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    Act Quick: NVIDIA Shield $149 and Pro $249 Amazon Lightning Deal. With Free Remote About 35 minutes left on the deal at 1:18 PM PST. Beats out the Best Buy fiasco on this. This is also supposed to be on sale on Cyber Monday from a CNET article.
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    3 year old Coolermaster RealPower Pro 1000W. Still good for a i7-2600/6970 xfire?

    I'm upgrading to the i7-2600K build below and would like to reuse the Cooler Master Real Power Pro 1000W from the 830 SE case I've been using with no issues in my OC'd Q6600 rig with 460GTXs in SLI with Raptor and 3 other WD HDs for the last 3 years. I'm updating to a the following and do...
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    New i7-2600K build memory: 16GB DDR3 1866 or 1600?

    I've seen the articles on memory speeds on bit-tech and Tomshardware with the i7-2500/2600K CPUs. From those, it looks like tighter timings gives better performance than speed. From some searches on several forums also, it looks like 1600 and 1866 ram are the best choices. This weekend the...
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    4 Dell 30 inch U3011 monitors in a 1 over 3 configuration: Best Videocard Solution?

    I think Eyefinity and a single ATI 6970 will work based AMD/ATIs site but have some questions that I can't find answers to on their sites. Any help is appreciated. I'm going with 4 Dell 30 inch Dell 3011 monitors in a 1 over 3 configuration with the top monitor centered over the bottom 3...
  5. N Deal $11.50 for Cooler Master 120mm Silent Case Fan 4-in-1 Value Pack

    Just saw this deal on slickdeals and am passing it along: Cooler Master 120mm Silent Case Fan 4-in-1 Value Pack - (R4-S2S-124K-GP) $11.50 and qualifies for free shipping with Amazon Prime
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    SSD Advice for nvidia 780i

    I'm on the fence on getting the OCZ Agility 60 GB SSD deal for $129 or waiting until my next upgrade as I have a XFX 780i MB with OC'd Q6600 with 150 GB raptor that's working pretty well for me with Vista 64. I plan on loading Win 7 Pro 64 bit on a single SSD. I"ve read mixed things as in Win 7...
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    Frys 1 day sale: MadCatz SF4 Tournament Ed. Stick PS3&Xbox360/PC $99online / $89 B&M

    Found this on PS3 - Item # 5829733 [] -- PS3 has some PC issues but XBOX 360 one works great with PC (GOOGLE is your friend on this one)...
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    APC H15 Home Theater Power Conditioner/Surge Protector with AVR for $169+tax/shipping

    APC AV 1.5 kVA H Type Power Conditioner 120V (Silver) I found this deal surfing around for a true power conditioner/voltage regulator and surge protector made by APC. It usually sells or 350 at the lowest online. Its on sale as overstock on APCs own website for 169 plus...
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    Asus Xonar HDAV Soundcard to offer TrueHD/DTS Master HD over HDMI 1.3 June-July 08 Article for the lazy (Link has pics) Asus soundcards If you’re an AV fanboy with a penchant for Blu-ray, take note now. Asus says that in the June-July timeframe, it will launch what it claims is the only solution that will...
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    Street Fighter 4 Trailer and Gameplay Vids on Just saw this. I remember hours of SF2 Turbo on my Super NES (still got it). Can't wait. Lots of gameplay vids up too (some old/some new):
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    Extreme Guide: Build the Perfect HTPC V2: HW and SW Info. Good Read Looks to have some good info.
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    Problems with Posting New Thread to FS/FT (hopefully this posts)

    Hi, I attempted to post the following thread that appears for me in the link below in the FS/FT forum but it's not showing up in the forum itself (I happened to cut/paste it into notepad before I closed my browser) I...
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    8800 GTS 512 MB deals $219 BFG OC at Frys / PNY XLR8 at BestBuy

    Fry's San Diego Ad shows the BFG 8800 GTS 512 MB OC on sale for $219 after $35 mail in rebate. The ad says 254 for the price but I was in the store yesterday and thought the tag that was up said 249. EDIT: Best Buy's ad print says GT but with the pic of PNY 8800 GTS XLR8 512 MB box for $219...
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    What are the Best 13X19 Photo Printers with Cost being a factor and not a factor?

    I've seen the HP Photosmart 8750 on sale for 299 lately. I've been interested in a printer that can print 11X17 and 13X19 prints for a while. I've seen mostly positive reviews of it but it's Vista drivers apparently still need some work. Does anyone have any experience with this HP or...
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    Microcenter Q9450 OEM $299 Online and $349 w/$50 GC Instore

    $349.99 IN-STORE and WEB SPECIAL OFFER WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Price after $10 instant savings / REG. $359.99 / 549071 Buy at the Store » Get a $50 Micro Center Gift Card* Buy Online » Get $50 off your total order*
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    Company claiming it can make Halo 2 compatible with XP in July. Then Shadowrun.

    Saw this on (PRLEAP.COM) Today, Falling Leaf Systems proudly announces an official merger between the VAIO and Alky projects. Both projects have, for over a year now, been working toward providing software originally intended for use on...
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    New Crysis Video with Game Overview Select "Download Now" for the higher quality version (75MB zip file). If you've been following the videos that have been released, that gameplay is repeated in this video but there is some new stuff along with some more explanation on the game and gameplay.
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    ? on how to play & hear same audio files on both HTPC and Main PC at same time?

