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    1 hour left. 670 FTW w/ waterblock
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    Matte Black & White

    600T fits a 400mm x 200mm radiator quite nicely :) four 200mm fans & six 120mm fans Water cooling with Mayehm pastel white 2 Evga hydro coppers on their 670 ftw's Laser cutting all the acrylic panels. No LED lighting :) Mostly a matte black & matte white build!
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    Rigid tubing?

    Kind of looks like these tubes are rigid. I don't want any tubes bending in my next build. Ive been looking at buying longer versions of the Bitspower crystal link from a plastics place but they require a special fitting like...
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    6000 series GPU monitor gadget?

    All my GPU monitor gadgets dont recognize the 6850 i just installed... anyone got any ideas?