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    EQD Clarity monitors

    I just bought over the weekend an Auria EQ-276W which is apparently an EQD product. Anyway, I went to their website today and noticed they have a Clarity line of monitors ranging from 22" at 2560x1440 and 24" at 2880x1620 all the way up to 27" at 2880x1620. A quick Google of some model numbers...
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    GTX 670 or 7970?

    I'd like to stay under $400, but I've decided to choose between one of those two cards to replace my current GTX 470. I somewhat (slightly) lean towards the GTX 670 if only because I've had really bad luck with AMD cards the last two rounds (multiple RMAs during my tenure with 4870 Crossfire and...
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    Soundcard/Headphone amp

    Firstly, while I know I have good hearing and I've wanted to get a better audio setup, I just haven't for various reasons. Anyway, I feel I've got the headset side covered with my Audio Technica ATH-AD700 set. Anyway, I'm currently running an X-Fi Fatal1ty Titanium and it's worked well for the...
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    Attempting to run 12GB on X58

    Alright, I decided to build a system in September around the i7 920. Part of my requirements was that I up the ante to 12GB of memory as I didn't want to downgrade to 6GB when I was coming from a Q6600 with 8GB, of which I found I would use upwards of 6GB. In any event, I've had nothing but...