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    Mitsubishi DLP HDTV - 65" 16:9, 1920 x 1080, 1080p $1599.99 FS

    wow what a difference a year makes. I paid $900 more than that for my WD-65732 1 year ago. great price.
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    Let's just make it simple ... WallpaperMania!

    a desktop capture does not a wallpaper make.....who wants to see someone eleses icons.
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    Welp Enermax finally popped

    Don't think so. Seems to be the liberty series more than the noisetakers that tend to pop.
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    APC 1500VA w/ LCD

    for $99 you can get a Tripp-Lite with LCD active Voltage regulation etc etc etc from Coscto thats 1000VA just as an option
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    Welp Enermax finally popped

    Most reviews I'd read talked about a short lifespan of the Enermax Liberty 620W PSU This morning in the middle of playing World Of Warcraft it popped. Smelled the wonderful smell of fried electronics. Wouldn't even think about powering back up. Logged into newegg's website and was JUST...
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    ide 100 raid a good idea?

    8GB (raid 0) isn't much space. and it won't be faster than your 7200.9
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    Monarchcomputer using customers money as a float, anyone have recent experince

    I saw this starting back in december/jan timeframe around when the Opty 146's got popular monarch had problems with inventory/shipping and refunds for un-fulfillable orders and wildly fluxtuating prices. where things would vary $80+ in one day for no apparent reason. The 30 days to refund is...
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    ide 100 raid a good idea?

    If you can afford $25 you can afford $50 and can then buy yourself another 80GB easy.
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    Ultra ATA-100 vs ATA-6

    sweet just wanted to make sure I won't have problems. Can't wait till the new drive gets here should be a nice speed boost. everything else in teh sytem is fast but the drive. Turion ML:-40 2GB DDR400 etc etc etc but only a 5400RPM drive So this will be a nice speed boost. Plus I'm...
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    Ultra ATA-100 vs ATA-6

    I have a laptop that currently is using a 120GB Seagate Ultra ATA-100 drive. I want to replace it with a 7200RPM drive. Newegg lists most of the drives with ATA-6 and only a 80GB as Ultra ATA-100. Can I buy the ATA-6 drive will it work? FWIW the laptop is a Acer Ferrari 4006Wlmi Turion ML-40.
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    Sanyo Denki San Ace 120x38mm Fans

    never was sucessful undervolting them but full power they're insane I couldn't take I mistakenly put 3 in my P-180.....papers started flying around my office area.
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    Hard Drive, Raid, SATA controllers. (Best Brand?) about a typo....I meant. "What is your plan"
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    Hard Drive, Raid, SATA controllers. (Best Brand?)

    If you don't have PCI-E then I'll assum you also don't have PCI-X. What id your place?
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    RAID on a budget.

    Hmm....interesting. I didn't have PCI-X available to me on that machine. Since it's a stand alone machine that does nothing but act as a network drive I feel pretty confident the Opteron 148 I put in there is plenty to power it if it is a software raid. Wonder what CPU is under the big...
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    RAID on a budget.

    You sure? I was told it was hardware. I was even told it was hardware by people on this forum as well.
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    Hard Drive, Raid, SATA controllers. (Best Brand?)

    FWIW I've been running 8 250GB Western Digital Raid Edition SATA drives and a High Point 2320 PCI-E raid card in a raid 5 together for 9 months now 24x7 without a single hiccup or error.
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    RAID on a budget.

    If you start with 3 drives you can do a raid 5 and if you're using a good Raid 5 card like mine that supports online capacity expansion then you can continue to add drives and making your array larger without losing the whole array and starting over.
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    The [H]ard Forum 2 Terabyte Club

    2TB unformatted space in my Network Storage Drive
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    How much performance loss with 4x512MB vs. 2x1GB?

