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    Man Mauled to Death by Bear While Taking Selfie with It

    I DO know whats going on over there, its fucking horrific. Saw the report on the man who was mentally disabled. He tried to talk to a child, nothing more then that. Unfortunately, it scared the child, who screamed.. and a group of people in the village stoned him and smashed in his skull...
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    Man Mauled to Death by Bear While Taking Selfie with It

    Serves him right.. our society and species in general has the overwhelming stupidity and arrogance to strut around claiming how we are so fucking great... the truth is we are weak, lazy and over-entitled, and its not until the real world comes knocking on our delusion and suddenly we start...
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    [Nick Low Voice /ON]"And so it goes, and so it goes, and so it goes..."[Nick Low Voice /OFF]
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    Amazon Warehouse Employees Pee Into Bottles to Save Time

    You're right.. they DON'T care about their employees, they run a fucking meatgrinder of getting as much out of them as they can before they either quit in disgust or are terminated for raging. blatant stupidity. But those are actual TRUE issues.. and its the kind of shit that needs to be...
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    Amazon Warehouse Employees Pee Into Bottles to Save Time

    This is a complete load of horseshit.. nobody pees in bottles.. hoodies are not banned, you just keep the hood down because you can't hear or see with it up and there's powered equipment... everywhere.. this 'article' is just more "print the worst things you can think of, people are in the mood...
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    Shenmue I and II Are Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC

    Guess it's a nostalgia thing.. because that looked pretty sub par.. was expecting the girl @ the end to pull off her face and reveal she was really Robot Fuhrer from Castle Wolfenstein
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    Pincoin ICO Results in $660M Scam

    Anyone who honestly believes in the concept of something for nothing deserves what happens to them.... straight up
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    Boston Marathon Runner Will Be Wearing 3D-Printed Flip-Flops

    Shouldn't that read "Boston Marathon Runner"...? Or is my OCD setting off a false alarm?
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    3D Box Office Hits Lowest Levels in Eight Years

    Big shock... it's a fucking gimmick.. an attempt to get audiences to over look shit acting, nonsensical action, and horrific story telling...
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    TRUE Surround Sound Headphones Are Finally Here

    Oh for fuck sake.. just get a decent sound card and get some speakers.. call it a fucking day. This is just stupid.. for some reason I'm reminded of both Gary and Wyatt wearing bras on their heads, as well as the film Brainstorm. Waiting for someone to try and convince the masses that tying...
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    Apple Invents Keyless Keyboards for Macs and iPad Pro

    Hmmmm... too bad TRON did this 30 years ago...
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    Another Cryptocurency Startup Pulls Exit Scam With $4.5 Million

    Don't you mean cock-block chaining?
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    Personalized Fake Porn Now For Sale On Reddit

    Oh god.. I head a voice whisper "If you thought '7 degrees from Kevin Bacon' was bad.....", and a cold chill ran up & down my spine
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    Personalized Fake Porn Now For Sale On Reddit

    cue Trump denouncing his newly released (vomitfest) sextape with Stormy Daniels as 'Fake Porn' in 3...... 2........ 1........
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    New Corsair Dark Core SE Wireless Mouse and MM1000 Charging Mousepad

    I loved my ratpad.. but it kept warping. Bending it over my knee so my mouse didn't slide off and hit the floor every time I let go of it got to kind of suck
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    Rutgers Pioneering 4D Printed Controllable Hydrogel

    So... they reinvented shrinki-dinks?
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    Netflix Says “’Bright” Success Proves Film Critics Are “Disconnected from Mass Appeal”

    I enjoyed it... I'm thinking everybody wants to be the asshole now, and trash pretty much everything that doesn't grant an opportunity for false nostalgia or brainless, unsupported fanboyism....
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    NVIDIA Big Format Gaming Displays - BFGD

    I have 1 50" Philips 4K as my main, a Sony XBR-40z on the right of that, an Asus VE278 27" on the left of the Phillips (set to 2560x1440), and a Samsung SyncMaster P2450 to the left of the Asus.... I've been doing multi monitor since 1990.. never gonna quit
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    YouTuber Nearly Dies in Very Dumb Head-in-Cement Microwave Stunt

