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    OCZ 2x1gb and MSI K8N Neo2 Plat. Help!

    I just got 2x1gb of OCZ Performance PC3200 from Newegg, part number OCZ4002048PFDC-K. It seems fine and dandy at stock settings. 2.6v 200mhz 3 3 3 8 1T. However it will only do about 209mhz stable. I have tried everything from different timings, 2T command rates and different voltages, all of...
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    Found a ISA Video Card Cardinal 16bit What year was it made?

    I remember buying this card forever ago and my mom wouldnt let me put it in here pc. So there it sat on the shelf in my folks office, until now. I was looking for something else and came across it. I remember buying the card but I cant remember how long ago. I cant find a date anywhere on the...
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    F@H windows 98 timeless wu?

    Hi yall, I picked up an old dell last night a friend found in their garage. Anyways, I put a fresh install of win98se on it and installed the fah console for win98. Is there anyway to set timeless wu's? Its only a 200mhz pentium. Its slow.. and it downloaded a 2500000 step p1416_polyQ_beta-helix...
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    Pariah for PC has problems

    Ok Im a sucker for new games, so I ran out and bought Pariah the day it came out. So far its been OK. But now it keeps crashing to the desktop and I get this error code: Anybody know what any of that means. I found a patch for the game and I installed it, but it didnt change anything. I...
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    Checkboxes in Microsoft Word 2000??

    Hi yall. Im working on some Word bankruptcy templates for my Dad who is an attorney. Anyone know if there is a way to make a list of options with a working check box for each option within word? So that all he has to do is click on a box to make it marked. Ive got boxes that are there and all...
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    Problems with bios resetting itself..

    I have a Gigabyte GA-7n400pro 2 mobo, which has worked just fine for me. Until I added an adaptec scsi card and a pair of U320 15k rpm Seagate drives in raid 0 :D. Everytime I shut down and take it over to my friends house, the bios resets itself to defaults. And it does it when I bring it home...
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    Need help with F@H Server wont connect

    Hi yall. One of my rigs cant get a work packet. I checked the log file and its trying to get it from So I checked the server status link at F@H and it says its on standby and not accepting. Is there anything I can do, so that I can...
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    Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu LED CPU Cooler $39.99

    Saw this on Theyve got the Zalman CNPS7000B-Cu LED CPU Cooler for $39.99 plus shipping. Thats the full copper version. Pretty good deal if you ask me, they are 47.99 on newegg. I ordered one. I dont need it, but what the heck. It was $47 and some change shipped. A friend of mine has...
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    Whats the next big First Person Shooter??

    Ok Ive worn out Far Cry, Ive played all the quakes, Ive Doomed it until I cant Doom anymore. I just finished Half Life 2 which was killer!!! Whats next??? Ive gone back to some old favorites, but I need something new.
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    Star Wars Galaxies

    Does anyone still play SWG? I bought a while back and played for like 2 weeks and gave it up because it seemed like I was going nowhere in the game and there seemed to be no point to it all. Just curious if anyone is still playing and paying $15 a month for it?
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    FPS in Doom3 question

    Anybody know how accurate the 'timedemo demo1" command to check FPS in Doom3 is?? I ran it at Ultra Quality settings at 1024x768 at 2xAA and got 47.4 FPS. Does that sound right? Anything over about 35fps is very playable right? I havent played it yet with Ultra settings, but I have been...