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    Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G 650W Review @ [H]

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this thing must be one of the ugliest power supplies I have ever seen. I would avoid it just for that reason, given how many great power supplies are out there.
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 750W PSU LUCKY DRAW!

    I'd love to win this...Seasonic makes excellent quality power supplies that look great and are quiet.
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    FCC Votes To Protect Net Neutrality, Reclassify Broadband

    It sure is amazing how many Rush/Fox News heads are in attendance. You guys really need to get your information else where or try thinking for yourselves for a change. Especially you morons who keep misquoting Pelosi (who is awful enough without misquoting)...that's the price you pay when you...
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    US Recommends Emergency Braking Tech on All New Cars

    Exactly. All road cars, especially mainstream models, have more braking force at the front of the car vs. the rear. I would point out that any modern car has overkill brakes for a panic stop from legal speeds. The performance of the tire is the limiting factor with today's cars, but many...
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    5 Waves of Tech Disruption That Are Just Getting Started

    I guess you've never heard of Google?
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    Why 'Arrogant Jerks' Become Rich And Successful In Silicon Valley

    Being able to lead and make hard decisions does not make one a jerk. However, there are plenty of jerks (or psychopaths) running companies. Let's face it, it's a lot easier to get ahead in business by being ruthless. Of course, that is a construct and there is no reason that morality couldn't...
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    White House Urges FCC to Implement Stronger Net Neutrality Rules

    Not unexpected but the Limbaugh/Fox News talking points are sadly here in full force... This isn't a partisan issue, think for yourselves instead of parroting what big business wants you to think. It is amazing how many people would cut off their own nose to spite their face.
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    Michigan Joins List Of Tesla-Hating States

    I find it interesting (or maybe not really) that the right-wingers jump in to bash this as a union problem when: a) the dealer's association isn't a union, it is a trade association of businesses. Isn't business everything to you guys? b) the dealer's association, or unions, or anyone else...
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    Uber Flunks the Better Business Bureau Test

    Your buddy was free to call a taxi. It is very clear up front when surge pricing is in effect and how much it is.
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    Uber Flunks the Better Business Bureau Test

    That article is nothing more than the continued media slant against Lyft and Uber. Uber has 90 BBB companies have thousands. Yes, the regulated and safe taxi companies. What a load of horseshit. Uber and Lyft have been around for years now, and the taxi companies response is...
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    iPhone 6 Bend In Your Pocket?

    I've carried smart phones in my front pocket for 5 years. Never experienced any bending. Sounds like Apple should have made the damn thing a bit thicker to allow for reinforcing ribs.
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    Apple Sold 10M iPhones In First Weekend

    Don't know where you got your prices but you are wrong: Note 4 is $299 on contract, $700 off, that is 32GB model with SD Card ( 64 GB iPhone 6+ on contract is $399, $850 off...
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    When The Police Can Brick Your Phone

    I'm pretty sure the police in Ferguson are wishing they had kill switches...
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    Video Preview Of Alien Isolation

    Wow, this game looks like it has the capability of seriously putting the fear on. I can't imagine what it would be like with Rift.
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    Silicon Valley As A Separate State?

    You're a fool if you think California is more bankrupt than other states (especially all those red ones in the middle and south of the country). You're also a fool if you think almost all of California votes Democrat. You're a fool a third time if you think there is a real difference between...
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    ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 Motherboard Giveaway! Week 1

    I would use the extra 10 minutes to overclock my new Asus GTX780 I could afford by winning a motherboard!
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    Fractal Design Node 605 Silent HTPC Case

    Eh, Silverstone Grandia GD07/08 is same price and is quieter and cools much better.
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    Judge Rules Speed Cameras Are A Scam

    Wow, a surprising number of Ed Begley Jr types in here...anytime a private entity benefits from "law enforcement", you can be sure unconstitutionality and corruption will follow.
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    Activist Investor Sues Apple

    More millionaires arguing with billionaires. Nothing to see here, move on, move on.
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    The New iPhone Runs Android

    Just because they have the rights to the term "iPhone" in Brazil doesn't mean they have the right to make the phone look exactly like the older iPhones.
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    The New iPhone Runs Android