    I have a wireless G network between my main rig and my HTPC. Both machines have XP Pro on them. I want to be able to play the same audio files at the same time on both PCs to hear the audio in sync on both sets of speakers (for parties, etc). The PC's are on different floors of my townhouse...
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    New HL2 Ep2 Trailer: Wow. With Screenshot.

    New HL2 Ep2 Trailer Here's a picture capture of a freaking sweet scene: Can't wait for this one. 2007 is too far off.
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    New Lian Li Aluminium Modular Cube Case

    New Lian Li Aluminium Modular Cube Case: Large and lots of options for placement of fans and removable top panel that can be replaced with a window, rad grill or precut piece for 2x120 mm fans.
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    Dell Xbox 360 Premium $350 Free 3-5 day shipping

    EDIT: LOOKS LIKE THE DEAL IS DEAD NOW. Link no longer shows the 40 dollars off. Saw this on 399.99-40.00 instantly Additional 10 buck coupon brings it...
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    Possibly the Next BF Game??? The Future

    Saw this link the other day on EA's forums with the rumor it may be the next BF game: BF2142? Don't know if it's legit but it would be nice to have a BF style game with mechs. (I miss Mechwarrior :( ) Hopefully they might bring some space...
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    Laptop 7200rpm HD: Seagate Momentus or Hitachi Travelstar?

    Does anyone have any experience with these laptop HD's from Seagate and Hitachi? I'm upgrading my Latitude D600 laptop through work and have been looking at upgrading to a 80 GB 7200 rpm 2.5 inch drive in the Seagate Momentus (5 yr warranty) or the Hitachi Travelstar E7K100 (does anyone...
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    Best Place for Getting a Case Custom Painted

    A friend of mine wants to have a Mechwarrior Madcat theme airbrushed onto his case. He has looked at Smooth Creations. Anyone else know of any good custom PC painting sites? He, nor I, have the skillz to airbrush something like this. He's looking at getting the TJ07 when it comes out...
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    OMG-Silverstone TJ07-Sweet

    I think I just filled the cup :p Finally has more photos: Scroll down to see feature photos.
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    DFI Expert Review Up at Anandtech Finally...
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    Replacing DFI NF4 SLI-D Backplate Question with Pics

    I'm trying to install an Alpha 8150 that uses custom screws to screw into a standard AMD design backplate to apply the right amount of spring force to the CPU. I have an DFI NF4 SLI-D. DFI has it's own backplate design for how the HSF retention frame screws into the back. In the future, I...
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    New Silverstone Fan: 92mm Fan Blades in an 80mm Frame

    Just checked Silverstone's site to see when the TJ07 case pics were up (not yet) but this fan was on the frontpage. 92 mm diameter fan in a circular frame with mounting holes for an 80 mm fan. Specs: RATED SPEED 2100 rpm +_ 10% rpm...
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    Thermaltake Watercooled Tai Chi Case Available: $399 "Ouch"

    Would look great in all black or all silver but the two tone's just okay. Product Page: Available at Monarch for $399 (Y'ouch)...
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    Can X-FI do Dolby Digital Live out?

    I've looked at the reviews and Creative's site info and am unclear on whether the X-Fi can do Dolby Digital Live. I'm looking at purely connecting the digital out to a Dolby Digital/DTS Receiver or to the Logtiech 5500s digital input. Will the X-FI convert it's EAX effects into a Dolby...
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    Logitech MX3100 $97.99 ($77.99 after MIR) Free Standard Shipping has the Logitech MX3100 keyboard and mouse (MX1000) for $97.99 and then a $20 MIR. Qualifies for free shipping. Product Page: $20 Rebate PDF Link: Note the rebate looks to be from Logitech works...
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    Gigabyte I-RAM Review Up with Real World Usage--Nothing Earthshattering

    I-Ram I was looking forward to this but the numbers don't show any worthwhile improvement for the cost: Average of 5 seconds faster in booting to windows or loading a level in a game for instance vs a WD Raptor.
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    Warm? Monarch XFX 7800 GTX 450/1250 for $530 Free Shipping

    Same Card 549 on Newegg. Zipzoomfly's prices are also coming down on 7800 GTXs with free 2nd day shipping on lots of cards. Monarch XFX 450/1250 card $530 free shipping If...
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    Oh no. Lian-Li gone and done it. New Cases

    Remember the snail case (or nautilus if you like): It's their anniversary model. Ugh?!? but you know what it means when a man has a BIG case though. Where have all the good looking cases gone? Not sure about the two tone in this...
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    Newegg XFX 6800GT w/DUAL DVI AND DOOM3 $419 shipped/6800 Dual DVI $277

    I just saw someone comment on the Gainward 6800 GT review that XFX has dual dvi also. I'm not sure how XFX is, but here's a deal on newegg for the 6800 GT with Dual DVI bundled with DOOM 3 for $419 with free shipping. It's 414 shipped without the game...
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    Amazon $218 - PreOrder Retail VisiontTek Xtasy 9800 PRO 256 MB DDR (to ship in April)

    Got this one from Hot! Amazon - VisiontTek Xtasy 9800 PRO 256 MB DDR AGP (VGA TV out, DVI) Pre-order for $217.88. Note that this is a pre-order and that the delivery estimate on my order was April 10 to 27 timeframe. Your card is not charged until time of shipping and you...