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    What monitor should I get for my dad?

    What is a good monitor to get for my dad? He likes to see things big on the screen and given that high quality monitors usually feature a high native resolution, what would be a good monitor for him? I was thinking of a 19 inch monitor with 1440x900 monitor which would be the lowest resolution...
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    Dell XPS 410 Case or Fan being really noisy, how to fix?

    I have a XPS 410 (Dimension 9200) and I got it because it is a very quiet system. However, after a few years, the system is not that quiet anymore due to some sort of vibration in the case. It makes a rattling noise of some kind and it pisses me the hell off. Sometimes I can just move the...
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    Dell Dimension 9200 (XPS 410) PSU Fried

    Hi all, I have a Dell Dimension 9200 (XPS 410) and due to a recent storm one the power lines connecting to my house fell off and all heavy electricity sucking appliances didn't work (washer, dryer). My dad tried turning on the dryer and every time he did it, the energy levels in the house...
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    If all 22 inch monitors are crappy TN panels, which one should I get?

    I was thinking of getting a 22 inch monitor, because my 20 inch monitor is a little too high in resolution for my dad. He can't read the small print and actually prefers the a bigger, non-native resolution because the words are bigger. Anyway, coming from a Dell 2001FP (S-IPS) I know what a...
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    How to clean a XPS 410 front intake fan?

    Hi guys! I have a Dell Dimension 9200, better known as a XPS 410 and the front fan, which intakes the air to cool the CPU is terribly dirty and is making noises. Now this is supposed to be a silent computer and it was when I bought it, but now there is buzzing and vibrations and I think it...
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    Macbook memory vs. PC notebook memory = the same?

    I want to buy some memory for a Macbook which has an Intel platform (Core Duo) and as I went on Newegg, I noticed they separated the notebook ram and mac ram. Both are 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM so I'm wondering what the problem is or if its just a scam. I have this same question regarding Mac G4...
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    Best memory for a non-overclocking mobo

    Hi guys, My system is in my sig, and I was planning on getting 2x1GB sticks of RAM for my computer. Currently, I have 4x512MB and I've heard having 4 sticks can result in a hit in performance. Since, I have a Dell, which is not easy/impossible to overclock, I wonder, what is the best...
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    Notebook / Laptop question

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    Notebook / Laptop question

    Hi, There are lots of websites such as this that examine desktop and desktop related parts. I was wondering if there is a resource for laptops. I am currently in the market for a Dell Inspiron E1405 for school and I am wondering whether I should just get a Core Duo T2300e now or wait for...
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    Transporting 2 RAM Sticks

    I'm transporting 2 RAM sticks and I don't really have a case for them. I actually kinda just wrapped them in paper and but them in a box so they won't get crushed. I hope my RAM is ok. And also I'm writing this for future ideas of transporting RAM. Thanks.
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    Memory for Dell Dimension 9200 C2D Rig

    Hey guys, I'm planning on getting a Dell Dimension 9200 which has the C2D and am wondering what is the best memory to get for it. I'm not quite sure what the chipset is and what mobo it is knowing Dell. But I know the bios is very limited and you can't do any fancy overclocking, setting...
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    Problems detecting 2nd Hard Drive on Windows XP Pro

    So from my sig, you see what kind of computer i have. I'm trying to install a 2nd hard drive which is a SAMSUNG SpinPoint P Series HD160JJ 160GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache SATA II 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive So I got it to detect on the BIOS and also on Device Manager, but when i go to My Computer, I...
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    What video card for WoW and Dungeons and Dragons Online?

    I have a friend that plays WoW and Dungeons and Dragons Online. He'll prolly plays other games of the like. He currently has a GeForce 5600 and a 800MHz CPU, but he says he still manages to run those game. He says he meets the minimum requirements, lol. So now he's upgrading to a Dell...
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    What video card for Flight Simulator?

    My friend does a lot of flight simulator and he's wondering what video card he should get. The CPU is an Intel 3.0GHz 630, the Chipset is 945G, and the RAM is 1GB DDR2 in Dual Channel. The mobo supports PCI-Express. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    SUPER HOT 92C 6200 Video Card in need of cooling

    Hey guys, So I got a 6200 for my computer because I wanted DVI for my 2001FP, improved DVD playback, and I started playing Starcraft again :rolleyes: So yeah, I wanted a silent video card because I download a lot, and sometimes I leave it on when I sleep, so I want something that is quiet...
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    What video card is appropriate for me? I do not play ANY games at all.

    Right now I'm using Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 as my graphics solution. I do watch DVDs on my computer and I plan on possibly getting a LCD with DVI. If so, for these reasons should I buy a video card? I know there are cards like the 6200TC and the X300 with Hyper Memory. Are these...
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    Buy a LCD now or wait?

    Hi guys, I am currently on a CRT I got from a friend for free. Previously I had the Dell 1905FP, but I sold it because I did not like the ghosting and the response time of 20ms. I am thinking of buying a LCD again, but it seems like right now isn't the best time to get a LCD as lots of new...