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    Help setting up a small living room

    Onkyo receivers are a waste of money IMHO. Cheap components that will break on you sooner than later. If you're going to get an Onkyo you better give it really good cooling.
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    Any reason to buy a Wii U?

    I got a deluxe launch day along with SMB-U, Zombie-U, Sonic Racing and Skylanders giants (for my kids). SMB, other than the graphics, is almost the same old game. It's the first time I've been disappointed by a mario game. Zombie U is OK, sonic racing is meh. My kids like skylanders. All...
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    Worst Apple product you've ever owned?

    I've owned plenty of Apple products and the only major issue I ever had was the 2008 MacBook Pro with the 8600GT video card. One day my screen goes black, I take it in to the Apple store and tell the 'Genius' (as much as I love Apple, I hate that they call their techs that) that it appears my...
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    Typical Apple

    While yes - Apple's mapping is the 'default' map software - there is still nothing stopping you from using something else. I've used Navigon for several years now and Waze as well for the past few months and rarely open the maps app. While you can't make them default it's not as if there are...
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    NAS or bigger server?

    Just wanted to chime in here. After using FreeNAS for 2 years last month I decided to build an unRAID box using some hardware laying around. Specifically I'm using the newer 5.0 version of unRAID with several plugins (including Plex for streaming). What I like about it is: + It is Hardware...
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    Amazon Cloud Player now native on iOS

    On a computer, any songs stored in iCloud will stream over the air when played, though you can download them at any time by clicking the iCloud download button. iOS devices will start playing tracks from iCloud as they download and will store them so that you can listen to them later even if you...
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    Amazon Cloud Player now native on iOS

    Have you used iTunes Match? Here's my rub with Google Music and Amazon Cloud Player - you have to upload all your music to them. Whenever you upload new music you add that too. With iTunes Match as soon as I add the music to the library, it's there, on all my iOS devices and iTunes libraries...
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    Apple TV 3rd Gen

    If I was the only person using it I wouldn't care. But for the layperson it's complete crap. My wife and kids want to be able to pick up a remote and go. They don't want to have to pick a network share and navigate the sub folders. The WDtv is a good product but it's as intuitive as a DOS...
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    Apple TV 3rd Gen

    I have an Apple TV 3, Boxee Box and a WDTV live. My media is stored on an unRAID box that I have (which also has Plex on it). The WDTVL plays almost anything but the interface is terrible - seriously bad. I may put some custom firmware on it but - ugh. Also, since I got it before the Plus...
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    Dealing with none technical IT Managers

    One of the biggest issues in almost any industry, but especially I.T. is managers who are afraid of the people under them taking their job. Because of this you end up with morons who bullshit their superior so they keep their jobs and keep the company in the dark. As an I.T. manager, while I...
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    "New iPad" for the wife. Black or White?

    This sounds a little insane but Apple has a good return policy so when I got my wife one I bought both and let her choose the color she wanted. Returned the other one the following day.
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    New iPad must have apps?

    Another vote for Flipboard. Once you've got that set up for all your different sites, its fantastic. Kindle, iBooks. I read many magazines (PDF) via Goodreader and many of them look as good or better than the real thing.
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    New iPad screen & case protection?

    Because my phone spends the majority of its time in my pocket and other objects are in there is as well, I do have a Invisible Shield installed on it (as well as an Incase clear snap shield). For my iPads however, I really like using the Smart Cover and a lightweight/thin back case such as...
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    Macbook Pro or Macbook Air?

    I went from a 15" C2D Unibody MBP to the top of the line 2011 13" MBA and won't ever look back. Since my old MBP and my MBA have the same resolution but higher density I could care less about the 2 inches. The form factor and footprint of the Air just make it one of the best notebooks out there.
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    no iphone 4 ios 5.0.1 - 5.0.2 unlock or jailbreak yet correct?

    If you're doing a tethered jailbreak you can always download an app called "SemiTether" from Cydia that will allow your phone to at least boot (unjailbroken) until you can do a tethered boot.
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    Any opinions on the wifi time capsule unit?

    I have a Airport Extreme Base Station w/ 2 1TB drives hooked up to it via USB. I also have a FreeNAS box that does all the serving of my media, etc. The AEBS with the drives does just fine for Time Machine backups and I couldn't be happier. As others have said I probably wouldn't use it...
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    MacBook Air purchase

    I picked up the 13" i7/256GB/4GB Air yesterday after selling my Late '08 UB MBP w/ 120GB SSD and it screams. I run Win7 under VMWare Fusion and it does fine. More ram would be great but I'm very happy.
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    What >256Gb SATAIII SSD's work on a 2011 17"?

    I just put a 500GB Momentus XT in a clients MacBook Pro and have a 128GB Vertex II in my MacBook Pro and the two don't even compare. The XT was faster than what was originally in the laptop but in no way, shape or form does the XT come close to the performance of the Vertex II.
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    Revised 3DS?

    Satoru Iwata (talking to devs): Ahhh f**k it. Just do anything to make these things sell. :(
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    What's the WORST Apple product? (Past or Present)

    I've yet to see another phone built the same way the iPhone 4 is - it's like holding a solid slab in your hand. Any Android phone I've used simply doesn't feel the same, they can feel pretty solid but it still very plasticky in your hands. However, because there are so many vendors for...
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    Revised 3DS?

