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    would you use this memory with an I7

    I have two sticks of corsair dominator gt memory , these are 1.65 volt. my question is would you use them with an I7 at the stock voltage?
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    dust eradication

    i have been reading reviews on the gg about the corsair 650d, but none judge it's ability to keep dust out. can anyone that owns one tell me how clean it stays inside.
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    intel ssd

    of the current intel ssd's on the market (320,510) which would everyone prefer ? i am only looking for one in the 120 gigabyte range. thanks for any input.
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    A good buy?

    I am thinking about buying the asrock Z68gen3 mobo, what are your opinions as i promissed one of the younger guys at work i would sell him my mobo and cpu for 150.00 he's extermely excited so i need to know if this is the board to go with as i need to move quickly.
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    i am thinking of getting an asus sabertooth p67 rev 3.0 board . i would like peoples opions on the board . i currently have an evga p55 le board.
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    can video software make a difference?

    i recently purchased a new blue ray player and loaded the software that acme with it, in some areas the picture was what i expected. i downloaded thier upgraded software and used the same movie as my test , the picture was much improved and the areas that had a bad picture now were...
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    ssd install, have question

    i installed my intel x25-m ssd , updated the firmware and installed tool box , performed suggest changes in tool box except for one request it needs dipm. i have to admit i do not know what this is or how to find it,can someone please inform me of what to do. i would also like to thank...
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    installing ssd

    i am getting my intel ssd next week and have one question , i could not find on intels website. would it be better to do a fresh install of windows seven or use the migrate ? i do not have many files to loose so it seems to me a fresh instll would be better. will be gratefull for your feedback.
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    looking for a new carrier

    I want to dump sprint, but i would like some recommendations for a new carrier that is not owned by verizon. I would like to get peoples feedback positive and negative. I would greatly appriciate all your help, i currently have a samsung moment.
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    do did i do good?

    i purchased an intel x25-mssda2mh20g2k5 120gb? I will hopefully get some support from you all when i go to install,algthough from whay i read intel has quite a bit of support with it.
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    ocz agility drives

    I would like to ask opinions on the ocz agility drives. I would prefer an intel but as i live in an apartment and have seen deliveries to apt. doors instead of the office i will buy local wcich leaves me with ocz agility. My question is are they worth investing in or should i try another...
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    need feedback

    I have been checking into a new power supply and came across the corsair builder series. Has anyone have any expierence with these ? I would like any positive and negative replies. I would welcome replies that state whats inside. thanks
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    bad axe

    I am putting together a throw together cpu fpr a friend short on cash. The only spare parts i have are old. My question is with the d975xbx2, didn't you have to use an ide cd dvd palyer? I recall it would not work through the sata connections or has there been a bios update to allow you to do...
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    am i being picky

    I contacted evga about a problem with the speaker output jack on the motherboard. You had to fiddle with the jack in order to get it to work. I contacted support and asked if i could removed the shield from the sound jacks and repair the problem (probably a contact that needed to be...
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    connection issue

    I have a connection problem om my evga mobo on the green plug, after talking with them , i asked if i could remove the shield around yhe sound plugs and repair it myself. I was told this would void warranty , but i could send it back, i told them i wanted to keep this particular board...
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    prcessor volage i5-750

    sorry to ask such a lame question , but i lost the package for processor and am having pinpoint this on intel site. thank you
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    lg rumor2

    does anyone have any expierence with this phone? would you recommend it?
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    would you upgrade ?

    I currently have a xfx 4890 and am thinking of getting an xfx 5850,this will probably be the last video card i can buy for quite some time , i don't game much and eyefinity is out of the question. My question is does anyone think this is a good upgrade or save my money and wait until the...
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    upgrade question

    I currently have a xfx 4890 xxx, aside from dx11 would my only real upgrade be a 5850?
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    patriot warp

    I have a patriot warp (32g) installed. I performed all the tweeks to it and it performs marginally better than two raptor x's in raid o. I will be getting an intel as i am sold on the technology,but my biggest reason for writting trhis is to thank all of you that have helped me with what...
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    ssd purchase advice

    I am thinking of getting an intel x25m ssdsamh080g1 , am i getting what would be considered the correct drive or would you advise a different drive? The drive would also have to be in the same price range.
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    crossfire on p55

