chip?
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    PCI-E 4x card in PCI-E 16x slot

    This should work right?
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    finally bought the parts for my Raid 5 Array

    ordered the last peices this moring All in a thermaltake Armor Series case 520W 34A PSU GF mx4000 PCI video 1GB of G.Skill Ram Opteron 148 Highpoint Rocket Raid 2320 PCI-E SATA-II 8 Port card 8 x WD RE 250GB drives (the 320's were out of stock) 2 x WD SE 80GB drives for Raid 1 OS...
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    Generally accepted Top Speed for TCCD???

    So far I pushed my G.Skill FX's to 320mhz (DDR640). IMO not bad for a kit sold/rated as DDR400. Albeit I did this at 3-4-4-8 I might be able to tighten that up or go higher or both I ram out of time to mess with things. I just had done a quick and dirty ram OC one morning. What would be a...
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    Hooking up the SLI

    First the bridge. I'm going to assume it doesn't matter which way it's installed. Second my directions said I had to hook the monitor to the second card but when I tried that the monitor never turned on. It only turned on when hooked to the first card were my directions just mis-printed from xfx?
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    30mark2005 settings?

    What does everyone use? Since I'm using the free version I'm limited to the default setup but if I want to compare my numbers I'm curious what everyones settings are resolution wise and all. for the record my first bench scored 8192 on 3dmark2005 with the free version and ONE of my GTX's...
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    Windows based memtest???

    I know there is the DOS version but is there a memtest that runs under windows? I don't have a floppy in my one machine and I'm thinking that my g.Skill 2GB kit may be generating errors.
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    found the ceiling of my 165

    Tried Eclipses guide this time and step by step till I found the max on my 165 Nevermind the temps my 165's temps aren't super accurate. it can report 43C and I can touch my fingers to it without getting burned. cooled by Thermaltake Big Typhoon. Also note this is before I found the max on my...
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    Eclipse...or anyone else. Identify the potential of this ram

    Ram #1 Ram #2
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    Highest HTT link you've hit

    Going through and trying to properly overclock my Opty 165 via Eclipses method I found my max HTT link to be around 340 This is an Epox 9NPA+Ultra Just wondering what some other people have hit as their max HTT.
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    How to tell if I'm folding

    I setup F@H based on the instructions from the console is setup to run as a service. I see it in my services tab under task manager but it is not using any CPU power currently. It's just sitting there. How can I tell if I've got it running?
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    Buying second card for SLI

    Do i need to buy the exact same model. How bout the exact same brand?
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    How much ram for a file server?

    It's going to be a storage drive on my network. It won't see any regular use aside from just sitting there holding hard drives. I already have 2 dual core machines for my day to day tasks. The machine so far consists of Opteron 148 ECS KN1 Motherboard(hand me down from my X2 the X2 is...
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    Overclocking potential??? (S754)

    My buddy has a chip he's thinking about OCing to do some gaming with but His mobo has him limited to zero overclocking abilities. So before he buys a new mobo he was curious what the potential is It's a S754 A64 2800+ Clawhammer core chip. I don't have info on stepping and batch just 2800+...
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    Reccomend me a fan controller

    For use in my P-180. Needs to control 2 120mm San Ace fans and a few others. Must support 4 pin Molex. I'd like support for 4 fans minimum of 2. Price isn't much of a concern so much as quality and reliability also style and looks will factor into it. If I can keep it under $75 I'd be...
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    Help when OC'd the PC just shuts off

    On my x2 rig when I try running it overclocked it'll just randomly shut down. Usually it happens under load specifcally while ripping DVD's X2 4400+ 1.40Vcore when OC'd otherwise runs around 1.28 ECS KN1 Exteme NF4 Ultra Mobo Overclocked setting is 2.4Ghz(218FSB) G.Skill Extreme Series ZX...
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    Anyone know what chips are being used here? 2GB G.Skill ZX I'm just wondering if anyone has been able to figure out what G.Skill is using. The G.Skill tech on XS just says he's not allowed to say who's IC they're using due to some contractual agreement.
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    Question about Raid Card

    so I'm looking into building a file server. I'd like to run 6 320GB HDD's in a Raid 5. I can only find one card that'll do 6 SATA 150 drives. First it's pricey but if that's what I need to buy then so be it. Second the...
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    good timings for TCCD

    I've got some g.Skill TCCD ram in my Opteron which is my overclocked machine. I'm wondering what woul be expected/good timings for TCCD at 227mhz right now I've got it at 2.5-3-3-5 but I was thinking that TCCD should be able to hold tighter. thanks
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    Help with P-180

