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    Kindle Fire or Iconia Tablet A100

    going to get a tablet today, can't decided what I want. I have a amazon prime membership I get all the content from that but the Acer tablet has more power and full android. the acer is also 50 bucks more opinions please
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    mobo for unlock a AMD Athlon II X3 425

    looking for the cheapest mobo that will unlock the cpu to the Phenom II X4 thanks in advance
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    mobo for am3 for with ddr2 for X3

    Im might be getting this cpu. looking for a mobo that will support ddr2 1066 or even 800. I don't mind buying 1066 DDR2, ddr3 is way too expensive right now. and crossfire looking...
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    ati for gpu/nvidia for physx

    I have a 5770 and a extra 8600GTS laying around can I use my 8600GTS as a physx card even though I have a ati card as my main gpu?
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    Wave invites

    I have them 8 of them pm me your email
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    cpu cooler for a SFF case

    next build is in a nzxt rogue which is a SFF case looking for a cheap decent cpu cooler for a Intel 775 cpu.
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    will this work

    my next build that Im doing in a couple of weeks includes a XFX 630i mATX mobo w/ GeForce 7150 GPU. I have a 8600GTS that is going to be the main vid card on it can I use the onboard gpu as a Physics card?