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    Mixing drives

    I have a 36 bay supermicro chassis with SAS2 backplanes and expander. I am using a single Dell H310 flashed to IT mode, can I mix SAS and SATA drives? Right now I have only SATA drives but I am getting a good deal on some SAS drives and want to know if I can use them.
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    Major problems with my Supermicro server

    Ever since I got my Supermicro server I've been having issues. I am running the latest version of unRAID on it and I had to move the HBA to an 8x slot, in doing so the cable connected to the rear backplane was barely long enough so there was a lot of tension on it, this caused issues and I had...
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    Need some hardware help with Supermicro server purchase

    I am looking at getting a Supermicro 6047R-E1R36N but I have zero familiarity with Supermicro. The board inside the system is apparently a DA0S50MB8D which seems to be a decent but older dual xeon board, it comes with two quad core CPU's and 52GB of RAM, no drives but 24 sleds. I want to run it...
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    50GB in windows temp folder

    I'm trying to free up space on a clients SBS 2011 server and have found 50GB of files in the Temp folder in the Windows directory. It seems to be mostly full of cab files that are all the same file size, 116,165KB anyone ever seen this? Can I delete these?
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    Software that monitors file changes and sends email alerts

    Looking for a program I can install on a Windows (2008R2) file server that will monitor file changes, so if a crypto malware or ransomware attach occurs and starts encrypting files at fast rate, I will get an email alert. I know you can achieve this with built in auditing but you have to...
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    APC battery swap

    Does anyone know if the older APC Smart UPS 1500's, the black ones with nothing fancy on the front but the two round buttons and row of vertical lights on either side, can you swap the batteries while the unit is live and plugged into power? Or do you have to shut them down and unplug them?
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    High CPU Usage

    I have a server that is a virtual machine under VMware 5.1 running Server 2012R2, its a terminal server that 20 or so users connect to, they run office 2013 and a custom application. Lately we have noticed that the CPU is running at 99-100% for prolonged periods, it appears to be the custom app...
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    High CPU Usage

    I have a server that is a virtual machine under VMware 5.1 running Server 2012R2, its a terminal server that 20 or so users connect to, they run office 2013 and a custom application. Lately we have noticed that the CPU is running at 99-100% for prolonged periods, it appears to be the custom app...
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    EA down?

    I'm up in Canada, west of Toronto actually, tried getting on to play Star Wars Battlefront tonight and the game wont even open or start up? Saw EA was having issues earlier, are they still down? Anyone else having issues?
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    Ethernet switch redundancy

    I'd like to introduce redundant ethernet switches at a few of my clients. I did this about 15 yrs ago with 3Com switches but cannot remember how I did it. For example, right now, all the drops come into one 48 port managed switch, how do you implement redundancy in such as way that, should...
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    Storage ideas

    I am looking for input for an idea I have for a client, they currently have a few offices that are connected via a private 10MB connection, backups happen onsite and to tape which is taken offsite but not all the data can fit on the tape so its not a great solution. Rather then look at cloud...
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    Asset scanning utility

    Can anyone recommend a utility, preferably free, that I can use to scan a network for host information such as make, model, serial number, OS etc? I need to compile an asset list for a client and would prefer not to have to physically go from machine to machine to gather this info. Thanks
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    WD Green warranty

    Have I been asleep or did WD reduce the warranty on green drives from 3 to 2 years recently? Why would they do that? I don't think consumer drives should come with less then 3 yrs, 2yrs is just crazy.
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    Xbox 1 question

    So my kid is at UNI and took his Xbox 1 to use in his dorm room, problem is he is hooking it up to a computer monitor via HDMI and getting no sound. The monitor does not have built in speakers, is there a solution for sound, or are we stuck hooking it up to a TV only?
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    Cloud backup and DR

    I am considering a solution for my largest client who operates in the medical industry here in Canada. They have three locations not too far from each other (within 50km of each other) and have a private 10MB MPLS network. Their infrastructure consists of mostly virtual servers so I want those...
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    Linux files systems, what do you prefer and why?

    I have been reading up a little on file systems having just built an UnRaid server. Curious about file systems, what you like, don't and why. XFS ReiserFS EXT3 EXT4 JFS ZFS BTRFS OCFS2
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    Plugin question for UnRaid

    I have just setup a backup server running UnRaid and I want to change the location of the library for Plex. Not being terribly conversant in linux I am trying to do this from the GUI but having no luck. Right now the paths for Plex are the default: the install...
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    UnRaid question

    I have just setup an UnRaid server using an older system that has an Asus P5Q premium motherboard, a Core 2 Duo CPU, 8GB of RAM, an Areca raid controller (configured for JBOD) and some other drives. I am using the onboard SATA ports and for some reason a drive connected to port 7 or 8 is not...
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    Opinions on what to do

    I have approximately 36TB of media spread between to physical NAS's, for backup, I have an Antec 1200 with 16x2TB drives connected to an Areca 1261ML in Raid 5 with one hot spare, this gives me about 27TB of useable space and then I have 7 external USB 3 drives that make up the rest of the...
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    File permissions