    Would there be any advantage to crossfire or sli on a p55 board,or would using a 5970 be the better choice?
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    patriot ssd advice

    I just bought and installed a patriot warp 32g ssd, i am aware of what are said of it's shortcomings,but it was what i could afford and have wanted to see ,what ssd's are about. I would apprieciate hearing from anyone who is running them and if they know of any os tweaks for it. thanks.
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    virus help

    A friend brought me his computer to get viruses out, he has one screen that always coming up, it's name is cyber security you cannot unistall it, i went into safe mode with malware bytes and got rid of an enormous amount of viruses (hundreds ) but this particular one will not show in safe...
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    voltage advice

    i have my e8400 clocked to 3.69 ghz, these are the voltages i currently have set. cpu 1.325,mch 1.375,fsb 1.425 , all seems to run stable have not stressed this yet. i would apprieciate any advice for better votage settings. i am currently on air and am going to stay with it, i might want to...
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    uninstalling software

    I am trying to uninstall avast anti-virus. When i go to change unistall i get an error message (setiface error occured 536870929) and it will not uninstall, is there any other way i can remove the program?
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    Lost network

    I have lost the network on my secondary computer,this has happened before and i ended up doing a complete install of windows to fix the problem as i could not repair within windows, can anyone help or advise me o n how to repair.
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    voltages on q9550

    Can anyone give me the correct voltages for a q9550, just installed this processor and i can't run the memory on anything but auto,some programs do not run i.e. windows update, i even got a security warning on my website. I tried higher voltages comp. would do nothing,set all voltages low and...
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    time to buy?

    I just saw a velociraptor at best buy for 239.00,is it time to buy?
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    worthwhile upgrade ?

    I currently have a 4870, 512 mb card,I wonder if upgrading to a 4890 xxx is worth the money?
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    compair 4850 to 8800gt

    I would like opinions as what you think of these cards , i already have an 8800 gt, are both these cards about the same? Does 1 have any advantage over the other. I just want opinions as i may upgrade.
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    need some help or advice

    Iam getting random bosd and windows has come up with the problem,it says my 4870 and microsoft . net framework 1.0 are not compatable and there is no solution at this time. I have updated the card to the latest drivers. Can anyone advise me on a fix for this. thank you.
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    Would like a memory guru to help

    I just installed 4 gigs ocz intel xmp memory,after several attempts got it to work with both sticks in o& 1 dimm slots channel b. unfortunantly it really afected cpu performance. I stuck 2,1gig 1600 in 0&1 slots of channel a, now everything works great. I have now overclocked this board...
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    Just curious

    I had a mobo laying aruond and some spare parts, put together a box and downloaded Windows 7. At first i put ddr3 memory in board. I ran windows evaluation and it gave the memory a 5.5 (ddr3 1333 mhz) I purchased some ocz pc8000 and installed, igot a 5.7 with this memory. Do you think this...
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    Want to go to raid

    I would like to go to a raid confirguation but never installed raid with os (vista 32). Can i now install it without reinstalling os? I would be very grateful for any suggestions. Would setting up raid transfer data from orignal hdd to raid array?
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    memory slots

    I have an intel dx48bt2 board, I just got some ocz titanium 1600 mhz memory. My question is do i put both sticks in the 0&1 b slots or one the the o a dimm and one in the o b dimm ? Thanks for any advice.
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    IE lock up

    I am beggining to expierence lock ups on ie 7,when this happens i can do nothing to the screen, eventually screen grays and a solution box appears, this happens several times a day. I have run spyware,virus programs,malware,etc., nothing finds any problems. I have never had this problem...
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    got my 4870 have a question

    The nit defender that came with the software,can you get rid of it with out affecting anything else?
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    Help make a decision

    I am trying to decide between the ati 4870 or the nvidia 9800 gx2. I would one day like to make use of thier HDMI capabilities and would like to get an opinion on which would be the better choice. I would like to hear from current owners and as usual the gods from H. i appreciate all the...
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    important decision, need help

    I am stuck on deciding between buying an ati 4870 or a 9800 gx2. I am basing this on one posssibly using the hdmi capabilty. Which card would you recommend?