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    Your CPU progression

    Ones I've personally owned: AMD Athlon 3600+ AMD Phenom II 955 BE Intel i5-2500k OC to 5.2 AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Honestly I thought I had owned more, but thinking back that covers about 20 years 🤔 Of course I used computers back to a 286
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    3.2 billion email passwords leaked

    This article sent me on a quest to begin to better understand Priviledged Access Management (PAM) at an individual and family level. I've always been squeamish about storing logins locally, but it's led to breaking some of the best practices out there. So I set out to learn how password managers...
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    Question about an old 1080TI and 11 gig

    Someone on this forum was an absolute gem and sold me a 1080ti for a very fair price when I posted a WTB for a specific card model. People on here are pretty awesome - maybe you can find a fair buy/trade ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Question about an old 1080TI and 11 gig

    I have a 1080ti running dual 4K screens, and I haven't as of yet found something I couldn't play with decent frames. Might not be playing the most demanding games, but it's still an excellent card.
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    1700, 2700, 2700X?
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    1700, 2700, 2700X?

    1700 and moderate OC The difference between 1700 and 2700 was minimal. Not worth the price increase in my opinion. Most memory issues were fixed on first gen Ryzen by firmware updates.
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    1060 6GB or 480 8GB?

    1060 has better performance than 480. Difference between 6GB and 8GB shouldn't be noticeable at 1080p. Here's a vid.
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    Lol @ what ASUS RMA sent me... Rampage VI

    Had a 6990 back in the day from ASUS that started artifacting pretty hard. So I shipped it back to them, but not before putting a tiny permanent marker inscription somewhere they'd never find it. I get my replacement - it's the same card - still artifacts. So I ripped them a new one and told...
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    Quality of AMD Motherboards

    I use the Taichi, it's been solid.No problems and hit all the memory/clock speeds promised. Great feature set on it too.
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    New I7- 8086k CPU Anniversary Edition

    Sure, that base clock increase is great, no qualms there. It's the people who are excited about running at 5Ghz that I'm posting that for because realistically, the difference between running 4.7 vs 5.0 on a single core will be negligible. How many applications do you know of that would benefit...
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    New I7- 8086k CPU Anniversary Edition

    Just smoke and mirrors folks. It's only 5GHz on ONE core.
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    Can vmware esxi do this? multiple & different OS at the same time?

    Yes, VMware's free ESXi platform can do what you want. The only limit to the number of virtual machines on one server is the resources you have available.
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    Should I cash out at $475? ETH

    Just circling back around on this comment. ETH $724 and counting.
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    [H] AMD Mafia

    That's some awesome memory isn't it? Just apply the XMP profile and boom. Well, I can't add anything else that wasn't stated by others.
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    [H] AMD Mafia

    What memory are you using and what is it clocked at? Ryzen benchmarks tend to increase in some applications the faster the memory gets.
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    What is the highest speed I can get out of a raid array?

    40Gb/s = 5120MB/s If a single disk can do 200MB/s sustained, then you need a 26-drive RAID-0 to saturate a 40Gb pipe assuming 100% efficiency. RAID 10/50/60 would change increase that number significantly. Or you can just do NVMe SSDs if you need speed but not capacity. It's far cheaper.
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    NAS - Where to begin?

    NexentaStor 5 Community Edition - unix based I'm running 4.0 version and it's been very stable. Just took an old motherboard/CPU/RAM/Case and turned it into a NAS/Block/File storage repo for VMware.
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    Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ Special Edition - Is awesome

    I have a feeling that the bench chart summary I pulled is stock clocks though.
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    Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ Special Edition - Is awesome

    I was just looking for Sapphire Nitro+ cards on Newegg and the Special Edition popped up. While I was contemplating, they went out of stock. I refreshed for a bit to see if they'd come back in stock and they did. Newegg had a purchase limit of 2 as well, so I manage to get checked out before...
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    Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ Special Edition - Is awesome

    Whoa - didn't realize that. That's crazy!! I have a Msi RX580 Gaming X 8Gb I clocked to 1490/2250 and that received a single-card score of 5054 in timespy. Assuming 100% scalability, two of those in crossfire would yield 10108. Seeing as I was using 1450/2250 with these special editions and...
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    Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ Special Edition - Is awesome

    Just ran TimeSpy on two RX580 Nitro+ Special Edition cards in crossfire. Core Clock: 1450 Memory: 2250 Default power settings - no increase in power draw These cards are as Sapphire would say "Cherry Picked ASICs." I'm using them for mining, so I've tightened up the timings on them...
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    0 Feedback Ebay Buyer

    There is a ridiculous abundance of 0 feedback buyers looking for graphics cards right now. It's absolutely incredible now many I've seen bidding on my radeons. It was so ridiculous that I just decided to stop listing them. And this is the reason I'm going to move back to either Craiglist/OfferUo...
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    How to deal with a potentially fradulent buyer on eBay?