    Either I am having a brain fart or something else. I need to give a user access to a quickbooks file inside a directory however they are to have no access to anything else inside this directory, just the quickbooks data file. How do I do this? Is it possible? This is on a Windows SBS 2011...
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    Vcenter server service won't start

    Having this issue, looked at the KB articles still stuck. After a reboot a few weeks ago it just refused to start, don't know why, nothing changed that I know of. Its 5.1 U3 installed on Server 2008R2, its just a stand alone server, Veeam 8 is also running on the box along with a bunch of...
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    UPS manamgement

    Is there a VM appliance out there from APC that you can download and install for free in an EXSi environment to manage UPS's? I just got a client that has two hosts and three APC 1500's none of which have the network management card, when the power goes out they just power off when the UPS's run...
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    RDS printing Server 2012R2

    Having a heck of a time getting RDS printing working to HP Laserjet 1606DN printers to print to Windows 7 64 bit workstations. The easy print driver doesn't work, tried installing the HP 64 bit drive, nope, then tried the HP universal driver, nope. I think I read somewhere that the default...
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    Server 2012 R2 RDS licensing question

    I have setup a 2012R2 server for terminal services and made it the licensing server as well.Everything is green when I go into licensing manager, but every time I log onto the server as administrator I get a pop up saying I have so many days to activate the licensing server, what gives? I cant...
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    Microsoft PPTP

    I know I've asked about this before but I just need some more feedback. I know PPTP has been cracked, but does it not still require a man in the middle attack to intercept packets and then at least two days to possibly decrypt the info? Isn't it more work then most hackers are willing to...
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    Veeam issues with VSS

    So I have a client with a SBS 2011 server on Esxi 5.5 that was being backed up by Veeam 6.5 just fine, upgrade to v8 and backups are still working with the occasional failure due to VSS timeout but usually on the first or second retry it would complete, now out of the blue they stop working all...
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    Server 2012 R2 RDS question

    Setting up my first 2012R2 RDS server, is there a way to configure one desktop so that its the same for all users. On 2008R2, what ever shortcuts or modifications you made to the admin desktop were seen by all RDS users when they logged in, doesn't seem to be that way for 2012R2.
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    Replacement for PPTP

    I have a client still using MS PPTP for VPN users, I know I know, its vulnerable and there are tools out there to hack it, but its easy to setup and use and works with both Mac and PC users. What can I replace it with that is similarly easy to deploy and compatible with Mac and PC users but...
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    Esxi issue

    Been getting my ass kicked all this week by this bug that has been affecting my biggest client. The work around is to replace the E1000 adapter with a VMXNET2 which has worked, although...
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    Dell perc 6i question

    I'm onsite currently initializing a new RAID 5 array on a customers server, a T310. The server originally came with 3x500GB SATA drives that are hot swap. I have replaced those with 3x500GB SAS drives of my own that are not under warranty. I am planning on doing a bare metal restore of SBS 2011...
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    SBS 2011 baremetal backup/restore

    Looking at having to do this for a client, they had a drive fail in their server, raid 5, replacement fails on the rebuild every time at 53% (replacement drive is drive 1) its failing reading from drive 0, not sure why, dell doesn't know. Likely going onsite tomorrow to reseat the cable...
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    I have long been an advocate of the Boxee box, I've been using them since they came out and still use them, however I have had a few die on me and I've been fortunate enough to find used ones cheap.I recently became aware of the Chrome box (Asus or HP) as a HTPC and bought one to try out. I...
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    Hot spare question

    This may be a silly question but is it possible to add a hot spare to an already configured raid 5 array on a perc 6i controller? Any idea what the rebuild time would be on a 3TB NLS drive on a raid 5 array on a perc 6i? Thanks
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    Networking wifi question

    I want to replace a consumer based wireless router with a wired Watchguard unit. I still want to have wireless functionality but I want it separated from the LAN. My plan is to put the wireless router into AP mode, plug it into the Watchguard's optional port. This way the traffic on the optional...
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    SAS speeds

    I am reusing an old server for a client, its a Dell T610 and it has a Perc 6i in it, we've purchased new drives, 600GB SAS and they are 6GB/s however the Perc only supports 3GB/s. The server is going to be used for ESXi, am I better off spending money on say a Perc H700 controller that supports...
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    Team Viewer madness

    Ok so I bought a license for Team Viewer, but I'm having issues, I've got a ticket open with support but they seem pretty useless in this case. I have a client with three sites, sites A, B and C. I have a VPN to A, I normally RDP into a server in site A then start up a second RDP session to...
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    Power consumption

    I realize this is a difficult question to answer, but give it your best shot. Does anyone know what the power consumption on a Dell T310 with two 400W redundant power supplies? I used to run two Power Edge 2900 towers in my basement but those things were awful on power, I am hoping the T310 will...
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    Updating a Dell server

    A client of mine has a T610 that is about four and a half years old, its never been updated and now we are going to be using it for some critical stuff. We've extended the warranty with Dell so we are good in that respect. The server is currently running ESXi 4 and we are going o be pulling the...
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    Updating a Dell server

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    PPTP VPN viable?

    Is it stupid to be using PPTP as a way for users to VPN into a windows network in this day and age? Is it terribly insecure and vulnerable, or still a reasonable cheap alternative?