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    Your favorite monitor of all time

    The monitor I fell in love with was the 24" FW900. That sucker blows all the LCDs out of the water.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Do you have any shots of behind the monitors? I am curious to see how they are all supported.
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    Local seller wants $500 for 3008WFP. Scam?

    If you don't want it let us know, I'm interested in it.
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    Is there anyway to even get these things repaired? I just can't get used to a lcds low quality. It's like rubbing sandpaper in your eyes.
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    Sell my 3007wfp Dell for 3, 23in lcd's for eyefinity?

    I agree with you 100%, I have tried different configurations and 20-30-20 is the best for work. It's a hard call it's work vs gaming right.
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    Sell my 3007wfp Dell for 3, 23in lcd's for eyefinity?

    What percentage of time do you game compared to windows work?
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    LG Display will sell 30" OLED TV in the market 2011?

    I don't think so, Samsung is still producing the same old crap and people are loving it. They are not investing in new technologies because it is cost prohibitive. But their market share is increasing. LG has everything to prove, I think it was stated somewhere on the web that 54% of the time...
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    16:9 vs 16:10

    what happened to 4:3?
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    Analyst: PlayStation 3 to Win Console War

    Piracy is not legalized. I'm sure if the PS3 was fully hacked you wouldn't buy games for it either. Or if you own a xbox I am sure you don't own the games for it. These console are turning into gaming / media centers. Sony has just put together all the major studios for an online purchase and...
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    Game Devs Only Use PhysX For The Cash

    It's great that they are pushing it. Just imagine if they didn't, there would be even less of a reason to buy their cards.
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    Blue LED Danger?!

    Everything gives you cancer! will it increase it probably. But blue cathodes are not blue. It's too much money to make one, I think they are just white with a thin blue plastic wrapping inside the bulb. Blue leds I believe fall into the UV light range. If you are looking at that all the time...
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    How Bad is Your Backlog?

    I bought 4 PC games which I haven't opened, the oldest being 3 years. For the PS3: GT5 Prologue,GTA 5 still in the original packaging 360: gears of war 2 still in the original packaging I don't even know why I buy games anymore.
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    Is it worth using a sound card in newer builds?

    I take audio seriously, and I spent way too much money. It's a hobby right what can I do?
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    Is it worth using a sound card in newer builds?

    Just check these people about mp3's and lossless. I'm using the like to show that it's a matter of perception. I didn't buy a sound card for my current build, I think if you believe you can hear a...
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    girlfriend is ticked my PSU is so loud, looking at moding it

    sounds like it's easier to get a new girlfriend then a power supply. That should be a much cheaper option too.
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    Best 30" monitor - 2010 edition!

    I second that
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    PlayStation 3 Hack Released Online

    I would love to learn how they did this. I've engineered systems but to reverse engineer, that's amazing.
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    Best Graphics Card Upgrade EVER

    no no no voodoo 2 I'm telling you
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    5870 owners - Would you sell your card and get a Fermi IF....

    Maybe but nvidia fanboys would never buy an ati card :D
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    Best Graphics Card Upgrade EVER

    3dfx Voodoo II 12 MB !!!!!! EVER!
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    Just got My three dell 3008wfp's running on 2x5970's for Eyefinity at 7680x1600

    3 x 30 inch portrait gives you the same size as a 52 inch tv and almost the same aspect ratio. Yes the pixel density is way lower. The other thing the width of each screen is equivalent to a 2007fp. I am struggling with this, landscape is amazing with 30 inch monitors. I can see the reason for...
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    Just got My three dell 3008wfp's running on 2x5970's for Eyefinity at 7680x1600

    Please tell me how do you see the start button? I have no Idea how to get around this with such a large display. You have to turn your head and it's a pain in the ass.
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    5870 owners - Would you sell your card and get a Fermi IF....

    This is hardforum, so you can't consider cost. The amount of money I spent on my computer in the last year alone I could have bought a small car. I know that sounds really sad, this is hardforum where people have badass setups. If Fermi comes in faster which it should I'm buying it. Cost is...
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    Strange green lines with an ATI 5850 and Dell 3007WFP

    Same issue with the green lines, the monitor was fine with my gtx 295 as soon as I went with the 5870 I started to see them randomly. I have triple 3007 with different cable lengths and a dp adapter and I see it on all three. I'm going with the video card, I had a 7800, gts 250 and gtx 295 and I...
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    recomendations for triscreen wall paper

    LOL I tried that and the first result was this page. So what else do you suggest because it seems to come right back to here lol.
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    Triple 24" DIY Monitor Stand

    That's really well done do you have some more screen shots of the back side where you mounted the monitor to the pole?
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    Starcraft Scaling Problems Nvidia vs ATI

    It's not a screen shot I took it with my camera. All I am after is a solution if one exist, I don't care if the general consensusis is that ati looks better or nvidia looks better. I am just asking if that option exists nothing more. My disappoint is my opinion and I'm not asking you to share it.
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    Starcraft Scaling Problems Nvidia vs ATI

    You are right you are a clever troll, if you don't have a solution don't bother posting at all. I'm asking for help, I'm not asking for a debate.
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    Starcraft Scaling Problems Nvidia vs ATI

    I just feel a little bit pissed. I know it's time to move on.
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    Starcraft Scaling Problems Nvidia vs ATI

    I am just trying to figure out if there is something I am missing like a setting to make it look like that.I've gone from a 295 to a 5870 there is not much of a performance boost. It's not like I am going from a really old card to this card.
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    Steam sales aftermath

    You are so right I could have pirated some of the games but with the steam sales, I ending up buying a ton of games. At 70 dollars a pop you are stuck if you don't like the game, that's really hard to swallow.
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    Starcraft Scaling Problems Nvidia vs ATI

    I didn't buy it just to play starcraft, I bought it for eyefinity. I love starcraft and because of that the card is on craigslist. I tried all different setting for AA etc, but those options are all for 3d acceleration.
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    Starcraft Scaling Problems Nvidia vs ATI

    for gaming I prefer the blurred look. I know sc it a uber old game but I still play it a lot. what pisses me off is that I sold my 295 and spent all this money on a 5870. I wish I would have kept my nvidia card. If I can't fix it I'm going to unload this card I just hope I don't lose too much money.
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    Starcraft Scaling Problems Nvidia vs ATI

    I know it's not going to look pretty. It's just I find that nvidia handles it better.
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    Starcraft Scaling Problems Nvidia vs ATI

    Well I just switched over to the red team and and I noticed that Starcraft looks very grainy. I've played with different setting within the ATI driver menu. Different scaling options GPU enabled monitor enabled etc. I'm running windows 7 64 bit with 30 inch monitor. My monitor does not has a...
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    I'm thinking of getting a second 17 inch crt sony monitor so I can go dual display. I see a lot of people with dual displays around here! I got to dig up a PCI gfx card. Off to ebay.
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    How can I get starcraft to run in windows 7?

    I seem to have problems too, the scaling of the gfx in windows 7 with ati card on a widescreen monitor. While the colours do bother me it's not a big deal. The scaling seems to be a big issue I will take some screen shots and post them here later. Basically the game seems really grainy compared...
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    Best gamng LCD ?

    If you are a true FPS gamer nothing compares to FW900.
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    What to do with old CRT monitors?

    sell them to me, don't throw them out they are like gold.
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    Just got my new monitors!!!!

    It's going to be uber wide. I have the same problem.