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    Wut the Wut? 4K on 5+ year old monitors?

    Before I got my 43" Philips 4k, I was running a fairly simple 4 monitor setup. Acer x233H left of center Asus VE278Q center (in corner) Benq G2400WDLCD (right of center) Samsung Syncmaster P2450 (right) I've got an 'L' shaped desk in the corner, with the big picture window on the right just...
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    Windows 10 surprise?

    I've got my Desktop (brand new build) upstairs, which I've covered in the 'System Builder' thread... got kind of tired of the background, so I swapped it to the snorkel image.... very nice and serene blue. Yesterday I was watching my X-Files blu-rays downstairs and decided to flip open my...
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    Need advice on Dual LAN ports on Asus Z170-Deluxe

    Can anyone explain to me what the purpose of these are, and how to take advantage of them? It can't be as simple as I was hoping.... Cable Line in to SB6190 Modem, WLAN to SBR-AC3200P Router, then run 2 lines from Router to the LAN ports on MB? I'm asking because I can't seem to find any...
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    Need suggestions for good teamspeak/chat mic

    I play a bit online, and like to chat with my group while playing. I use a basic logitech headset, with the headphones around my neck and the mic up. The problem is I get a lot of clipping, as the sensitivity isnt good. My team says I'm breaking up constantly, and they can't hear instructions...
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    Could REALLY use some help with Windows 8 please

    Ok, just bought a laptop for cheap, brand new unopened HP Dv7-7230us.. also bought a nice little 120gb SSD to use as the new primary, and relegate the original 1tb to the secondary. Anyways, I installed a blu-burner too, got it all slapped together.. and damn if my image I made when I bought...
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    Need a player that supports GRASP (*.gl) Video files

    I've been tearing up all my old drives and archives, looking for shreds of bits of the data I lost to a drive crash last month. Came across a CD that had a BUNCH of old GL vid files my buds made in Santa Cruz and Monterey back in the early 90's. Just stuff we encoded of me trying to teach some...
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    I am teh sadness :(

    Okies.. got home one morning, and my computer was making strange noises.. specifically the drive area. I looked into explorer and one of my drives had dropped. I assumed my SATA controller on my MB was going bad, as I had been forced to drop RAID when the MB refused to recognize the drive...
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    Interesting ( & dissapointing) development on my repair build

    Seems that any of the desirable bundles that make it worth my making purchases at Microcenter, are only available IN-store, and not online. Furthermore, NONE of their location are near me... hell they aren't even in my state LOL. *sigh* Seems being in Indiana just keeps getting better &...
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    Need advice/info on new build

    Ok.. right after I bought it... just over 3 years ago.. my Asus M4A79 Deluxe started having a LOT of trouble recognizing my RAID config on the SATA controller. I ended up having to drop them into standard SATA drive configs. There was never any damage to the drives, the controller just had an...
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    PS3 FFXIII ... kinda surprised

    I finaly broke down and bought my first console, with FFXIII being my first game for it. I'm nearly through, and got curious as to what kind of editors and save game mods were out there. I was shocked to find that absolutely NO-ONE has managed to complete a save game editor for the PS3 version...
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    Win7 Question Involving 'favorites'

    Hey guys (& gals), Need to know something. In Vista, there was a 'favorites' pane in the explorer tool. When you looked at files and folders/directories, there was always a little pane in the upper left corner that held all your favorite folders and directories. Saved a LOT of navigation time...
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    Need Help with my home wireless network

    I have a nice Belkin N1+ (model F5D8231-4) Wireless Router upstairs for the upstairs PC, and laptop in the bedroom. Downstairs I'm in the middle of setting up my home theater, and need to know what kind of receiver I can look for to direct the signal? My Onkyo TX-1007b has an ethernet input...
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    Mod a Dell 1909W for Eyeinfinity to remove bezel gap

    Going to probaby buy 3 of these, then use them to do Eyeinfinity.. holding off though till the 6 monitor cards come out. My question is this... has anyone tried to mod these monitors to maybe dremel away the bezel edges and let them sit flush together? Was thinking a bit of silicon sealant...
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    Dell 19" swivel displays

    Going to probaby buy 3 of these, then use them to do Eyeinfinity.. holding off though till the 6 monitor cards come out. My question is this... has anyone tried to mod these monitors to maybe dremel away the bezel edges and let them sit flush together? Was thinking a bit of silicon sealant...
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    Non-PC Related - Need some advice on my HT upgrade choices please?

    I'm about 30-45 days from upgrading my Home Entertainment setup. some of this stuff is 20+ years old now... some of its in bad shape, and some was never great to begin with (lol) Problem is, I have very little 'inside' info on whats actually going to serve my needs, and I think the entire...
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    Need help finding decent video upscaler

    I finally made the jump to Hi-def.. bought a nice HD-LCD tv and a blu-ray player. The quality of the image was wonderful, and instantly bought quite a few films for blu-ray I never got around to buying for DVD. Problem is, I have a HUGE library of both DVD and Laser-disc. When I watch them...
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    Best Smallest Cooler for Phemon II 940 Deneb - No OC

    Looking for something that's MUCH shorter then my True Copper 120 Ultra and needs to be damn near silent. I love my True.. but its too damn tall and forces me to remove my 4 fan rack that sits inside the side panel for my case. I looked at Zalman's new offering, but its only 4.5 mm shorter...
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    Need Help before Asus drives me insane with stupidity

    For Over a week their website has been running like crap, not letting you log in for forum use or technical requests. I completed a new build / upgrade and like ALL the other new boards, it has onboard audio and video. To be honest, the onboard is rather exceptional, but not as good as the...
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    Warm? Westinghouse 47" less then $650

    No idea what the quality of these are like when they were new, as they're also refurbs... Input?
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    Need some advice on onboard vs dedicated please?