    Yup, absolutely ridiculous. I have set my preferences so that anyone with 2 unpaid items complaints in a year cannot bid on my items or buy them among other things. No seller protections on eBay
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    How to deal with a potentially fradulent buyer on eBay?

    I tried selling some RX 580/570s on eBay. My first card got bought and never paid for by a random Russian dude using a 3rd party agency for shipping. Cost me a full week of time trying to get it re-listed and by that time the pricing craze was over. The second card was bought by a guy in New...
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    Go home memory prices, you're drunk.

    This is not the first time we've had a memory shortage. The first happened when sri lanka and other parts of the world got nailed by that tsunami and it destroyed production capacity. But when we're creating more data than ever before and it's growing exponentially and the requirements from...
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    Go home memory prices, you're drunk.

    The prices in memory are increasing because supply is not keeping up with demand. SSDs and DIMMs are seeing increasing demand in the Enterprise market space. This year alone, I've seen 4 or 5 price increases at Dell for their server memory. A 32GB DIMM used to have a list price of about $549...
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    What's with 1070 prices?!

    Right, move decimal point two places to the right. Gotcha.
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    What's with 1070 prices?!

    . ".1232 cents per KW Hour" and "$0.1232 per KW Hour" are exactly the same thing:confused:
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    What's with 1070 prices?!

    Rate* $8.00 / Month – Customer Charge per month First 300 KWH per month$0.0966 / KWH Next 700 KWH per month $0.0907 / KWH Over 1,000 KWH per month $0.0831 / KWH The minimum monthly charge shall be the customer charge. After taxes is came to .1232 cents per KW hour for 1107 KW when I took a...
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    What's with 1070 prices?!

    I will toss my hat into the ring with the people who would buy a mining card over a gaming card. Constant fluctuations in temperatures cause circuitry to fail over time. Overclocking through increasing the amount of power supplied to the card causes additional degradation over time. People...
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    GPU BIOS Update Brick a Motherboard?

    I've gone through the long CMOS reset about 4 times now. I'll do it exactly as you've mentioned leaving 10 minutes in between each step. RX580 does not have a backup BIOS R290 does , which I did flip just for giggles to see if it would change anything. 11:15 - Removed CMOS Battery (Power...
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    GPU BIOS Update Brick a Motherboard?

    Here's my situation: AsRock X370 Taichi Ryzen 1700 G.Skill FlareX 16GB MSI RX580 Gaming X 8GB eVGA SuperNova G3 Samsung EVO850 1. Used ATIFlash 2.74 to backup my RX580 ROM 2. Used Polaris BIOS Editor to edit ROM by copying setting from 1:1750 to 1:2000 3. Saved BIOS under a new file name 4...
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    Should I sell my Radeon RX 480?

    Holy poo....I had no idea! I grabbed a RX580 from MSI a month ago for $250 - can't believe that it's worth more now. The person who snagged about 30 RX480s on the forums here a month or two back for $125-$150 each comes to mind...lucky bstrd.
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    Ryzen price cuts already.

    The question is whether the trend will continue or fizzle. AMD has picked up market share with Ryzen.
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    The Definitive AMD Ryzen 7 Real-World Gaming Guide @ [H]

    Very nice roundup. Only other thing I think would be interesting is to run these test while simultaneously encoding/live-streaming the content you're playing.
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    Ryzen Owners Thread

    Running World of Warships and Eve Online simultaneously on my Ryzen rig. Switch back and forth between the two. Let's me do basic mining operations to make ISK and play WoW at the same time. Performance is perfect.
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    WannaCry RansomWare RansomWorm

    Horizon is virtual desktop, so there might not be a corporate laptop anymore and the employee is logging into a virtual desktop instance or using a thin client at work. It depends on the user type. If they do have a thick client, it's locked down so only corporate approved programs can be...
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    WannaCry RansomWare RansomWorm

    NSX fixes this. NSX enables firewall rules between every VM and computer in the network. Those firewall / network rules travel with that specific VM anywhere it goes so you're not dealing with physical firewalls inside the org. Palo Alto will sandbox and execute attachments as they come in. If...
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    WannaCry RansomWare RansomWorm

    Makes me wonder if Palo Alto customers with the sandbox, or NSX customers with proper firewall rules got hit as hard or if it contained better. Horizon and Citrix customers doing their jobs right should have fared quite well. Cheapo Corps won't invest in any of this tech.
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    How hot does your RX580 run?

    Depends on the load. At stock Trixx fan settings, mine has never gone over 71C under 100% load during testing. About 60% of the time, my fans aren't even running when playing Eve Online. With other games, the it's usually hovering in the 50s, but I can't hear the fans. Again, I'm using stock fan...