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    Logitech G700 79.99 instore YMMV

    Best Buy has it for 79.99 in store right now, making it the best price out there on this mouse if you are needing one. I didn't see this in their ad.
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    MX Revolution replacement

    What is out there that is similar to this? I love the dual-wheel setup, and as I am now addicted to TOR being able to bind all the buttons is a plus. I have tried the G700, but the scratchy plastic feel kills it for me. Is there any hope for me? My mouse tends to freak out alot and stutter...
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    HTC Rezound in hand, post questions here

    I have a fresh and new Rezound that some incredibly nice (and probably desperate) sales folk let me take home for my very own a short while ago. I am going to post a mini-review here a bit later after I have some time to play with it, but I thought I would make a thread so if anyone has...
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    woot-off Touchpads

    As of this posting, they had about 50% left on 16gb touchpads for $249, new. Even still not a super bad price on a dual-core tablet that can easily have android on it.
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    Side by side: Grado SR60i vs. Audio Technica M50s

    A foreword before reading this. These tests, like most anything to do with audio, is based on my listening to several sources and my subjective opinion. I'm not some super awesome cool guy audiophile, I am just someone who likes decent sound. If the terms are used incorrectly, my bad, I am...
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    XFX 5770 vs. MSI 5770 HAWK or It is a battle for me between these two. The MSI has the superior OC'ing abilities with its better power control and heatsink, the XFX has the better warranty...
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    Replacing 9800GTX+, AMD or Nvidia?

    So after going through 2 cards in less than a month with EVGA and basically told that I don't matter, I am just going to move on. My question, what would be a better move? GTX 260 or a AMD 5770? Brands would most likely be BFG or XFX as I have read good stories on the pair of these brands...
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    EVGA RMA heart-ache

    So here is the deal. I had my 9800GTX+ finally keel over on me. Sent it in to EVGA, they sent back a 9800GTX KO, which uses the larger 65nm die vs. the +s 55. Spent 2 hours (95% of which was on hold) dealing with a couple reps, was promised that yes, they would correct this for me, yes they...
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    Just got my 2007WFP, how to tell if its a keeper...

    Just got my new 2007WFP, and now I need to know if its the good or the not so good version. On the back, it says revision: A02. Is this the S-IPS version? Any other info I can give, just ask, thanks!
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    Best decently priced S939 mobo

    What, in your folk's opinions, would be the best mobo to pair with a X2 4200+? Right now I have seen people chatting about the DFI NF4 UD, the Asus A8N, and some others. I would like to keep it under 110-130 for the board, ram will for the time be my old ram which is a paired set of Corsair...
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    flickering Samsun CRT

    I have an older Samsung 900p monitor, and the brightness keeps flickering on me. I just ordered a Viewsonic 902b, but I would like to use the 900p as a second monitor and wondering if there is a way to fix this blasted flickering, its driving me nuts.
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    S754 with locked dividers

    I currently have a K8V SE Deluxe, and I want to see just how hard I can get this 3200+ Newcastle to go, but this board is plagued by unlocked PCI/AGP dividers. What boards out there have locked dividers, and still have AGP? I don't want to move to S939, just want to push everything I can out...
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    6800LE issues, please help!

    So I ordered one of those 124 dollar 6800LE off of newegg, at first it seemed to be working well, until I tossed it into some artificial, though helpful, benchmarks. In 3d2001, my old R9600Pro got 13051 with some minor OC'ing, the 6800LE gets 13451 with no OC'ing. To me, I would think that the...
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    Thoughts on the $124 dollar 6800LE What are peoples thoughts on this? Good buy, decent? Better buys out there for sub 170 cards?
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    Some falls pics with a 300D

    Here are some nice pics I took yesturday with my new (to me) D.Rebel, lens used was a 28-80 Canon EF, which is pretty fuzzy lens I must say, but I got it for 30 bucks so not too many complaints here. These I threw into PS and did some minor editing like levels and sharpness, and resized them...
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    DSLR question

    I currently have, though it died a couple days ago, a Canon A80. I am in a interesting position becuase I have the BB return thing, which means I will be getting a new A95. I was wondering though, due to me finding limitations in my camera now, if it would be worth selling the A95 and getting...
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    D-Link router issue

    How do i set some port forwarding on this? I can't find the section for it, can set it easily on my linksys but this one is giving me issues. any help would be appreciated.
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    K8V memory question

    This board isn't dual channel correct? I have a K8V SE Deluxe and a retail A64 3200+ sitting on my floor needing some RAM, was thinking of the Corsair ValueRam PC3200 on newegg for 77 bucks. Also, will an Antec Tru430 work well enough with this? vidcard as it stands is a GF4MX440. thanks
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    Axim X3 thoughts

    I currently have an HP Jornada 548, and was thinking about selling it and upgrading to a Dell Axim X3 Basic($199 one). From what I have read, it looks pretty nice and is much lighter than my current PDA. Does anyone have one of these, or any experience with one that can/will share their...