    Motherboard I just bought is a nice little Asus.. its got built in ATI HD 3400 graphics that shares my board memory. Ive got 8gb of G.SKILL 1066 DDR2 with 5-5-5-15. Onboard can access up to 512mb of my system memory. Now.. as a secondary graphics source, isn't it a better choice then a...
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    Backing Up Vista Ultimate 64

    My hardware is arriving tomorrow, so Im backing up all the stuff I want to save.. but was wondering, since I'm changing MB, CPU, and memory, is using Vista's internal backup even possible? I mean, the new system wont be using the same drivers or chipsets, as I'm going from a 939 board to a AM2+...
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    NewEgg Customer Service

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    NewEgg Customer Service

    Just wanted to put this out for folks... I made a few purchases over @ the Egg a couple days ago, upgrading my system... used a few of the 'Hot Deals' here. I used a few of the codes here as well. Anyways, for some reason, several of my codes dropped off at teh final charge point of my...
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    Phenom vs Phenom

    I would REALLY like some info on the differences in performance between a Phenom II X4 940 AM2+ with 6mb L3 @ 3.0Ghz & a Phenom II X4 AM3 810 with 4mb L3 @ 2.6Ghz please? To be honest I have pretty much ZERO experience with anything further along then my X2 4400 939, and would like to know...
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    Different Types Of Memory

    I'm looking to upgrade, and don't really know the difference between memory types and speeds. I see a bunch of different boards, and most of them list certain capacities, some with conditions and restrictions based on speed limitations, etc etc etc... Im currently still running an Asus 939...
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    Agravated over Asus Motherboards..

    I'm holding off on making a purchase, as I'm a HUGE fan of Asus, and want a kick-butt motherboard to go with a new top-end AM3 processor. Im also using ATI graphics, so having trouble with that too. All of the Asus boards list a capacity for 16gb.. but at only 4 slots, and no DDR3 modules...
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    Firefox acting very strangely

    About a week ago, my Firefox started acting up. When I try to right click and save an image, I cant choose a directory or file name.. its just a big window that pops up with the 2 buttons save & cancel. It also started taking literally 5+ minutes to load. So last night, I go ahead and...
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    Need some Help with my new Blackberry Curve

    Got it a couple days ago.. and have Winamp Remote installed on my PC. I have my Curve thru AT&T and am trying to stream my mp3s from home to my cell. Problem is, I can't seem to actually PLAY anything. I see my mp3s, and my play lists. I just cant seem to get them to play. I just get the...
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    Windows Vista 64 (Ultimate) shortcut question?

    I've got a bunch of shortcuts in my quick launch.. I saved them from my XP install, but now I have the wrong programs launching when I use them. Basicly, I have a couple of internet radio station shortcuts, that when I hit em would launch my winamp. However, NOW they launch VLC Media Player...
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    Need an ACDSee alternative

    I just finished upgrading my System & reinstalling my OS.. went from XP-Pro sp2 to Vista 64 Ultimate. Having a couple of problems though. I bought the GGC-H20L Blu-ray & HD-DVD drive... and it worked flawlessly till I updated the firmware to 1.03. Now it won't play HD's no matter what I...
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    Vista style volume control in XP?

    I bought a laptop, and it came with Vista Premium. I hated the entire look, feel, and general performance of Vista, so I uninstalled and did a fresh install using XP-Pro. I am SO much happier with my laptop now, with the single exception of the volume control. I hate to admit it, but the...
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    Looking for a hi performance 16gb usb flashdrive

    I can't find a comprehensive comparison that's worth a damn.. they were all written 2+ years ago :( Was hoping folks could help me out with finding what I'm looking for? I figure Newegg will give the best price on it, just need to know what to look for so as not to be disappointed
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    Advise needed for upgrading Laptop components please?

    Ok.. my Dell Inspiron 1501 works fine for what I wanted it for... but curiosity got the better of me. I've found a TON of places to buy parts that are compatible with my laptop, and upgrading components for a fraction of what Dell wanted to do it themselves is exciting and attractive to me...
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    Desperately in need of WiFi help :(

    Ok.. I decided to buy a laptop, mainly because I got $175 off the price. I bought a Dell 1501, and even got a Belkin Wireless G router to go with it. I need a BRUTALLY detailed, step by step guide to setting up a network between my two computers please? My details: My desktop is a...
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    heh... Vista taking a dump

    I work for Wally World..... we just started returning over 300k copies of Vista company wide. It isn't selling AT ALL. Our return processor also deals with Best Buy, Staples, Office Max, and several others.. and they are all doing same.. I guess the customers have spoken... Vista is crap...
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    Symantec's idea of customer service

    I just finished building my new rig, and am really proud of it. I've worked my butt off to afford it, and look forward to playing games on it. Some folks have stated how much they hate Symantec, and how most of it's utilities are a bit bloated.. but I love Systemworks Premier 2006. I was just...
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    PCI Express 2.0????

    Ok.. are any applications, games, or interractive/usefull software even CLOSE to apraoching bandwidth saturation with current PCIe? I get the creepy feeling this is just another "Why improve/support what we have, when we can induce upgrades yet again?" We never really got close to filling...
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    Need Help with my Raid please!?

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    Potential problems with my proposed Rig?

    I am nearly finished building my ATI rig.. and was hoping for some input as to potential problems that some of you may have encountered, provided you built something similar? CoolerMaster 830 Stacker (silver) w/ 3 additional Yate Loon 120's (panel & top) and Crossflow Fan Vantec Stealth 520...