    Nintendo will change some things with the 3DS if for no other reason than the price drop. They need to bring the cost of producing the unit and the price of the unit closer together. Part of this happens just over time but Nintendo probably wishes to accelerate this. De-emphasizing the 3D...
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    What's the WORST Apple product? (Past or Present)

    DId anyone here actually OWN a Newton? I did and at the time it was pretty spectacular. I had a US Robotics Palm originally and then was given a Newton by my employer. Usability, handwriting recognition, connectivity - it was all better than most anything else available at the time. In...
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    Acronis True Image for server?

    I use Acronis in our office for the few servers that we have and it works great. A PDC w/ RAID 1 had multiple drive failures (they were 8 years old....). Rather than try and rebuild I just put 4 new drives in, built a new array and restored the image to it. I think it took less than an hour...
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    Is 16GB enough?

    I have a 32GB iPad 2 (3G) and a 32GB iPhone. While initially these devices were 75% full on Music + Apps I recently went through and removed all my music from the iPad and only have it on my iPhone. I also went through and deleted a bunch of apps I simply don't use anymore. I am a heavy...
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    Dead Ipad

    I'm not surprised at all they replaced it. At no point should a device die within 12-18 months due to manufacturer defect. If his iPad didn't show any signs of damage and it was something internally that died I think the least Apple can do is fix or replace it on their dime. Also - this is...
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    Just how much of an improvement is iPad2 over the original?

    I just went from an iPad 1 to an iPad 2 and as others have said the speed is definitely there. Everything on the 2 runs much more fluid than the 1. The camera's are an OK addition but they aren't of the best quality. Also, fact that it is thinner is much nicer. Honestly, the iPad 2 is...
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    Dead Ipad

    As much as I love Apple Products it kills me how quickly a $499 item can bite the dust. Are you near an Apple store? I've actually had decent results with them even with products out of warranty ESPECIALLY if it is a manufacturing defect vs. damage. Also, are you running iOS 5? My iPad 2...
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    help me choose an outdoor audio setup

    I have a setup similar to that, I have some outdoor speakers that are wired to the receiver in my living room that has two zones (one for my living room, one for outside). I have an Airport Express hooked up to my receiver for all music which pulls off a server I have running in the house. I...
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    SSD Data Recovery options?

    If memory serves correctly when something goes wrong with the drive they go into a 'panic' mode where the contents become encrypted and read only and the only people that could potentially see what is on the drive is OCZ or SandForce. OCZ will tell you there is nothing to do. Just RMA the...
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    Simple Site-to-Site VPN recommendations

    I have two offices that used to be connected via a point to point T1 but after researching the amount of traffic crossing it, I couldn't justify the cost for it and have turned it down. I'm now researching ways to reconnect the two offices, ideally spending as little (or no) money as possible...
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    Your oldest drive still in use?

    I have 6 Seagate Cheetah 18GB SCSI drives that still work to this day. They sit in an old Dell Poweredge server in a RAID 50 configuration.
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    Convert Small Business to Cloud Computing

    Security wise and for file storage. There is a SBS2003 box here that is the PDC and does those basic functions. I've debated on getting rid of it but then I have to control user authentication locally and would end using samba or something similar for file permissions. Doing these basic...
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    Convert Small Business to Cloud Computing

    1. The developer of the software "LoneWolf" provides the windows hosting for us. 2. Yes, absolutely. You can try before you buy with google apps to make sure its what you want. Go set up an account and try it out 3. Went with RingCentral first then 8x8. I'm thinking about going with a...
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    Convert Small Business to Cloud Computing

    I'd like to chime in here. I'm all for cloud (read: hosted) solutions if they fit the bill - it can certainly make your life easier. At my office I am moving almost everything out to the cloud: There are 4 full time employees and 60 'independent contractors' with about 1/4 of them in the...
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    Building a new work rig - opinions on P8P67LE vs P67 Sabertooth

    Ended up getting the Sabertooth, the LE seemed (is?) like the bottom of the barrel for Asus P67 Mobos. Originally when looking for a new work PC I had debated on a Mac but the only thing in my budget was a Mac Mini and for what you pay its... crap. I did look at getting pre-built box from...
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    MacBook Pro Hard Drive Upgrade

    Technically yes, however I put my superdrive back in to have the MBP serviced under applecare and nobody had a problem with it.
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    Building a new work rig - opinions on P8P67LE vs P67 Sabertooth

    Its a black (and I've updated the post). I figured a $69 wouldn't be overkill but maybe I can find a cheaper option. AFAIK the boards I'm looking at do not have onboard video so I have to get some kind of GPU.
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    MacBook Pro Hard Drive Upgrade

    I have a 120GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD in my Late '08 Unibody MBP and it's been great.
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    Building a new work rig - opinions on P8P67LE vs P67 Sabertooth

    So I'm building the following PC for work: Intel i5-2500k 4GB Corsair XMS3 DDR3 60GB OCZ Vertex 3 500GB WD Caviar Black EVGA 9500GT 1GB Coolermaster 460W PSU Coolermaster Centurion 5 Case 2 x 23" Monitors I will never play a game on this machine but I would like to squeeze as much CPU...
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    MacBook Pro Hard Drive Upgrade

    I used the Maxconnect optibay kit available from Its good quality and included an enclosure for the optical drive so I can still use it when I need to. And yes, you can boot from the external DVD drive.