    Morons.... acting like morons.... because they are encouraged rather then ostracized and shamed for acting like... wait for it... morons.... let them die, stop saving them from themselves, and eventually the problem will sort itself out by either killing them all off, or they stop acting like...
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    J.J. Abrams to Write and Direct Star Wars: Episode IX

    I have to admit though, some of the memes that have been created using 'Martha' are pretty damn funny.....
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    J.J. Abrams to Write and Direct Star Wars: Episode IX

    yay, more movies by someone who loves making movies, makes movies that are georgous to look at, but utterly misses the point of why the subject matter was popular in the first place, thus fills his attempts with empty, soulless caricatures in it's place.
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    Advertising Works

    what did I just watch?
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    Mazda Is Going to Start Restoring First-Generation Miatas

    Nissan was doing this with the 240z's.. wish it would become more common Anybody remember when a Miata was supposed to be 12k basic, $15k for British Racing Green, and $18k fully loaded? Yeah.. that didn't last long once they figured out what a money maker they had... :(
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    Half the Atoms Inside Your Body ...

    My god.... it's full of poop....
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    Atari CEO Confirms New Game Console

    How many times has this company been burned to the ground only for somebody to think "Theres a brand worth investing in" and started it up again? I remember when they had a a fun little D&D based online game.. think it was 'Heroes of Neverwinter'.. one day they just up and shut it down on the...
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    Phil Spencer Wants to Bring OG Xbox Emulation and Xbox Game Pass to PC

    Now I can FINALLY play HALO on my PC.. wait.. wut?
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    I've got the Cosmos by CoolerMaster, and I decided to play with it a bit.. I basically spent the better part of 5 minutes trying to twist/tilt it so the back/right end was up as high as possible, and it finally slipped in. I could feel the difference when it didn't hit wrong... now its installing :)
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    WD Easystore External Discussion

    Looks like the interface is specifically designed to make it incompatible with hot-swap configurations (slightly off from standard), manual install or plugs it is then!
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    Report: Not Many Americans Interested in Buying PS4 Pro or Xbox Scorpio

    Folks are sick of the utter lack of backwards compatibility & future adaptability/upgradability... think changing that would bring more folks to the buying table
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    Apple iPhone Sales are Down Due to Reports of Future Models According to CEO

    Thats freaking hilarious! Dilbert just used this in a strip a little over a week ago... the CEO announced the new model they intended to release that Winter would be absolutely amazing.. and it tanked their sales as people waited in anticipation of the release :)
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    Let's Play PC Games at 8K Resolution

    "We put 1 atom of every spice known to man in this cake... that's 8k spices...." "Hmm... tastes like cake..."
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    Wut the Wut? 4K on 5+ year old monitors?

    Well I'll be damned, for some reason Virtual Super Resolution was not set 'ON' for that monitor, no idea why.. thanks!
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    Wut the Wut? 4K on 5+ year old monitors?

    Before I got my 43" Philips 4k, I was running a fairly simple 4 monitor setup. Acer x233H left of center Asus VE278Q center (in corner) Benq G2400WDLCD (right of center) Samsung Syncmaster P2450 (right) I've got an 'L' shaped desk in the corner, with the big picture window on the right just...
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    Blast from the Soltek Past

    I've got a CoolerMaster Cosmos II, and I've got 8 drives in it, Corsair HX850, a Master Liquid Pro 240, as well as a shit tone of expansion cards... curling that up onto my work table is something you warm up for before attempting.
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    Blast from the Soltek Past

    Anybody still have bags of jumpers sorted by color?
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    Blast from the Soltek Past

    Shoulda called it the Frenches Mustard Monster
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    What is The Best Thermal Paste to Purchase in 2017?

    Learned yer lesson after that 1st time you burned yer pee-pee eh?
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    What is The Best Thermal Paste to Purchase in 2017?

    I wonder how effective cheezewiz would be?