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    Cubitek Mini Cube

    I had a case being made by an artisan on OCnet and it kind of fell through, So I decided to go with the Cubitek Mini Cube for my new case! I will start by saying this thing is a DREAM to work with, anyone looking at getting a Q08 or Q18 from Lian Li get this instead. I planned on doing a...
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    760 4gb or 670 2gb for 1920x1200

    I'm currently running a 560ti 1gb on my older Dell 2405FWP at 1920x1200 and it works OKAY in games, but I think it's time to upgrade. I feel like the 760 4gb gives me expandability to add additional monitors which I feel is in my near future. Do you think it's a much smarter choice of the...
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    Oregon Duck Danger Den 450

    Just a few simple mods I'm doing for my Duck case. Here's a few shots of what I've done so far This build will be my lan box. All these parts I currently own. Danger Den Lan Tower 450 Silverstone 450w SFX Intel i3 2100 ASRock Z68-ITX EVGA 560ti 8GB Corsair Vengeance Crucial M4 64GB...
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    Dangerden Lan Tower 450W

    As everyone knows by now, DD has gone out of business. I was one of the lucky few to get this case for a whole whopping 35 dollars. I'll take more photos of it once I get the Di-noc carbon fiber wrap for it and the plexi cleaner. Going to be an Oregon Duck themed case. DD Tower 450w...
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    Lian Li PC-Q08 Custom Back Panel

    I've seen some shots before of people cut their back panel out and replace with a custom steel/aluminum one that they've made to bottom mount their PSU. But of course now that i'm looking for these or someone who has done it to get some dimensions from them I can't seem to find it anywhere...
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    DX79SI Restart Issue

    Buddy of mine has one of these motherboards with a 3930k and said it's working great except "everytime I restart I have to kill my PSU and start it back up to get a successful post." We flashed the BIOS, tried running with one stick of ram (Since I've read some issues with these intel...
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    Caselabs SFF Case

    I talked to them today about possibility of a SFF case from Caselabs. Everyone knows that they make some very high end cases. This is what he said. Hello, We do have a smaller line of cases in development that will probably be available sometime in June. Jim Keating CaseLabs I...
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    Lian Li PC-Q08 Into an ITX Test Bench

    Had this case just collecting dust and it was just asking to get some holes cut. Only modding I did to this was 3 holes cut, and some switching around of the panels. This is the result. This was the mach up of the panels being swapped around and put on it's side. Took my drill...