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    Dual E5-2679v4 Workstation Build

    I'd highly recommend looking into a CUDA build for machine learning. Just slapped together a 4 gtx 1080 build for work and we are training models in ~3 minutes vs 3 days on the 5930k in there...
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    quad 1080 unlock?

    And where is that wall? I recall them saying they'd setup a website to put your serial numbers into to get done dirty if unlock code, any news on that front?
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    quad 1080 unlock?

    I'm building a new workstation for work (machine learning/ann+render slave) and we're throwing 4 gtx 1080's in it. Before I bring it in I wanted to see how it handles some games - I remember reading that Nvidia was going to have some sort of special unlock for tri/quad-sli setups as it wasn't...
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    TSMC Shares Fall on Apple, Qualcomm Order Loss Reports

    because people don't "use" chips/hardware they interact with phones/devices. :rolleyes:
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    GPGPU workstation for work (need to buy not build)

    I need a GPGPU workstation for work (raytracing/rendering) and while I'd usually build a machine myself my workplace requires a purchase order/etc... Best deal I've found is through which I like because it seems like it's basically a newegg shopping cart that will be assembled for...
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    Quad r290 (x flashed) 2nd card stuck at 2d clocks

    i had the plexi version. Leak seemed to be coming from between the quad link terminal and the card.
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    Quad r290 (x flashed) 2nd card stuck at 2d clocks

    I bought a total of 7 r290s back when they were $399 (+ sold 6 bf4 codes for $30 yippee) and 4 of them flashed to X's. Those are goin in my workstation to mess around w/and hash on. They will be under water but having waterblock leak issues so for now they are on air. After a bit of a misshap...
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    Seiki Digital SE39UY04 39-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED TV $426

    I also bought a pristine warehouse model at 396$. Arrived and bottom right corner was broken, panel was fine though. Chatted with repgot 40$ refund :)
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    OpenCL quadfire r290x cooling

    ya i don't recommend it for mining at all, better to throw another card at it and just space out the cards with risers. When I committed I thought if I was going for quadfire I may as well have them in my workstation so I could enjoy fooling around with them but at the moment just trying to hash...
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    OpenCL quadfire r290x cooling

    think i was in the 35-45 celsius range, and much quieter than the jet engines sitting next to me now... prolly be a week or two of RMA fun before I get everything back up and running
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    OpenCL quadfire r290x cooling

    sorry for mr blurrycam: unfortunately sprung a leak (was impatient and in 5 years of watercooling never had one) between the quad-terminal block and one of the waterblocks. Fried the MB but card seems to be alright... it happened to be the card that had a curious defect: what looks...
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    OpenCL quadfire r290x cooling

    Building a small OpenCL renderfarm/crypto build... I have a mora3 180mm x4 radiator in my basement from an old GTX480 SLI build, was wondering if it'd handle the wattage of 4 290s flashed to 290x's? IIRC the gtx480s put out like 475w each, and I remember the MO-RA handled that fine along with a...
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    Zotac GTX 680 4gb $470 AR

    This is instant savings, no rebate.
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    stop gap card

    I'd get a cheap -AR EVGA card (I picked up a 570 hd for $300, not so cheap but...) and then if you decide to go kepler you don't have to deal with selling off your card.
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    Apple Claims Creation of 514K Jobs for US Workers

    AHHHHH - Apple IS the one making (or at least *succesfully* marketing, either way: SELLING) innovative products to the world. Look on the back of any iDevice: designed in California, made in China. Know how much money each sale makes the US economy? and the Chinese one? Hint: future's not in...
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    Apple Claims Creation of 514K Jobs for US Workers

    damnit there=their and other stuff.
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    Apple Claims Creation of 514K Jobs for US Workers

    Apple cuts them a check for every sale... if there were not millions of iOS devices out there there would not be any demand for iOS apps, hence these iOS developers would not be iOS developers and would be eating pizza in college. Same logic could be applied to Sony+PS3...
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    Apple Claims Creation of 514K Jobs for US Workers

    The point is that every company that contributes demand to logistics jobs means that those companies need to hire *more* workers... I really doubt the 500k numbers are claiming EVERY fedex/ups employee as being hired thanks to apple, if so that's dumb, but again I doubt that's whats happening...
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    Apple Claims Creation of 514K Jobs for US Workers

    Can't edit: one of the first google results explaining the classic case study:,632128
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    Apple Claims Creation of 514K Jobs for US Workers

    It's a conservative principle... multiplier effect? Job creators? Hello??? Why conservatives don't want to tax the wealthy?? They are counting fedex guys/etc, but it's probably the fedex guys that fedex needs to employ to make the deliveries that Apple is responsible for. Make sense?
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    NVIDIA GK104 Coming Soon?