    I personally used to run 4x512MB OCZ Peformance series(copper heatspreader) on a ECS KN1 Extreme motherboard and a X2 4400+ last year. It worked just fine for about a month before I wound up selling the rig to a friend.....he went with another motherboard and hasn't been able to duplicate it.
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    Need high powered but SILENT UPS

    only thing I can think of is daisy chain a quality UPS you could take 2 Tripp-Lite 1000va UPS units from costco for $99/each and it's completely silent. I'm not sure if you'll find the exact requirement you're looking for.
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    sSATA vs. NAS for External Storage

    Personally I built a second rig just for my raid array. all the PC's in my house see it as a Network drive. I used a low cost stable ECS motherboard and an opteron single core and ram I already had with a cheap mx4000 video card along with 8x250GB WD RAID edition hard drives for the raid 5...
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    What is "Tearing" ???

    Yeah....I've been seeing exactly that in FEAR and 3dmark. using a dell 2001FP and SLI 7800GTX's
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    What is "Tearing" ???

    I've seen it mentioned on here many times but I don't know exactly what it is to know if it's the problem I occaisonally see on my system.
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    Post your X2 temps

    I turned that crap off on all 3 of my desktops.....made things too glitchy back when I built them(early days of dual core) plus I used to overclock. Now I just never thought about turning it back on with the current patches and the fact that I don't overclock anymore
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    Post your X2 temps

    X2 4400+ stock speed with Zalman 9500 46C full load opteron 165 Full load 49~50C with Thermal Take big typhoon(this chip has always reported hot)
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    What can you guys possibly have that fills up 250GB of storage?

    8 250GB drives in a Raid 5. at least thats what I did.
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    Which processor driver for the fx62?

    technically speaking you don't need any driver windows XP SP2 will support it natively. You only need to install the "driver"/hotfix if you're having problems with the system specifically in gaming.
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    Enermax Galaxy 1000 Watt PSU

    Enermax's modular cables though are some of the best I've ever seen. I have a liberty 650(or is it 620 can't remember) but they're very very well built and it even came with a nice little pouch for the spare cables I didn't use.
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    $300 To Spend ... I'm torn.

    In the case of the epox it's a small difference in price that allows for expandability. In my case I bought an SLI board while only using 1 6600GT. Then when I went shopping for Raid controllers PCI-E was still open to me so I got a 4xPCI-e Raid controller that sits in the other SLI PCI-e 16x...
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    $300 To Spend ... I'm torn.

    if you're keeping your memory you could easily get a Dual core 939 and a nice SLI board like a epox 9NPA+ SLI or something for under your budget.
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    Dual Core Reliability

    the "problems" were actually not that severe and not nearly as common as you might think. Nearly everyone I know who built a dual core system who loaded a fresh copy of windows SP2 needed NO special drivers to run any games. No hotfix, nothing. As far as the rest of it goes I've been running...
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    The official feeling left out club

    similar here. I just actually mumbled the words to myself "Wouldn't it be nice to make the file server a dual core machine for $153 bux" Then I slapped myself remembering what that box actually does and realized the Opty 148 thats in it is plenty. I already have 2 dual core rigs sitting next...
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    Dell 1907fp still nice?

    love mine. very bright great colors. I actually like it better than my 2001FP Not sure which panel mine was made from though.
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    When will companies realize we like more than 60hz refresh rate for LCDs!

    Can anyone explain "Tearing"? I'm wondering if it's the artifacting I'm seeing on my 2001FP on my SLI 7800GTX's
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    How efficient is the stock cooling solution (Opty 165)

    the stock heat pipe cooler is pretty good. I replaced mine with a Thermaltake Big Typhoon. Strangely the difference was not very dramatic.
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    which is more powerful 1x7900GTX or 2x7800GTX

    I currently have SLI 7800GTX's would I get better performance from one 7900GTX than I currently have or is it not worth the trade?
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    Is worth getting a dual core?from opteron 146

    if you get lucky enough to hit FX-60 speeds.
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    Intel to beat AMD by 20%

    Price per performance/watt is like a ricer saying that his Honda 2000 makes 100HP/liter as an excuse for why he got beat by a 3Mpg 502 Chevy Big's a lame argument unless it's still faster overall performance/watt regardless. We know it's possible intel could do it. They've done it...
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    Opteron 170 is on it's way, do I need to burn in before OC'n?

    The shin Etsu TIM that comes on most AMD's currently is just as good as AS5. It's not the same as the old orange crap AMD used to give you.