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    Why are people here so stuck up on using Vista?

    exactly, the null. PLUS you're just not in if you're not anti... :rolleyes:
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    AMD Unviels Barcelona Archetcture! =p

    True. Will there be any HT3 enabled motherboards launched alongside Barcelona?
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    platform for penryn based xeons

    Thanks for the input, APOLLO, I'll check back with ASUS then.
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    cannot install XP??

    Thanks a bunch, protocol - that did it! saved me a lot of time!
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    platform for penryn based xeons

    just a quick question: AFAIK the penryn based xeons will require a new mainboard. Is that correct? Or will they be drop-in compatible with current 53xx based xeons mainboards?
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    cannot install XP??

    ok, a friend of mine bought an ACER 5683 WLMi Notebook, which comes with Vista Home Premium by default. He wants to have XP installed on the machine, though (i couldn't care less, so please don't get into a vista/XP fight). Now the problem is, I cannot make the computer boot from his XP CD...
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    Thought there might have been a month fixed, as august with barcelona... So Q4 ate best.
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    I have a couple of questions regarding agenaFX and hope someone can help me out here: Does anyone know if there is a semi-solid release date for these processors (such as august for barcelona)? Secondly, what platform will they be used in? AFAIK the agenafx processors will be the first ones to...
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    It's Official - Barcelona to Debut in August!

    No clue who got it wrong. maybe it was xbits'. Let's just hope they ramp up the clock-speed quickly. To be honest - if the given emulated scores turn out to be true I'll be amazed no matter what, considering the fact that it's pitted against a core2 derivate, which was a massive leap ahead in...
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    It's Official - Barcelona to Debut in August!

    hey visaris, AFAIK it was a simulated Barcelona @ 2.6GHz and not 2.3GHz: "Unfortunately, Barcelona’s test results are “estimated performance” of the chip at 2.60GHz “based on internal AMD emulations&#8221...
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    It's Official - Barcelona to Debut in August!

    great if true. i'll certainly wait for the benchmarks in august before passing a decision. If it does not deliver I'll go xeon 53xx. simple as that.
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    fist time dual socket build - any advice welcome

    Thanks for the input, Slartibartfast. SUpermicro boards are pretty much impossible to get in Austria - I've been looking for one before, Tyan was the second choice for me. Are ASUS boards considered to be a viable alternative, or is their reputation in the server space not as good? Will post...
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    fist time dual socket build - any advice welcome

    Hi all, I am currently in the process of speccing out my first dual-socket built. That being said - I'd really like to hear what you guys think about it, as I do not have any experience whatsoever when it comes to server/workstation-class components. There will be a total of three machines...
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    cannot start IE7 in vista64 anymore!?

    Yeah, just saw this - and was typing while you send the answer ;) Thanks a bunch anyways, catweazle!
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    cannot start IE7 in vista64 anymore!?

    Yep, checked what you suggested, too. However, after some deep digging i came up with this: Aparently, the problem...
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    cannot start IE7 in vista64 anymore!?

    ok, here is the problem: yesterday microsoft update installed a new cumulative security update for IE7 on my vista64 machine. since then, i cannot even start the bloody program anymore: whenever i intend to, IE7 starts up briefly and then the download window pops up asking where i want to save...
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    inquirer says K10 yields are better than expected

    Nah, I think it was a good choice no matter what comes... or doesn't come for that matter. All I can say is that it is about damn time AMD/ATI finally releases something other than press releases IMHO. I cannot remember having been that tired of product announcements ever before - and that...
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    AMD Phenom I kinda like it... I guess.
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    The INQ does it again

    just read that, too. now R600 better does deliver - it certainly is the piece of hardware with the most rumors - now it is even supposed to have decend sound onboard! It's getting better every day. :D
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    Why hasn't anyone posted this???! R600 benchmarks at VR-Zone

    I'd love to see how R600 - and 8800GTX for that matter - perform in DX10. also I hope AMD will put out some great fireGLs based on R600 - better yet: I hope they do so in one monolithic launch. :)
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    6 months to go, when are we going to see some leaked Bacelona figures?

    AFAIK intel updated the roadmap during last IDF and we will not see 45nm CPUs before 2008 - maybe that is only desktop parts? Correct me if I'm wrong, though.
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    Maya Performance: Desktop cards vs Workstation cards?? cheers, j
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    "I hate macs"

    All in good fun (I do own Mac products, so don't even bother) - thought it was a rather funny mocking of apple's ad-campaign:,,2006031,00.html - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
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    can X800 based cards...

    Bugger - it has 128mb RAM. I guess I'm SOL, then :(
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    can X800 based cards...

    Can X800 based cards display all Vista Aero features, such as the transparent window effects, the alt+TAB window selection etc.? I was just wondering, as installed a copy of Vista Ultimate on one of our computers, today, and it doesn't display any of the above-mentioned features. I have to...
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    recommend me a decent headset

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    x1800xt crossfire

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    this RAM for my new x2 rig?

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    AMD Athlon 64 FX-74 & Quad FX Platform Review

    While I am with on most parts, I still think it shouldn't be forgotten that you can buy a two socket/8 core setup from Intel for under 3800 as we speak. So while Barcelona might kick some serious ass in the future, 4x4 is reviewed today - and if it is your thing to go massivley multi-core with...
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    CrossFlow...The Next Evolution.

    I'll post some pics later today, if I can make it out of the office in time. Otherwise tomorrow, ok?
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    CrossFlow...The Next Evolution.

    Kudos, looks nice. I did almost exactly the same layout a couple of years back. Size is almost identical. ... Yours seems to be way more friendly to assemble, though ;) - very nice layout of all components and cooling! One question, though: Are you sure it would fit 8800GTXs? AFAIK they are...
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    can one of you guys with a 8800GTX do me a favour?

    hey drakken, 'cuda' sounds interesting and i must admit i never even heared of it. do you have any links or further information on it? i'm with you, but that does not make specViewPerf less relevant IMHO. once scenes include really heavy geometry or large textures or lots of displacement...
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    can one of you guys with a 8800GTX do me a favour?

    These are pretty low scores if you look at what was posted before. The POV 6800GT PCIe @ Quadro FX4000 (softmodded) scores a lot higher in maya. somethings wrong? are these even the same revisions of specViewperf? Something seems way off, as wto FX4500s should wipe the floor with a single 4000...
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    4x4 Pics

    formfactor looks weired. This thing IS bigger than ATX, right? Still doesn't look like full eATX spec... :confused: ... ah, and yeah, i want one ;)
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    can one of you guys with a 8800GTX do me a favour?

    I can only comment on older ATI hardware, as I owned a 9700pro soft-modded to fireGL X1 a couple fo years ago. I did not affect the gaming-performance by much (2-5% max.), but the viewport performance in 3D-packages skyrocketed. Definitely worth the try, if you ask me, as you can always...
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    custom scroll-bars in frames and DIVs

    ok, i know i can change the look of scrollbars in opera, conqueror and IE through CSS, but unfortunately firefox just doesn't like that. do i really have to dive into java, hide the standard browser scrollbars and place the java ones on my site? there has to be a simpler way, right, i'd hope...
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    "Official" Windows Vista abbreviation?

    We're strictly looking for what's officially considered to be cool, here, so you know when to laugh at your friends and when not. ;)