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    XBox360 (wireless adapter is too pricey)

    Can anyone tell me if there's a less expensive wireless adapter than the Microsoft one that will work on the 360?
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    Digital picture frame (can they be reprogrammed)

    Does anyone know if there's a way to reprogram or rework a digital picture frame s that it will accept video and audio in? The one I have has various inputs and an SD car slot, but no AV in.
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    Help with an internal HDTV tuner

    I have an internal tuner that I'm trying to use, and I don't know what settings to use when scanning for channels. I don't know bandwidths or frequencies to look for. Any help would be appreciated:P
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    New Games?? Something that isn't a clone of Halo or UT??

    I have just about played myself out on HL2 and Halo 2 and UT, etc. (I don't have DSL or Broadband, so I only play single player). Has anyone heard of anything new? Seems like a lot of the games recently are almost copies of older games. Granted, they still occupy time, but I am looking for...
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    Prince of Persia The Two Thrones-help on the kings road

    Does anyone have any tips on how to beat the two guys on The King's Road?? I am having a little trouble.
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    Condition Zero missions (where to get them)

    Can anyone tell me where to get extra mission packs for CSCZ? I am having trouble finding anywhere to get them. I know that there are some good ones out there, but when I use the links I got from, I just wind up in another search engine and at a dead-end.
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    Need input on FPS games

    I just got a bad*&^ laptop and I could use some help from all of you on what games would be good to get. I love FPS games and my buddy and I are playing co-op on Ghost Recon right now. Any suggestions on others that would be good (multi player)?