    How do I get the fan down into the spot in front of the lower hard drive cage? I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to fit the fan into that location.
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    Thoughts on Enermax Liberty 620

    Running X2 4400(overclocking) 6 HDD's 2 Optical 7800GTX and a vareity of case fans. My current PSU is fine at stock speeds but when I try overclocking it overloads and clicks off under load. (verified PSU is the weak point by reducing the load on it and then OCing) I'm looking at Epower...
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    Could my temp sensor be innaccurate? (Opteron)

    the CPU temps on my opteron seemed High when I had it in a garbage case and on the stock HSF. I don't have many 939's to compare it so heres what I'm basing my guess on. My X2 4400 runs 28C idle and maxes 42C load and they're in the same room the X2 is in a Thermaltake Armor The Opteron...
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    So I've got a weak core what to do

    turns out Core 0 is stable so far up to 2.6Ghz but core 1 fails even at 2.4ghz on my Opteron 165. I've tried extra voltage and that doesn't affect it in any fashion even up to 1.55v. So right now I'm running cpu burn v1.01 on core 1 Anyone know the download link for K7 CPU burn? Any...
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    Anyone heard from dave

    I sent him e-mail about wanting to buy a processor and asking how I go about paying him. haven't heard from him in a few days to find out whats going on.
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    Antec P-180 How quiet is it

    Right now my opteron is in a Aero Cool Magic 3d SV case. And because of the delta fans I'm running it's unbearably loud. It's like being in a loud server room. I'm thinking about buying a P-180 and seeing if I can use the same fans but quiet things down a bit. So I'm wondering just how quiet...
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    How to get into OC features on MSI board

    My buddy has a MSI S754 VIA chipset(doesn't know which one) board he thinks it says NEO 2 or 3 but he's not sure. He was going to try overclocking his clawhammer chip but he can't get it allow him to change the HT speed or anything. When he goes into the features you'd normally adjust for...
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    built my Opty 165....SuperPI resets my system

    so I built the following Opteron 165 (1.40V) 2 x 512MB G.Skill TCCD ram (2.7V) Epox 9NPA+Ultra with 10-21 bios. Antec TPII 430W PSU 1 Maxtor SATA HDD got it built and after much trouble with the bios not holding the stock CPU frequency I got the bios stable. I'm having the following...
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    Adding drives to a Raid 5

    If you have a Raid 5 with say 4 drives in the array. Can you at a later date add 2 more drives to the array without starting from scratch?
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    is this X2 OC worth it?

    I have a X2 4400+ I had it stock with my memory at 201mhz CL 2-3-2-5 Temps Idle 26-28C Load(dual prime) 42-43C Stock HSF Now with an OC I'm running 2.4Ghz CPU with memory at 218Mhz CL 2.5-3-2-5 Still at the stock x5 HTT multiplier so I had to drop from cas 2 to cas 2.5 to run at...
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    How are these temps for a Northwood?

    I've got a P4 3.0Ghz HT Northwood. Sits about 41C idle Sits 65~66C dual stress prime running. 100% load both virtual CPU's after 15 mins just to make sure the temp leveled out.
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    So here's what's arrived this week (X2 and Opteron pics)

    Been an expensive week Plan is 2.4~2.5 on the X2 and 2.5~2.6 on the opteron. in the next 2 pics you can see the extra care given to the opteron with the smoothing of the endges and the surface of the cap feels slightly smoother and you can see the residue on it from testing.
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    Is this stuff really BH5?? I thought BH5 was phased out a while back and anyone who has those chips always asks crazy high prices for them.
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    Was there a revision or is new egg just VERY overpriced?

    Looking at the Opteron 165. Mwave for $305 Newegg for $475. Was there some change to justify the drastic price difference? Both of them have the same manufacturer part number.
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    Did anyone NOT get the heatpipe cooler with their X2

    I purchased a Used X2 4400 and the seller doesn't believe he recieved a heatpipe cooler with his X2 4400 that I've purchased from him. It's a standard AMD fan/aluminium HSF. I've owned a X24400 that I sold in sept. and mine came with the heatpipe cooler. I'd like to find out here if anyone...
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    Delayed Write Failure

    I have a maxtor 7y250po (I think thats the number) 250GB maxline II PATA drive. Everytime I try to transfer large files onto it I get this delayed write failure error and sometimes it even locks up my PC. Anyone know whats causing the problem? Should I just replace the drive?