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    Samsung plans to by AMD?

    This could be good or really, REALLY bad for PC market... Doubt Samsung really cares about that segment...
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    Corsair - You've got a problem

    Quality Control problem, that is!!!!! The story: Earlier this month, my 3yr old Thermaltake 800W PSU died. It was a refurb purchase from Microcenter. I figured I got my moneys worth, is it was a good price (~$80 refurb) and I did beat the hell out of it (6 months of 24/7 *coin mining with...
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    Another crypto exchange steals people's coins... has taken a dump on all the folks using it, and with it, it looks like there has been a lot of coins being shifted around without "owners" knowledge... This was definitely a much smaller operation than Gox, but they supported (when opened) a lot of new and obscure "crap-coins"...
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    Is GPU in A10-6800k faster than x1900

    Old friend has an AIW X1900 in his PC (e7200 CPU Core Duo) and he wanted to upgrade to something a bit faster. I recommended AMD A10-6800k. Will the A10's GPU be faster in general than a dedicated, but old-school x1900? He mostly plays flash based games on facebook, and the current CPU is...
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    Anybody test 3770K w/HT on/off in BF4?

    I'm currently rocking 3570k @4.5GHz with 7950 in my gaming rig. I recently downloaded BF4 Beta and have been playing it a bit here and there. I get generally very good performance, with occasional "rubber-bending" which is most likely server side network issues. BF4 is definitely taxing all 4...
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    Dell UltraSharp U2412M - $280!!!

    After $30 additional off with promo-code 72HRSL064 Link
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    Kyle's got Haswell...

    From the front page pic, looks like Kyle's testing some Haswell mobos...;) Bring it on Kyle... NDA over in what, two days??? :cool:
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    Bandwidth matters! My 7870 to 7950 experience..

    Just a quick and dirty "FYI" (I'll do more in-depth benches later) but I just swapped out my 7870 to a 7950 (both Gigabyte Windforce) and can easily run 4xMSAA in BF3 at constant 60fps... With 7870 (OCed to 1200/1400) I had to bump MSAA down to 2x and was still getting dips below 60 (45~55fps...
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    Warm? Old School WD VelociRaptor 300 GB - $80

    I bit... eBay link Remember walking by it at Fry's couple yrs ago when they were still ~$250... Too rich for my blood then.. But hey, for $80 now it's gonna replace my WD Caviar Black...;)
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    Some love for 7870, please!!!! ;)

    I know this is [H] and most of you have 7950's or 70's, but I'd like to dedicate this to my new Gigabyte 7870OC that I recently purchased for a mere $200 (after tax and $20 rebate) from my local Microcenter's "open box" sales.I know this is [H] and most of you have 7950's or 70's, but I'd like...
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    Where are the mid range nVidia cards?

    Blah, blah , blah $399 to $599 < screw that noise !!!! Show me the new $199~299 range cards nVidia... Where are the 650 and 660 cards fudge lovers!?!?! Getting into Q3 and still nothing! WTF!
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    ~6.5GHz Ivy... No details on what cooling was used. Probably LN, especially with that kind of Vcore...:eek: Also, it's supposedly in retail channels in China and Russia....:confused:
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    Core i7 3700S 65W p0wnage!!!

    Core i7 3700S 65W almost %30 faster then its predecessor (i7 2600S) Definitely excited about this one... More powa (Mhz) for less powa (W)... WIN!
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    Finally a great deal on FX CPUs....

    ..... but at Microcenter only, so most of you are SOL = > :( Basically you can have one of the several 970 mobos for free... For extra $10~20 you can find a 990X board. So let's say you get that FX8120 for $200, and a GA-990FXA-UD3 for extra $30 ($20 after MIR), and you have yourself a...
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    Early reports: Ivy Brigde = better overclock...

    Well, it's kind of a Duuuuuhhhh news, but Fud (I know...) is reporting some "rumblings" from "Far East" on the Ivy Bridge overclocking... No specific numbers, but I don't think it's hard to imagine an easy 5GHz + on these puppies... This will be my next CPU... It's 5"G" man, better than 4"G"...;)
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    AMD stealing, err, copying, err, adopting "K" branding on new Llanos...

    I guess they think labeling unlocked Llanos with "K" designation will fool people into thinking: "Wow, it's just like Intel's naming so it's gotto be goooood"...:rolleyes: What's your take? Good idea, or another AMD marketing dept brain-fart...? Full > article <
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    W00t!!! AMD giving money "back" to those with FX...???

    Originally found on XS forum, but it looks like it's for UK purchasers only.... "More Cores, More Cash back" Hmmm... More like "Sorry you didn't get what you paid for" ;) Gotto get people interested somehow I guess... Will see if it catches on...
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    Did AMD "kill" their enthusiast crowd...???

    All PC related forums were buzzing with excitement for months before Bulldozer's release. Lot's of speculations, predictions, hopes, trolling, etc... Fun times...;) Then, the big unveil, which we all know didn't turn out too well.....:eek: That was followed by very little (more like none)...
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    SLI 768 and 1024MB cards????

