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    Backup NAS, FreeNAS and transfer of data

    Currently I'm have a Norco 4020 case with 20 HDDs running Win 7 w/ Drive Bender (since I missed WHS/drive extender so much!) Currently, out of the 45TB available, 13TB is used with another 13TB as duplicate. (That's 26TB utilized for the math illiterate folk here ;) What I'd like to do...
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    Need linux kernel headers for ethernet driver update

    I've been running smoothwall 3.0 for the past 7-8 years and I love it. Recently, I upgraded my Verizon FiOS account to ditch TV and just have internet which would finally let me get rid of the coax/Verizon router and use the ONT's ethernet jack directly to my firewall. Well, long story short...
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    Rails for Norco RPC-4020

    Hi all, I have a V1 Norco 4020 4U NAS case. This isn't the one that's currently on Norco's site as that is V2. It's this one: There was a post I found here where these were recommended but my OCD doesn't like that. I'd prefer actual rails...
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    IBM M1015 Questions

    I am finally upgrading my NAS hardware and ended up getting two IBM ServeRAID M1015 HBAs. 1) Where can I find the latest drivers for them? IBMs site? LSIs site? Somewhere else? I ask because the current HBAs that I have, Supermicro AOC-SAT2-MV8, the drivers on Supermicro's site, though...
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    Need advice on NAS upgrade from WHS

    Greetings fellow data storage gurus. I currently have a WHSv1 NAS with ~18TB of storage (random disks between 750GB and 2TB). Specs are: Norco RPC-4020 case Corsair CMPSU-850TX 850W PSU Biostar TForce TF720 A2+ Motherboard AMD Athlon X2 BE-2300 CPU G.Skill 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2-800 Memory...
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    WHS to Linux

    I've been using WHS v1 for a good number of years now and it was great (at first). But recently, I've been wanting speed especially since I have more devices, especially wireless, so I was looking at an alternative/upgrade. My specs: 18TB of WD Red, Black and Green drives (eventually going to...
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    Suggestions for 802.11n router/AP

    Since I've been getting more and more wireless devices (consoles, tablets, phones, notebooks) and most (if not all) of these devices are at least 802.11n, and I'm stuck on a D-Link DGL-4300 (802.11G). Streaming video from my NAS to my consoles is not possible with my current setup and just...
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    Heatkiller 79x0 doesnt fit on Sapphire 7970 GHz

    So after a very expensive upgrade to Haswell and 2 SAPPHIRE Vapor-X HD 7970 GHz Editions and after looking at water blocks, I decided on 2 Heatkiller 79x0 and finally found two in stock and got them along with the dual link bridge. To my dismay, two caps and the BIOS switcher button get in the...
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    Vintage macintosh comps vs monitors

    Im in the market for a vintage apple macintosh. Why? I have no idea. I'm looking for something with a little color, so not any green monitor from the early generation. I'd probably be looking for a LC or a IIe I assume but what monitors work with what systems I assume? I couldn't find any...
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    Nostalgia purposes: Still possible to use AOL 4 or 6?

    So for nostalgic purposes, I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to use AOL 4, 5, 6, one of those older versions, through broadband, without actually logging into AOL? The reason I ask is because I know people created a fake server that I used years ago and we were able...
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    Receiver for many consoles

    Im looking for a receiver that has a plethora of inputs (in my case, 6 composite, 3 component and 3 HDMI) and can output all of them to a single HDMI to my TV. Any suggestions on how I can accomplish this? Id prefer to stay away from switches if I can so I thought a receiver would be the best...
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    Home Surveillance IP HD Camera Recommendations

    I'm in the market for a home indoor IP camera and need some assistance without breaking the bank (per camera). I was looking at Foscams HD solutions but they are pricey at $150 and up. Are there any cheaper, HD IP cam solutions? What are some other good manufacturers?
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    WD Extended Test running on 2TBs

    So has anyone ran the Western Digital Extended test on a 2TB hard drive? How long does it take? I've been running it for 22 hours on a 2TB Black drive. Is it too long? Theres no estimated time remaining though.
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    Differences between ESET NOD32 versions

