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    Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ Special Edition - Is awesome

    Just ran TimeSpy on two RX580 Nitro+ Special Edition cards in crossfire. Core Clock: 1450 Memory: 2250 Default power settings - no increase in power draw These cards are as Sapphire would say "Cherry Picked ASICs." I'm using them for mining, so I've tightened up the timings on them...
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    GPU BIOS Update Brick a Motherboard?

    Here's my situation: AsRock X370 Taichi Ryzen 1700 G.Skill FlareX 16GB MSI RX580 Gaming X 8GB eVGA SuperNova G3 Samsung EVO850 1. Used ATIFlash 2.74 to backup my RX580 ROM 2. Used Polaris BIOS Editor to edit ROM by copying setting from 1:1750 to 1:2000 3. Saved BIOS under a new file name 4...
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    AMD vs Nvidia Newegg Reviews

    I've been out of the PC Building game for a while - think 5 years. So I'm just getting caught up to speed with where Nvidia and AMD are at. When I left gaming, the 7970 was slapping nvidia's cards silly. Today, it seems to be a very different story - one that I'm probably the 45,291th user to...
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    Battlefield 3 - What's your highest score in a round?

    So let's hear it...what's your highest score in a round (including awards)? I was surprised when my last round of Gulf of Oman (1000 tickets, 64 players) yielded 54,322 points :eek:
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    CoolJag Programmable LED Flash 80mm Fan- $4.99 shipped

    Figured some of my fellow enthusiasts might find this interesting :) Xoxide has the CoolJag Programmable LED Flash 80mm Fan for $4.99 with free shipping, or $3.99 if you purchase 4 of more. Lowest price elsewhere is $10 + shipping. This fan has LEDs that can be programmed to display...
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    Overclocking 2500K on AsRock Fatal1ty Z68 Gen 3 - Quite confused

    I'm pretty confused at the moment, so hoping there is an easy setting somewhere to disable. I'm also not super experienced with overclocking, I dabbled around with it on a 955 and I have read plenty of guides, but I would rate my level of experience as novice (trying to learn). So I have the...
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    Aerocool StrikeX-ST Review

    I recently purchased a StrikeX-ST to house my first watercooling build. As far as I know, this is a relatively new case on the market debuting on October 10th 2011 and becoming generally available just a few weeks after that. That being the case, I think it will be relatively helpful for many...
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    Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 1850RPM - in stock at Sidewinder

    As title says, I found these listed as in-stock at Sidewinder Computer Systems. $18.99 Yeah, they're a bit more expensive than some sites list them, but those sites don't have them in stock. Just picked up 6 myself and a MCP655. *Edit* - I'm switching this link to Jab-Tech as they now have...
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    Xigmatek Watercooling Build - Heat Dissipation Question

    Battlefield 3 has driven me into the need to put together a new machine. I'm going to be running the following build: ASRock Z68 Professional Gen 3 (Fatality Board) Intel 2500K 8GB G.Skill Sniper 1.25V Memory AMD Radeon 6990 AMD Radeon 6970 (trifire) 3 or 4 hard drives Ultra X4 1050W...
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    Motherboard Upgrade - First Intel Purchase...Ever

    Well, I've always bought AMD because they cost less and suited my needs up until now. Bulldozer was a massive disappointment, so I've switch sides and will now be seen saying "Long live Intel" all while cheering for the underdog so we'll see some prices start dropping (like that'll ever happen)...
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    Interesting article documenting CPU overclocking & GPU performance gains

    Interesting review I just ran across regarding CPU overclocking and GPU gains.
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    5970 CrossFire Scaling & Graphics Upgrade - Thought?

    I currently have the following system: MSI 790FX-GD70 Ultra X4 1050W 4GB Phenom II 955 ASUS 5970 SSD + 1.28TB RAID 0 Eyefinity (3x24") X-Fi Platinum Not sure anything else really matters. So in preparation for Battlefield 3, which seems to be owning my 5970, I have been thinking about...
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    Blue Flashing Dots - ATI 5970 = Bricked?

    Hello Everyone:) Well, based on the below I'm more like this :( But to all of you I'm :) Computer Specs: MSI 790FX-GD70 (all stock clocks) Phenom II 955 BE (stock clock) 4GB Mushkin Blackline Enhanced 1333mhz ASUS EAH5970 (all stock clocks, fan speed is dynamic, GPU usually under...