    Hi there... Quick Q: I got a Galaxy 460GTX with 768M, and I wanted to purchase another Galaxy card to SLI for BF3, but my local store only carries 1024M versions now. Can I still SLI them, and if so, is there gonna be any side effects to having uneven VRAM ammounts?
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    Sandy-E to launch Nov 14...

    From Semi.... ..... "The new date is now November 14 for the i7-3960X and 3930K CPUs....." and ..." the 3820 with no suffix and four cores is set for February some time..." Now give us the prices...:eek:
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    Intel Core i3-2120K : Another nail in Bulldozer's coffin...?

    $150 for unlocked, dual core SB!!! This this will most likely OC past 4Ghz with stock HS with no issues... If actually released, this thing will sell out like crazy, especially at Microcenter with their $99 CPU special....:eek: :eek: :eek: Poor AMD....:mad:
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    Forbes: "AMD about to be irrelevant..." !!!

    :eek: :eek: :eek: Not good....!!!
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    So I went to Microcenter, and they got BD's, but...

    Not all of them.... According to the sales guy, they got a drop shipment of 4100 and 6100's yesterday. 8120, and 8150's were supposed to be "drop shipped" today. This is from MC in Overland Park, KS: Excuse crappy BB pics...:rolleyes: FX4100 and 6100's Price stickers for FX8120 and...
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    Possible explanation (excuse) for horrid single-threaded DB on!

    Hmm, something about cache thrashing... >>> XF link is dead, click here <<< As bad is BD looks right now, I still think there is a LOT to discover and improve on with this new arch.... Nothing is over 'till it's over...;):cool:
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    So the "leaked" reviews were not too far off.....

    You got to admit, with all the screaming, yelling, accusations of "fakes", "Intel paid", "FUD" leaks in the last couple of weeks, we're here, finally reading [H]'s take on it, and finding out that for the most part all those leaks were DEAD ON if not pretty damn close in telling us what to...
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    Prediciton: [H] gonna crash at 11:01pm - Yes, No???

    Kyle, hope the [H] servers are ready for this....;)
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    Cat (Bulldozer) out of the bag! Review here!

    From Not in English, but you'll get the idea... I stole the important stuff...;) Wheew.... Bottom line: ALL LEAKS WERE mostly TRUE!!!! (But I'll wait till...
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    GF560 Ti or i5 2500k+mobo purchase....

    So I'm playing BF3 demo now, and it seems a bit laggy.. Not sure if it's my GF460 (786mb) or i3 540 OC-ed to 4GHz. Microcenter got a sweet-ass deal on the i5 2500k now, and I can get it with a mobo for ~$280. On the other hand GF560 TI is $220~240... Which one would benefit me most in BF3?
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    Reliability stats anywere...???

    I was wondering if there is a place where I can see the unbiased reviews and reliability start on the major HDD manufacturers...??? I'm a lottle bit pissed, because my 1month old Hitachi 1TB drive I got from Microcenter (~$50) is starting to have "click-of-death". I went to Newegg to see the...
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    Google TiSP free broadband!!!!

    I'm singing up like yesterday!!!!
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    GTS 250 1GB - good enough for BC2?

    Hey, don't laugh... GTS 250 was an upgrade from AIW x1900 256MB card.... :cool: I usually don't have to "jump on board" of the latest and greatest games out there, but BC2 has me intrigued... I'm currently playing COD4 (original) at 1600x1200 (24in monitor) full everything, and butter...
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    Upgrade AIW x1900 for UNDER $100...

    What's the best (relatively speaking) card for under (a must) $100 that will make my gaming experience a bit better... Currently playing COD2 like 99.9%, so it's not the lates'n'gratest games, but the server I play (99.9% of the time) is introducing some new, beg and very demanding maps... My...
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    I've found the most expensive Vid card ever!

    $53k..... that's all you need...:eek:
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    "Griffin will not be able to touch Core 2 Duo"...

    ...said a senior source at AMD when asked about their newest mobile platform...,5225.html PS Yeah, I know it's Tom's, but I'd take his work over Faud's any day....
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    Quad FX VS Intel QX benches......

    For some reson I don't think this link will be seen on the AMD side of this forum.... :eek: :p :D Translated (kinda)...
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    Is AMD brainwashing people...

    Silly question, but I'd like you (Intel) folks to elaborate. On Friday I went ot store here in Houston, TX to pick up couple things. As I was waiting, a couple guys asked the one of the sales guys for an AMD sticker. That statred off a hailstorm of "Intel sucks!!!", "I hate...
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    New Conroe SuperPI WR!!! >>> 11sec...!!!

    Just WoW... :eek: Mike
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    !!!!!! Conroe 2.13@ 2.66GHz spotted... !!!!!!!

    Thanks for FUGGER over at XS forums... :cool: BTW, isn't that CPU (2.13 Conroe) supposed to cost like ~$240. Talk about a low-cost A$$-whoopin' for anything that's out there now (Intel and AMD).... :D Mike
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    Conroe vs AM2 benches from Victor...

    On the bottom of the page... .. and just in case XS forums crash again... ================================================================= most benchmark results of AM2 system is funny. since I couldn't post...