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    Vega's Heavyweight display and computer; edition 2012

    Acrylic (cast) is east to snap after a few scores w/a box cutter, we do it all the time to get larger sheets small enough to fit on our laser cutters. Wouldn't want to rely on that for any kind of precision though.
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    HP ZR2740w - 27" IPS - 2560x1440

    Got these back at the end of December for $550 each after MIR (received it a few weeks ago). Everything is on a chief monitor stand, which although not as cool/elegant as my old humanscale 2 monitor arm, is a lot stronger. Tried a few different setups: 1. L-L-L: just too damn wide 2. P-P-P...
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    Feser Triebwerk V2 TK-123 120mm x 55mm 2800 RPM $14.99+S&H

    I had 3 of these back in my w/c'ed 800D rig, they were very quiet and high quality fans, great static pressure for watercooling. They were also twice as expensive.
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    Thank you EVGA.

    My 7970 was having all sorts of issues so I just bought a evga gtx 570 to hold me over, hoping kepler comes out within 90 days. Last time (Fermi?) I made the mistake of buying a -TR model so had to sell that to a friend, but looking forward to taking advantage of their step-up program, pretty...
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    NVIDIA GK104 Coming Soon?

    who cares? GK104 please.
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    sli 470s vs 2560x1600

    I ran bf3 at 2560x1600 with 2 gtx480's for a bit, was fine. They were watercooled and slightly o/c'ed though but if yours are o/c'ed shouldn't be a problem if you turn down AO and AA.
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    ASUS 7970 DirectCU II available now

    Ordered one last night from here: when it was instock, now listed as "in the warehouse". $609 w/free 3 day fedex. Already have an order at amazon for $579-5%(chase freedom)-4%(amazon referal from friends blog) but that's only got an estimated...
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    Any [H]ard|OCP review for the ASUS 7970 DirectCU II ???

    You don't need 4 threads for this.
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    3 x 2560x1600 on HD 7750

    I'm guessing he's interested in desktop/trading/DTP work and not necessarily gaming, in which case you may wanna look at the XFX 6770 like this: otherwise yea, 7750 for gaming on 3 30"ers is not a good idea. Even running games on...
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    Non-ref Gigabytes now available for 500$CA

    googling the part # shows it as a 7950
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    30" Club

    Miss my 3007wfp-hc a bit. My friend thinks I shouldn't have gone to 27"(still 1440p, not giant 1080p panels) but I got a deal on 3 of em so... The 30" looked a lot bigger though even if there wasn't a whole lot more real estate.
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    Grounding loop problem? x3 ZR2740W + monoprice mini-dp->DP cables?

    Ended up returning the sapphire card to newegg. Pulled the 460 from my htpc and have a 7970 dcii on order with amazon. Not sure if it was the card or the monoprice cables but using the DVI outputs from the 460 the problem has gone away. Looking forward to running all 3 monitors from DP ports.
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    ASUS 7970 DirectCU II available now

    This place:!ORDERID! used to show 15 coming in on 2/23, now that's been changed to 3/1. I'm guessing if they're getting them on that date, other retailers will be as well. FWIW, I...
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    Nvidia to demonstrate Kepler at PDXLAN this Friday

    wasn't someone saying 6PM? and portland = PST? have an asus 7970 dcii on order from amazon but willing to cancel depending on what happens prior to it shipping out...
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    ASUS 7970 DirectCU II available now

    Dunno what the problem is, you got $17+$20 = $37 and you get to keep your spot in line. Alternatively, you could cancel your order, place a new one through a friend w/prime, take use a chase freedom card for another 5% and get the card a little bit later for cheaper than anyone else.
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    Matrix-Style Vertical Chicken Farms

    As an architecture student, I partly agree. This is a design project meant to "interrogate" an existing system and raise questions rather than give answers.
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    Grounding loop problem? x3 ZR2740W + monoprice mini-dp->DP cables?

    Well still happening but less, used to be *every* time the monitor was touched it locked up all 3, now it is just happening randomly. Starting to think it's a problem with the wiring in the studio as the guy next to me was having weird electrical problems too.
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    Grounding loop problem? x3 ZR2740W + monoprice mini-dp->DP cables?

    In writing this I came up with the idea of using some of my existing cables for a bit to see if I don't need to buy new cables. Using the mini-dp to DP adapter that came with my sapphire and the DP cable that came with my HP monitors with the offending monitor in question to see if that solves...
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    Grounding loop problem? x3 ZR2740W + monoprice mini-dp->DP cables?

    A few weeks ago I moved my desktop (normally setup in a studio space) to another classroom for a weekend workshop, at the end of the workshop I moved it back to my desk. Ever since the move back my monitors have been locking up. I thought it was my computer freezing and something getting...