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    PLP (20-30-20) Broken in Catalyst >13.9

    So I've been on catalyst 13.9 since September of last year, with no issues. Had some free time and decided to see if there was a "latest-n-greatest" driver out, see that the 14.4 whlq came out a few months ago and decide to install and test it out. I run a 20-30-20 PLP setup using two Dell...
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    New Das S Professional Soft Quality

    I ordered what I thought was an older style Das S Professional Silent (MX Browns), but Amazon's description was off and it's actually a non silent (MX Blues) version. I can't seem to find anything but the new Silent Das with the media keys, which rumor has, is now made in China instead of...
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    Which 7950 to buy? (Gigabyte WF3 or Sapphire 950 / Vapor-X)

    It's time to upgrade my trusty 5850 to something with more umph at 2560x1600. Having trouble deciding on which for the following 3 cards to purchase. GIGABYTE GV-R795WF3-3GD - $309 AR SAPPHIRE 100352OCSR 950mhz edition - $329 SAPPHIRE Vapor-X 100352VXSR - $329 I've never owned a...
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    Recommend me an HTPC Mobo

    Looks like due to a possibly faulty SSD I may need to reformat my HTPC/Plex Server. Since it is totally annoying to open this thing up, I'm thinking of doing a rebuild when I swap boot drives. Current System Specs: Cpu: E6600 C2Duo @2.4ghz Mobo: P5WDh Deluxe Ram: 8gb DDR2 800 OS: Win 7...
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    Slooooooooowww SSD

    To preface, my plex media server was using an old maxtor 7200 rpm drive that sounded like an airsoft gun. I replaced it with an edge 128mb sata2 SSD in October, and ghosted the system drive. Everything was working fine. Over time it seemed that the new SSD was actually slower and more laggy...
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    PLEX Windows client now available

    I've been using the plexbmc plugin with XBMC to stream from plex media server. Looks like they finally released a windows client. :D
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    Win 7 Backup & Restore RE: Dynamic Disks

    My HTPC is running a 128gb SSD for the boot drive and has two 3tb drives in a dynamic software mirrored raid that hold all of my data. My intention is to have backup and restore make system images of the HTPC C:\ (SSD) drive and store them on the 3tb mirror. I also want to save images from...
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    Asus P5W DH Deluxe and 3tb Drives

    I know that 3tb drives need to be formatted as a GPT partition to use the full 3tb, and they can't be used as a boot drive, but does anyone know if there are any controller issues with the P5W DH Deluxe and 3tb drives? I'd like to get two of the Hitachi 0S03230 that are on sale at newegg for my...
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    Dolby Digital/DTS vs "Multi Channel In"

    I'm in the process of finishing up my HTPC and have run into an issue (that may not even be an issue) with HDMI audio. I have a HD6450 (XFX HD-645X-ZQH2) going to my Denon 2307CI AVR. When playing an MKV with a Dolby Digital or DTS track the Denon's display shows the stream as being "Multi...
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    Adding a secondary HDD w/windows installation then deleting windows

    This one is probably going to cost me some [H] points... I'm building a new system and I'm doing a fresh Win7 install on a SSD. My old Win7 drive is a 750gig WD black that has all of my data backed up (in folders on the rood, not in any user accounts). I was going to transfer the data to an...
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    Should I get a 5570 or 6450 for my re-purposed HTPC?

    I'm about to build a new 2600K system and would like to re-purpose my E6600 machine as a htpc. It will consist of the following: SIlverstone LC13B (New) Corsair cx430 (New) Asus p5wDH Deluxe (system pull) E6600 (system pull) 8gb DDR2 Ram (system pull) WD 750 Black (system pull)...
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    Another mobo thread v. is the P8Z68-V PRO for me

    I have been slowly piecing together a new system to replace my grossly out-dated E6600 build. The system will be equal parts work and play, with the non-game related heavy hitting being CS5 work. So far I have the following: Corsair TX750 rev1 (system pull) XFX reference 5850 (system pull)...
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    14' Core i3/i5 notebooks w/1600x900 screen

    I know of the Envy 14 but something just doesn't sit right with me about the screen being a $300 dollar addon now when it was included in the base price at release. Are there any other i3/i5 notebooks with a 1600x900 (or 1680x1050) screen option around $1000?
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    AV123 ELT525 Monitor Speakers (Cherry) $169/pair Shipped

    First Hot deal post so be nice :cool: AV123 is having a pre Christmas sale on their ELT525 Monitors. Regular price is $299 plus shipping per pair; on sale for $169 shipped per pair. I expect these will sell fast. Link Audioholics Mini Review From what I have read these would make a perfect...
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    Win 7 x64 7zip/Winrar Issue

    Upgraded from Vista x64 to Win 7 x64 and now I cannot create compressed files using 7zip or Winrar using the "Add to archive" context menu. I get a 'Cannot create xxxxxx.rar/zip/.7z, Access is denied' error. I can however successfully create an archive using window's send to compressed folder...
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    E6600 to Q6700 on p5wdh deluxe

    With the price of Q6700 chips being halved, I was thinking its time for a easy power boost. I currently have a 2 year old E6600 running at 350 fsb (x9 = 3.15 ghz) default voltage on a p5wdh deluxe. Ive read that the quads will work on this board with a bios update (done prior to swapping...
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    sound card with 2 front stereo output capability

    I have a base xfi that uses bus routing to give me two minijack outs for front stereo. This card is craptastic, the drivers slow my startup and >50% of the time I startup in recording mode with BLARING staticy horrid distortion spewing from the speakers. Drivers have not solved this problem...
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    high FSB using a divider trying to get better timings?