    So I'm looking to get ESET NOD32 from Newegg and I'm having a bit of difficulty determining the difference between each item: ESET Smart Security 5 1User blng French/English ESET Smart Security 5 1 User ESET Smart Security 5 3 PCs ESET Smart Security 4.0 - 3 User ESET Family...
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    Storage system for parts

    I'm posting this here since I thought it would be the best place for it. I bought 2x 7 drawer organizers from Walmart about a year ago. I have since been forced to remove the casters due to the cabinets buckling under the sheer weight of the items inside. In case what the items inside you...
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    NAS drives keep dropping

    I have a NAS with a bunch of HDDs, all Western Digital, in a Norco 4020 case using the SuperMicro 8xSATA PCI-X SATA cards (2 of them). EVERY time I restart the PC, I am always finding 1 or 2 drives are missing. I would have to take them out and reseat them for them to be recognized. From then...
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    SuperMicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 supports 3TBs?

    As the title asks: Does anyone know if the supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 add-in card supports >2TB drives?
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    Advice for sound on upcoming build

    So my specs are Intel Q9550 Asus Rampage Formula (no sound board, got the mobo open box) Powercolor HD5870 8GB OCZ DDR2-800 Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum So, I'm looking to get something like the following: Intel Sandy Bridge An X68 (or Z68) chipset mobo, probably from Asus...
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    MCW60 doesn't fit HD5870

    I just got a 5870 (from a free RMA upgrade from a 4870x2 by Power Color :) ) Unfortunately, when I took off the heatsink, cleaned off the stock thermal compound, and tried to fit the block, there is probably 1mm of space between the core and the block. What gives? I see all these sites...
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    Line-In Delay

    I just purchased the Auzentech Bravura 7.1 card and I do have one problem with it. I use Windows 7 x64 FYI. When I click 'Monitor' (I connected my guitar amp headphone jack to the Line In), I get about a half second to a second delay. This never happened with my Audigy 2 ZS. I was wondering if...
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    Metadata doesnt load in Win 7 Media Center

    I installed windows 7 on my HTPC and everything was working fine (this was several months ago). Recently, I started my HTPC and went to the Movies. Instead of having all my movies metadata show (which they did several months ago), only approx 20% of them show an image/data while the rest of...
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    Lost Network/Sound/USB upon reboot - Win 7 x64

    So all of a sudden recently, I have no idea why, upon reboot, I lost all drivers for USB, Sound, and Network. When this first happened, I thought that they drivers had to be reinstalled (its happened sometimes so thats what I figured it was) but after 10 min, 20 min, 7 hours, I still had no...
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    1080p MKV playback using DXVA

    I just bought a new PC with the following specs for my HTPC: AMD Athlon II X2 250 Biostar A780L 760G mATX MB 4GB DDR2-800 GSkill Now I also have another PC with a 4870x2 and when I enabled DXVA (either using MPC-HCs internal codecs or FFDshows DXVA Video Decoder), I know that its playing...
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    WHS unnecessary hard drive activity

    So my NAS has been running fine for a while then all of a sudden, in the past few months, things just went downhill. For example, when an HD movie (located on the NAS) is played on any comp on the LAN (gigabit LAN), it'll play fine for a while, then during it, it would stutter to the point of...
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    Temps a bit too high for Q9550 OCing

    So my Q9550 @ 3.5GHz/1.208v(According to CPU-Z) under load is pushing 58C and idle is around 38C. I'm using distilled water with some PT nuke, with an apogee block (original) which was just lapped and polished, along with the CPU which was just cleaned using the arctic silver cleaner. I...
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    XSPC Dual Bay Reservoir - Yay or Nay?

