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    Nexus M ( 2015 ) Smartphone

    Why fleabay? I got three nice ones on Amazon with Prime shipping for under $20.
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    Nexus M ( 2015 ) Smartphone

    Yes, it was this. My apologies for sparking the brainfest. I have no knowledge of the backings of this. Coming from a Nexus 5, this charges about twice as fast, which impressed me.
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    Acronics "cannot find boot loader"

    That's odd. I've never had an issue using Acronis to clone a drive. Try using the WD version. It will still work fine. Maybe there's an issue of 2014 that came with your drive.
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    What is your favorite piece of hardware to go along with your PC?

    That hifi system is beautiful. Wish I had the money to spend on a decent system myself. For me it's my RAT7 gaming mouse. It's just so comfortable. I had an MX Revolution for years (still have it - it sits on my workstation at work now) and it's just leaps and bounds more comfortable when gaming.
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    Nexus M ( 2015 ) Smartphone

    Got my 5X yesterday (Thursday). Initial reviews by some people (mostly those OCD people that expect a Nexus phone to be an iPhone/Moto X) almost scared me into cancelling my order but I'm glad I didn't. The haptic feedback motor noise is my only complaint so far. The camera blows the Nexus 5...
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    I'm very glad I got my server. I may be working a contract job soon that wants Mirage implemented. I've experimented with it before, but that was a year and a half ago, so I need to refresh my memory :D
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    VMWare vs Oracle Virtual Box

    VBox for personal stuff, VMware for professional stuff. VMware is just much more streamlined.
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    learning the ropes for VM

    I use virtualbox for personal stuff but I like how VMware works much more, as it is much more streamlined. When you move onto bigger and better things like ESXi though, you'll not miss the desktop virtualization options at all :D
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    Wife says DL360 G7 is too loud

    I find it hard to believe it's that loud. I own a DL360 G6 myself and it's quite quiet (much more than my DL380 G3's I used to have). I've also worked with DL380 G7's and G8's and they've always run quite quiet.
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    Which Server should I buy?

    Look for a DL360 G5 or G6. G6's are a little pricier and you'll want to add more RAM and HDD's but you'll get solid performance.
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    Logitech warranty is pretty legit.

    I hope these are isolated incidents. I've always bought Logitech products because of their quality and easy warranty service. Did the change of name to Logi also include changing their support quality? Hmm....
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    Nexus M ( 2015 ) Smartphone

    I was originally exceited to get a 2015 Nexus to replace my Nexus 5, but that top bezel is huge!
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    Wow, you guys go all out on home labs! I don't have much money to throw at equipment right now, so I'm making due with a HP DL360 G6 || 2x Quad core E5540 @ 2.53 || 68GB PC3-10600R || 8x 300GB drives.
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    Are the $200+ home routers worth it?

    If I had it my way, I'd buy a Ubiquiti Edgerouter Lite and use that to send data to an unmanaged switch hooked up to a UniFi AP or two around my house. But that all depends on how much networking experience you have. Otherwise a $120 ASUS router should do the trick.
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    VMWare EXSi 5.5

    Instead of wasting HDD space for the hipervisor, buy yourself a 4GB SD card. The ProLiants have an SD card slot built onto the motherboard for this purpose. I'm personally running the same server with ESXi 5.5 Update 2, 68GB of RAM, and 8x 300GB drives. The processors are 2x Quad core E5540 @...
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    Dedicated server advice

    Personally if I were you I'd invest in some used server equipment. You can get used HP ProLiant servers for pretty cheap (I just bought an HP DL360 G6, loaded it up with 64GB of RAM and 2.4TB worth of drives for about $795 total (you can go cheaper on the RAM and HDD's if desired - the server...
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    DDR-400 PC3200 Kits

    G. Skill 2GB (2x1GB kit) OCZ 2GB (2x1GB kit)
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    Nexus-Five thread

    Finally got to get my hands on my N5 today from home. It's fantastic! At first I thought I'd really miss having flashy skins (like Sense - coming from an HTC Inspire 4G). The speaker on this phone impresses me with the volume. The device itself feels really nice and well built. I always need a...
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    Nexus-Five thread

    So I'm at school. I had my N5 shipped home. I paid for the phone with my own money. What happens? My father doesn't even give me the pleasure of unboxing it myself. :mad:
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    Nexus-Five thread

    I get mine tomorrow but won't get to unbox until Thursday. Needless to say I'm excited :)
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    Nexus-Five thread

    Yeah if you don't like Hangouts there is always Handcent SMS. That's what I'll use if I find I don't like Hangouts.
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    Nexus-Five thread

    Tell of your disappointment.
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    Nexus-Five thread

    I'm getting more and more anxious to get my phone. Had an emergency situation at school today and my phone was going off with people checking on me. It lagged so much! Can't wait to get a nice new, and fast phone! Slated to be delivered Wednesday.
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    Nexus-Five thread

    Paid $22 in taxes and $9.99 for shipping for me. Didn't question it until after I placed the order, then looked at the taxes and whatnot.
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    Nexus-Five thread

    Yeah I ordered mine at 2:03PM and it says expect shipping from the warehouse on Nov 5th....Unfortunate.
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    Nexus-Five thread

    Also just ordered my SPIGEN case off Amazon - $18 shipped with Prime.
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    Nexus-Five thread

    Ordered mine at 2:03PM :D
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    Nexus-Five thread

    Another update from another site says 11AM PT (2PM ET)
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    Nexus-Five thread

    I hope I'll be spending money today :)
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    Nexus-Five thread

    If the phone isn't released by Saturday I'm gonna be pissed.
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    Nexus-Five thread

    I'm in the same boat as you. I'm dying over here waiting for the N5. I need to move from my old and slow Inspire 4G soon, as I just can't take the lag anymore. If they don't announce the phone tonight I'm going to flip.
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    A Picture I took - 2012

    Nice shot Scout!
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    Last of Us - Gameplay

    My bad. Wrong thread.
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    Last of Us - Gameplay

    Yeah....I posted in the wrong thread.
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    Display driver stopped working and has succesfully recovered

    I'd check the temps. I get that problem a lot on my XFX 6870. It's like the card doesn't know to kick the fan on when it gets hot. Gotta set the fan speed manually on the chart with Afterburner.
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    how do I switch from AT&T 3G to used 3GS?

    Just restore it in iTunes and then restore your data from the backup of your 3G.
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    Splintercell: Blacklist

    Well, the voice is very disappointing. We'll see how the game actually is. Not being a hardcore gamer myself I play games just as entertainment, and this will just be another game on my list.
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    So are you saying that because it's a 64 bit OS you can't run 32 bit programs on it? Did they change something with Vista and 7 64 bit that allows 32 bit programs to run? I think I need to dig out my spare ISO and install XP 64. EDIT: According to THIS Microsoft KB article you can run 32 bit...
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    A Picture I took - 2012

    That's a nice shot Haunter.
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    Dead Space 3 trailer up

    Damn. I haven't even gotten around to playing the second one yet.