    I have 2x1gb transcend pc 3200 that is currently capable of about 240 mhz at 3-3-3-8 1:1. my shuttle cant do dividers but my new biostar tforce can. while im waiting on fedex to deliver my opteron i thought id ask a question i couldnt really find an answer for. Clocking the cpu higher using...
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    Intel 820D/X1800XT vs X2 3800+/7800GT

    Choice at hand. Now I’ve looked at loads of amd v intel reviews and I know amd will be better for gaming. But no one does any REAL productivity comparisons; I don’t care if I can encode LAME mp3's in x seconds. Applications that are important to me are the Adobe CS2 and Macromedia Studio...
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    Fortron Bluestorm 500w and X2/7800gt

    Ive looked thru the stickeys and decided on this ps for my new system. Just want to get some validation. Its gonna be a sff X2 3800+ system My main question is will this be good for a high clocked 7800gt. Ive read that 7800gt SLI wants 34amp 12v rail, does that necessarily mean one...
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    955x mATX boards?

    I did a search on newegg and google and came up with little. Im getting in on the intel deal for a 820 processor, but i want SFF (silverstone) so that means i need a mATX board. Both abit and asus have good 945g boards but id like something with the ddr2 800. Anyone have any info or...
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    955x mATX boards?

    I did a search on newegg and google and came up with little. Im getting in on the intel deal for a 820 processor, but i want SFF (silverstone) so that means i need a mATX board. Both abit and asus have good 945g boards but id like something with the ddr2 800. Anyone have any info or...
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    new install of XP, no net...?

    just reformatted the shuttle with a new 250 gig sata drive, everything is as hoped... but i CANNOT get internet. The ethernet controller is ok because on my old ide hard drive it will work, but on this sata install it wont. i nixed the router cause im on another system with that same...
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    How to display 6800GT temps with motheboard monitor 5

    Has anyone successfully used motherboard monitor 5 to display temp from a 6800GT. I just got my RMA back from BFG (they replaced my 6800gt with the shitty copper cooler with one with the reference cooler and it runs 20C less) and i would like to OC it and be albe to keep an eye on the temps.
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    Dead bfg 6800gt in less than a week!!!

    Came home today after a long day of work, went to turn the computer on and nothing. I traced the problem back to my new 6800gt card, Seems that if any power is plugged into the card, no matter the power supply, or if the card is actually in the AGP slot, the computer wont boot. Rma is on...
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    BFG 6800GT problem/graphical glitches

    Just replaced my 9800 for a 6800gt because i thought my 9800 was suffering from bad memory ( i was getting the same graphical glitches as now but worse before). So its pretty frustrating to see that the glitches are back. I have a shuttle sb61g2 system with the standard 200W power supply (i...
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    Problem with Norton Systemworks 2004

    Dunno how sucessful ill be seeking answers here but... Just put the new shuttle together. sick setup in the sb61g2 and everything is trucking along fine. everything but norton system works 2004. heres my persistant problem. installs fine, tray icon loads after install right before...
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    P4C m0 and bent pins??

    I recently purchased a m0 stepping p4c 2.8 and when it arrived there were bent pins. Now im in the clear with the shipper and im covered thru insurance if it was damaged (took pictures before of the pins ect) and im wondering, if i VERY CAREFULLY move the pins back (there are none that are...
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    Hercules GTXP to -- ??

    Im consolidating everything on my desk. Full tower is going to be replaced by a shuttle, and im not sure that i want to use or trust onboard sound. what would be a good pci replacement for my gametheatre xp 5.1 that would give me equal if not better quality? things to know: I listen to...
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    Data vericication/Hdd test proggies (hdd probs)

    I recently came under the suspicion that one of my 2 120 gb hdds might have something wrong with it. Im probably going to get some sort of external hdd to make a backup of my massive music collection and would like to test the hdds before i do anything, as well as be able to test the data...
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    Help with setting up a room lan ect.

    Alright, I figure I should start on this so that when my itx mobo comes i can complete my server and just plug it in. I have a netgear 5 port switch that I just bought and I will be wanting to use it so the ONE walljack i have in my dormroom will go to both of my computers. What is the best...
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    VIA v-10000 m-itx board and high density memory?

    I have been doing some research and im wondering if any one can validte my findings or give me some good news. Just ordered a via v-10000 mitx board and a 512 stick of high density pc133. Now ive read some posts that the via chipset as a whole will not recognise high density and i might...
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    Stupid, easy question.

    Call me whatever you want, but i checked the faq and did not find a definate answer. Do switches have a Mac ID like routers, or are they blind like Hubs. soon as i get a solid answer this can be deleted.
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    mini-itx help!! (via epia-v10000)

    Alright, i think i've settled on a itx board to complete my mini server, but i cant seem to find out what the difference between two (nearly identical) boards is. VIA EPIA-V10000A vs VIA EPIA-V10000A w/nehemiah here and here Looks like they are both the same, so why would i want to get...
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    Best order of wc components?

    What is the 1st 2nd and 3rd best way to put together a wc system consisting of a pump, rad, res and block? I have a small space and need to make sure that there isnt a specific universal order to follow.
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    Project ChairRevival Worklog (GhettoMOD tm)

    Ok so after a night of Yagermiester and Redbull I awoke to see my beloved executive leather chair in ruin, cut down it its prime by the likes of fatassitude. So with little time to spare I began the deilcate and dangerous transplant operation. Carefully measuring and planning out how...