    Biggest bezel on a smartphone ever.
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    NRA Blames Video Games For Violence

    Man, the lack of critical thinking on this issue is mind boggling. I can tell you one thing, putting more guns into various peoples' hands is not the answer. People saying so are just as bad as all of the idiots saying that all guns should be illegal. There are several countries that have more...
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    Instagram Has The Right To Sell Your Photos

    The masses have repeatedly proven that they will give up rights and privacy to avoid paying a dime. I doubt this will have much of an effect on the volume of users.
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    Google Sheltering $10B In Bermuda

    Oh really? Why don't you analyze the effects of a poor person having to pay 18% of their income vs a rich person. It might not seem like a "fair tax" then...
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    Google Sheltering $10B In Bermuda

    It is apparent from this post and several others that all of the complete bullshit being spewed by Faux News and the Tea Party has been swallowed by large portions of America. Corporations, or sorry, the "job creators" pay less taxes than they have in decades. Doesn't seem to have helped...
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    What Do "Normal" People Think Of Windows 8?

    Perhaps you might have noticed that there are millions of people working on PCs (desktops or laptops) for work. People aren't buying tablets to replace desktops and laptops, but to use in addition to. These changes are similar to the changes MS made to Office a few years ago. The "ribbon" is...
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    Copyright Troll Quote of the Day

    Well, I'm sure his wife loves the lifestyle that comes with that kind of income, but him personally? Doubt it. I will still never understand someone who makes money by adding nothing to society and seems proud about it.
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    Apple: Scratches On Aluminum Are Normal

    My OG Droid has only a few chips in the black coating after almost 3 years of abuse...the magical iPhone can't even make it through shipping!
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    Apparently Apple's New Map App Sucks

    Perhaps it's a reaction to all of the media writing their iPhone 5 reviews in the tone of "look at all the awesome improvements Apple made, what an awesome phone" instead of mentioning that they finally have features that Android has had for a couple of generations. The general tone in the media...
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    Taiwan Company Fined $500M for LCD Price Fixing

    And yet all the assholes behind our economy crash walked away with hundreds of millions of dollars each. There's justice for you.
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    Samsung Launches iPhone 5 'Attack Ad'

    That they then cover with a thick plastic case...never understood why Apple insists on making products thin and light that require a case.
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    Banned iPhone 5 Promo

    Who needs a case? My OG Droid survived multiple drops onto hard floors and even a dunk in a pool. The only noticeable signs of wear are the gold plastic cover on the camera button flaked off and there are a few tiny chips in the black paint. Maybe if companies stopped making phones with glass...
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    Amazon Has A Tax Loophole For Californians

    6.5% is not nearly the same as 9.5-9.75%, which is the total tax in most highly populated counties... Try buying a car and tell me the difference is insignificant!
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    Amazon Has A Tax Loophole For Californians

    Hey genius, businesses don't profit from collecting sales tax, it is passed straight through to the state they operate in. Amazon is not making additional profit by not charging sales tax. Perhaps you should spend more time learning something and less time spouting bullshit. Our forefathers...
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    U.S. Customs Shares License Plate Data With Insurance Companies

    Modred and kidsyd, You two seem to be completely missing the point. The government running your plate against a database at the border = acceptable. Permanently recording that information and providing it to non-government corporate entities is in no way acceptable.
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    U.S. Customs Shares License Plate Data With Insurance Companies

    Wrong. Expecting the government to record license plates at a border crossing is borderline acceptable. However, distributing that information to corporations is not.
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    Corsair Obsidian Series 550D Mid-Tower Case Review @ [H]

    Interesting to see what you give up temp wise vs something like the Raven is 5 dBA quieter per your testing but that center video card is 15-deg C hotter!
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    Automatic License Plate Readers: A Threat To Privacy

    Stop playing with the adults and go read the Bill of Rights...
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    Vice President Had No Involvement In MegaUpload Bust

    The administrations change but the lies stay the same...
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    Best Buy Cuts 2,400 More Jobs

    Funny how it's always the peons and never the upper levels of management that take the hit. Or going through company procedures to cut waste. Or, gasp, giving the shareholders less of a profit.