    So I'm looking to do a dual - loop solution and came across the XSPC dual bay reservoir: I thought it to be a really awesome idea. Does anyone have this and would like to report how it performs? Noise? Flow maybe?
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    Good Coolant to use - non conductive

    I've been out of the loop (hah, pardon the pun) for some time with my PC and I want to re-do my loop, purge my loop and start a-fresh. Unfortunately, I don't know whats good anymore for coolant. I used Pentosin and Zerex (obviously not together) and both worked fine, except I think pentosin...
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    WMC 7 stutters through Movies list

    My HTPC specs are follows: Asus M3A78-EM 780G MB w/ HD3200 AMD AM2 BE-2300 CPU 4GB DDR2-800 G.Skill I just loaded windows 7 and am starting to use media center (previously from windows xp and a mediaportal combination which worked fine, but meh, had some issues) So I was using...
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    Manually Uninstalling Drivers

    I'm trying to manually uninstall my SATA RAID card drivers since windows home server wont overwrite the ones that are currently installed. How would I go about removing them? I have tried to show hidden devices from this link...
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    Win 7 & poor 1080p playback

    I have windows 7 installed on my HTPC which has the following specs: Asus M3A78-EM HDMI MB 4GB DDRII 800 GSKill Radeon HD3200 (onboard) AMD BE2300 Brisbane So when I play a 1080p MKV locally, I have no issues (playing with either WMC or MPC-HD with the latest FFDShow installed). When...
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    Print Server for x64 win 7

    I'm looking for a print server for my laser jet that supports 64 bit operating systems. Currently, I'm running a REALLY old linksys one (drivers are damn near impossible to find) and unfortunately, they only work for 32 bit OSs. I was lucky they worked for vista and 7 but again, that was only...
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    Hard Drive Pooling available in Server 2008?

    I am using WHS to currently pool my HDDs (as Ockie has his setup). Unfortunately, there are a few gripes with it (unable to evenly distribute the data rather than using up each HDD first, quota configuration, etc..) and was wondering if Server 2008 instead or 2010 has drive pooling like WHS...
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    Controlling QIP-7100 with HTPC

    Id like to control my FiOS TV STB with my HTPC along with having a recording option (like wake my HTPC up, turn on my STB, change the channel, and start recording, digitally. is that possible? I don't know if there are any HDMI input cards that i could use. The catch? It has to be external...
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    TV Card for low profile HTPC case

    When I move next month, I'm either going to be getting FiOS or DirecTV (with HD of course). I also have a low profile HTPC case in which, besides movies, I want to be able to have a TV card that will be able to control the FiOS/DTV box so that I can record a channel. My problem is that I'm...
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    WHS: Pool backup vs folder duplication

    I got WHS from the recommendation from Ockie and was wondering what are the pros and cons of folder duplication vs pool backups is, and which one easier to recover from in case of drive failure. Right now, I have 20 slots in my norco 4020 case and used 11 already. So when everything gets...
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    Windows Home Server re-add pool

    Ok, so I had to swap main drives on my WHS comp, so after installing a new HDD, I do not know how to re-add my pool. Now I don't have 4TB of spare storage to backup my data to, so there has GOT to be a way to re-add my existing drive pool to this new installation. I have power pack 1 installed...
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    jQuery postback in modal dialog

    Im making an webpage for work and we're currently stuck on this little issue at hand: We're trying to call a server-side function, called NextPage_Click, with jQuery. Pretty much, this is how things are going to work on the page: 1) A bunch of text boxes are presented to the user...
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    HDD backup software over network

    I'm currently running a dual boot system (on the same HDD) of win and ubuntu and am looking for a software that will backup my main HDD to an image (kinda like norton ghost) somewhat which would be located over the network on my NAS, and if my main HDD were to ever get screwed, I could boot from...
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    fitting 120mm rad in micro fusion 350 case

    I just got an antec Micro Fusion 350 case and had some WCing parts laying around so I decided to WC my HTPC with some spare parts around. The problem is, that I have a 120mm radiator and definitely cant fit vertically. Fitting it horizontally, i dont know is possible. If anyone has ever done...
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    NAS for HD content

    I'm looking to put together a NAS for my house (main comp and HTPC). At MOST, two comps will be accessing HD media at once. My compilation so far is as follows: Case: MB/CPU/GFX Combo...